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Don’t Re-invent The Wheel

Lesson 2 Chapter 1

It doesn't matter what you are trying to do, chances are that someone has already done it, better than you can. Because they tested and perfected it, putting TONS of money in it. 

Success is a two-step approach to overcome this problem and you need to be doing both:

  1. Use the "templates" that the successful companies found successful
  2. THEN you do your own testing

Most people fail because they skip Step #1 entirely and keep trying #2.

Or they are not even aware that #1 exists.

Or they fit the wrong template to their situation.

On top of this, they are SO convinced that going their own way will work...

The other version is also fatal - to copy everything and discard your unique situation.

I have been studying marketing for years and the above was my most important realization.  I realize that you may not be a genius in blog design. Me either.

I use affordable tools and templates like this one from the Thrive Themes landing page template library or the Elementor landing page template library.

video landing page

These were built for conversion and they already have marketing built into them, all you need to do is pick the template you need and replace the text.

Build A Template Library

This is a process that can take months, but it is important.

Step 1. Find 20-30 competitor websites in your niche. You can check affiliate networks like Clickbank, JVZoo, Facebook ads.

Step 2. Take note of their highly sophisticated sales pages, video sales letters, etc and save them. Let’s say you promote physical products. You happen to come across this intriguing LED light FB ad.

You would immediately save the ad, visit the landing page and save that too — I created a folder just for this and named it “Real Site Files”.

In both Google Chrome and Firefox go to the top right corner and open the scroll-down menu. Under More Tools in Chrome, in the Main Menu (top right corner) in Firefox you find Save Page As and you can save it as an HTML page on your computer and open it any time in the future.

save page as Firefox

This is going to be a resource for you, a kind of a swipe file. This way you will never be out of ideas.

Step 3. Take a non-vital email account and sign up for their newsletters.

Step 4. Take note of what emails they are sending, subject lines, confirmation page they are using.

Step 5. Compile a list of products they are selling. Tripwires, upsells, core products, etc.

Step 6. Narrow the list down to 5-10 products that fit your site. Make sure the product is great, otherwise you are shooting yourself into the foot.

Make sure the advertising is really good, that there is a sophisticated funnel, with sales letter, etc. Ideally you should use the product that you want to promote.  

Become an affiliate of these products if you want to promote them.

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