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How I Make $600 Per Month With 2 Blog Posts

Lesson 2

​I never personally thought things would work out this way... It was more luck than knowledge. ​

I started FunnelXpert in November 2017. ​I ​published around 40 blog posts within a month. I didn't really know ​what I was doing. I was flying blindfolded. ​It was all long-tail keywords and I was specifically going after keywords with a search volume of 20.  

​I was ​defying all known SEO keyword research tactics with this keyword:

sales funnel wp theme

Search Volume: 20, Competition: 34

​I published the post on December 24, 2017. 

You can see below that ​I managed to beat several high DA sites in the "WordPress theme" niche in the search results, like aThemes with DA 70.

wordpress sales funnel theme

This ​shows that even if there are big sites ranking in the top 10, you can still rank if you satisfy certain criteria.

​#1. I have a blog that is on the subject of sales funnels, and this topical relevance helps me rank against higher DA sites that are on the more general subject of WordPress themes.

​#2. ​My post is over ​4,000 words long, and those WordPress theme sites only use very short ​copy. For example ​ThemeForest (#5) only has a hundred words on the page, and it's not even a post, only a search result page. My post is an extremely ​thorough tutorial, it contains lots of ​screenshots, videos.


​Take note that Ubersuggest estimates 6 visits to that page, which shows you how wildly off these ​estimates can be.

You see the post is getting ​6-800 views per month.

Funnelxpert jetpack traffic Dec 4 2019

​The post ranks for multiple long-tail variants with low amount of clicks, in fact NONE of the phrases have more than 20 clicks. But all these clicks add up to 6-800 ​page views per month.

I can't give you the full list, I just included here a sample of the search phrases and the clicks these got in a 30-day period, per my Google Search Console:

related keywords wordpress funnel theme

​​I must add that the data doesn’t add up between GSC, Google Analytics and Jetpack. Also search positions fluctuate in time and even based on location, browser and personal settings. It only gives an idea, because Google’s data is not exact at all.

Post Timeline

I published this post on 24 December 2017. I linked to it from Quora, participated in some FB group threads in order to get some comment exchanges and social shares.  

​​I​n April 2018, this post received 90 views the previous month and 180 views in the ​previous 3-month period.

​Still, take a look at the commissions that came from that small number of views.

first commissions

​Very high conversion rate.

​After the first few commissions I added to the post and built some backlinks to it. 

​In September 2018, the post got 320 views the ​previous 30 days.

​Mid October 2018, the post was getting 395 monthly page views.

​By March 2019 ​the post was ​getting 850 page views per month and generated $3,000 total ​commissions. 

On Sept 30 2018 I ​published another post for the same affiliate program, however the keyword I targeted had a lot more competition and therefore ​it is only getting ​80-200 searches per month.

​In May 20019 the traffic started to fall back to 500. I updated the post one more time and I hired someone to build some backlinks to it.  

​This is the ​past few months of payout history, largely due to these 2 posts:

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