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Copywritely helps you rank on Google..

We all want our website content to rank on Page 1 of Google.

These high hopes can lead to a great deal of discouragement.

Have you ever experienced the disappointment that comes from having a post underperform in the Search Engine Results Pages?

Haven’t we all?

Ever wonder why?

That’s where Copywritely comes in.

Copywritely functions to check your blog post content before you publish to make sure your content will rank well in search engines.

The tool satisfies both search engines and your visitors since Copywritely cares about your reader’s experience as well as your organic traffic.

Follow Copywritely’s guidance and you can be sure both humans and bots will be pleased with your blog posts.

Do you know what an SEO copywriter does?

An SEO Copywriter knows how to optimize online content with keywords and keyword phrases. This results in not only boosting search engine traffic but also generating target traffic. Copywritely teaches you to be an effective SEO copywriter so your content ranks better on Google.

What is Copywritely?

Copywritely is a new startup which offers you quality SEO content software. Use this new website to improve your website content optimization for search engines. You use Copywritely to make your content perfect for both people and search engines.

How does Copywritely do it?

The tool checks your content’s uniqueness, redundant phrases, keyword stuffing, relevance, and interest.

Why You Need Copywritely

Copywritely is a must for website creators.

This SEO tool helps you boost your organic traffic, beat your competitors for readership, and even makes you a better SEO copywriter.

Note: This tool is not for people with large egos since the website points out your mistakes.

For example, Contentwritely will actually improve your content writing by pointing out your content writing errors.

How to Use Copywritely

Using Copywritely is pretty simple.

The tool has two key modules:
The first is checking the text for uniqueness, keyword stuffing, redundancy phrases, readability, and relevance.
The second is an analysis of content from your competitors from the top 10-20 positions in Google’s SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). The tool helps to understand what keywords are better to use in the content and what topics to add to the page to create a comprehensive article or guide.

To check your text:

Go to

Copy a portion of your post content where directed. Copywritely will let you know if you pasted enough words to test.

How does Copywritely work?

Module 1: Checking your text

Recently, I published a case study post explaining how to boost your organic traffic by 280%. I expected more traffic to the post, so I decided to test the post to see if Copywritely found any errors.

Copywritely SEO Tool, a guide As you can see, these results are accurate. My intro is already published in my post, so my Uniqueness score is correct. Copywritely gives you other important metrics as well which you need to see before publication.

Copywritely SEO Tool, a guide

I tried different text. Uh-oh, my morphology score needs review.

What is Morphology?

Morphology is the balance of the average number of the various parts of speech.

Copywritely SEO Tool, a guide

My word balance checked out fine except for “Union.”

Union shows you the balance of parts of speech. You need a balance in your writing.

I have too many words that are used to join or make a union.


Copywritely SEO Tool, a guide

Copywritely reports I have an overabundance of words such as articles and conjunctions. Do you see how Copywritely makes you a better content writer?

Module 2: Competitor Analysis

The second is an analysis of content from your competitors from top 10-20 positions in Google’s SERPs. The tool helps to understand what keywords are better to use in the content and what topics to add to the page to create a comprehensive article or guide.

To check your competitors:

Copywritely SEO Tool, a guide

Click Create Task.

Copywritely SEO Tool, a guide


I’m asked to enter my keyword (in this case “grow organic traffic”) as well as my competitor’s URL.

Many website creators are so focused on content creation and promotion, they forget to check on their competitors in order to try to beat them for readership in the Search Engine Results Pages.

I searched my keyword “grow organic traffic” and found a post by the Ahrefs blog so I put the Ahrefs URL into the Competitors section, Compare URL.

Click “Send.”

Copywritely SEO Tool, a guide

Ahrefs holds the Number 1 spot for the keyword term “grow organic traffic.”

Click “Next.”

Copywritely SEO Tool, a guide

The Content Task Generator provides URLs for comparing. It helps to analyze how different URLs (as well as your own) use keywords in their meta tags and content.

Notice the column titled Weight.

Weight is the parameter that helps to estimate what URL is the most relevant to all keywords you have entered.

Copywritely SEO Tool, a guide

Thematic Words Generator


Copywritely SEO Tool, a guide

The Thematic Words Generator helps to group all keywords into unique words and check which of these words you should add to the page to try to rank.

Copywritely Pricing

Plans range between $18. and $67. a month.

Wrapping Up

Takeaways: Copywritely

As a result of using Copywritely:

  • You’ll be a better SEO copywriter.
  • You’ll receive better search engine traffic.
  • You’ll beat your online competitors at ranking for keywords in the Search Engine Results Pages.

As you can see, there are many benefits of using Copywritely.

Copywritely’s components help you to make a comprehensive SEO analysis of your text and create an action plan for your copywriting and other SEO needs.

Go to and start using Copywritely today.

Readers, please share so other website creators know the benefits of using Copywritely to boost their visibility in the Search Engine Results Pages and generate search engine traffic.

This post was made possible by the support of our readers.

  1. Ryan Biddulph | at 4:21 am

    Excellent review Janice. From the screenshares to breakdown, you explain why we need take a second look at CopyWritely. SEO traffic is sweet; targeted and passive. Software helps you tap into this treasured source of traffic.

    • Janice Wald | at 1:03 pm

      Hi Gaurav,
      Great to see you.
      Thanks for reading what I wrote. I don’t know if many bloggers think about SEO copywriting skills. I’m glad you felt my review is helpful. Thanks for writing to tell me.

    • Janice Wald | at 11:11 pm

      Hi Jenny,
      I appreciate you coming by with this nice testimonial about the need for Copywritely. Copywritely is great for competitive analysis and the other merits I detailed in the review.

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