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13 Proven Online Business Models

Lesson 3 Module 1

Knowing what kind of Marketing Campaign to create is an important instinct to have – simply because creating any kind of Marketing Funnel or Sales Model is a big time investment.

The good news is - there are 13 main Business Models that are consistently proven to work.

The bad news is - there are THIRTEEN (!!!) main Business Models that are consistently proven to work. LOL.

The question is: What are they, and how to do you choose which to start with, and which to grow with?

See if you see yours is in this list here...

  • Physical products (e-commerce)​
  • Book Offers
  • Info products
  • Software & SAAS products
  • Coaching programs
  • Agency businesses
  • Membership sites
  • Funnels (front end, upsells, OTOs, back end)
  • ​Lead magnets & email marketing
  • Webinar campaigns
  • Product launches
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Supplements

Did you see yours? There is a 95% chance your model was here.

Now many of those of course work well with others and some are dependent on others, but these are the models used for marketing products online or are the markets themselves.

THE BIG PROBLEM has always been “WHERE to start” and HOW to get started. And most of all, which is the best model for you?

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