Copysmith.AI: The Complete 2023 Guide to the Best AI Tools for Digital Marketers

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Step into the future of content creation with Copysmith.AI and a treasure trove of other cutting-edge AI tools, where creativity meets automation to revolutionize the way we write and communicate.

Digital marketing is a field that requires an equal dose of creativity and data handling.

In other words, there’s much space for tasks to be assigned to AI so that humans can focus on the creative aspect of the work.

Now, we’re not suggesting that AI should write entire posts or handle the entirety of the SEO. This is a creative task that still requires a human touch.

It’s just that the AI could help you overcome a creative block, give you a quick outline, or help structure ideas more SEO-friendly.

With that in mind and without further ado, here’s a brief guide to the AI tools you should use. Let’s start by exploring Copysmith.AI.



Copysmith AI is an incredible content creation tool that many deem one of the best long-form content creation tools. Besides just writing, it is also optimized for image generation, bulk product descriptions, and much more. In other words, you have almost every aspect of content creation covered. 

While, on its own, the results are rather decent, the truth is that Copysmith.AI works best with human supervision. If you let it do its work and then slightly edit the content, you would get an incredible quality of content at an unprecedented speed.

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Copysmith Alternatives


Like any other AI tool, is developed to save time. It is a reliable text and image generation AI platform that can easily be integrated with tools like Grammarly.

Human copywriters and content writers sometimes make the mistake of overcomplicating things. They just can’t find the measure to express their thoughts artistically and deliver a message. The audience is usually there for information, so’s premium feature “Explain it To Me Like a 5th Grader” is amazing. This tool is the best way to break down a complex topic without using too many jargon-heavy expressions.

In other words, you can generate a text and then use to simplify it (improve your messaging efficiency).



The biggest difference between new and seasoned content creators lies in understanding one simple fact – algorithms and humans interpret the text differently. More importantly, you’re not just writing for humans; you’re also writing for the algorithm. So, the content that performs better isn’t just better-written content; it’s also content that’s formatted to appeal better to the algorithm.

This is why tools like Phrasee can make such big of a difference. The fact that you can also set your tone and voice means achieving much higher brand consistency. This is amazing, regardless of the CMS that you’re using. Whether you’re working in WordPress or looking for Webflow integration. According to experts in this field, this is why even the best webflow agency would be tempted to use Phrasee. 

Moreover, Phrasee can analyze your previous content and make predictions on how your content will perform. A veteran marketer may have a gut feeling about this, but an AI tool will derive these conclusions from available data.


Making personalized emails is important if you’re ever to get near that famous 4400% ROI from email marketing that everyone is talking about. The problem is that personalizing every single email takes a tremendous amount of time. Using an AI app like saves you much time and effort on your outreach without sacrificing efficiency.

Remember that this is not the only form of outreach that Phrasee can help you with. The tool also has extensions for LinkedIn, which is why it will help you personalize your outreach on this platform.

Additionally, you can combine the software with third-party tools to fit your digital marketing arsenal with the greatest accuracy possible.

Brandwatch Consumer Intelligence

This tool virtually serves as a CRM and social media management tool rolled in one and enriched by a sophisticated AI protocol. If this sounds too good, you should check this tool out to see how it all comes together.

The platform provides some of the most accurate actionable information by analyzing huge data volumes.

In terms of social media management, it will analyze your followers and identify suitable influencers for your brand. For instance, it will analyze your Instagram followers.



Google does not just sanction grammatical errors; they’re also showing you in a negative light. With the help of Grammarly, this will never again be a problem.

For copywriters, SEO writers, and content writers, using Grammarly Insights can change how you write. Overall, it’s not a tool designed to hold your hand but assistance that will help you evolve into a true professional.

On top of this, Grammarly is also incredibly accurate regarding plagiarism detection. Not only do you get to see what percentage of the text is plagiarized, but you also get the source where this was plagiarized from. Remember that there’s always room for a margin of error and that some generic sentences will be recognized as plagiarism for no reason.

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Surfer SEO


Surfer SEO has all your content needs to rank:

  • SERP Analyzer
  • Content Editor
  • Auditor
  • Domain Planner
  • Keyword Research

The best thing about using Surfer SEO is that, over time, you’ll get so in sync with the platform that you can make accurate estimates of the content score on your own. In fact, after just six months of using the platform, you can guess the score with a small margin of error.


Social advertising is the backbone of any modern digital marketing campaign. So, if you need some help allocating a budget, optimizing ads, automating them, and customizing your analytics, Smartly is the tool for you. Most importantly, this is software that can help you improve your workflow.

The best way to describe Smartly is to say it’s a superior version of Facebook Business Manager (formerly Facebook Creator Studio). It has amazing templates that will save you much time, and its customer support is among the best in the market.


According to some studies, the use of leads to a 306% ROI over the course of three years. In other words, you get a 10X increase in online sales conversion rate, and an average order value may grow to 28%.

Now, these numbers won’t be the same for everyone, and to avoid disappointment, you need to look up your industry’s averages.

Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud can improve your social media presence and customer engagement. Gathering insights and processing them in real-time (via AI-powered algorithms) allows you to passively guide your campaign toward all your goals.

Flick AI Caption Generator

Image via Flick

The Caption Generator by Flick is a complete game-changer when it comes to creating captivating captions for your images.

Picture this: you upload your stunning photo, and Flick’s smart AI algorithms kick into action. They analyze the visual elements, context, and emotions portrayed in the image, then work their magic to generate a personalized and engaging caption.

No more struggling to come up with the perfect words to accompany your picture!

Whether it’s a breathtaking landscape or a heartwarming moment, Flick’s Caption Generator understands the essence and delivers a caption that enhances your image’s impact. It’s a time-saving solution that takes your visual storytelling to the next level.

Copysmith.AI: Frequently Asked Questions

What does Copysmith.AI do?

Copysmith AI is an incredible content creation tool that many deem one of the best long-form content creation tools. Besides just writing, it is also optimized for image generation, bulk product descriptions, and much more. In other words, you have almost every aspect of content creation covered. 

Can I be a copywriter with AI?

While AI can help you brainstorm, outline, and edit, the writing should be your own. Also, AI like ChatGPT does not cite sources and you don’t want to risk plagiarism accusations.

Wrap-Up: Copysmith AI and Copysmith Alternatives

The last thing you need to consider is the importance of managing your expectations. While AI has come a long way, it’s still not completely autonomous. You need to monitor its performance and, in some cases, heavily edit its content.

Also, when picking the right tools, look for integrations and combine different tools or hire a mobile app development agency to get the most value. 

Readers, please share these reviews of Copysmith.AI and Copysmith alternatives.

Author Bio: Nebojsa is a seasoned professional in the SEO and link-building industry with significant expertise and a history of leading successful teams. With a keen focus on client satisfaction, our team at Heroic Rankings has built a reputation for hard work, high standards, and consistent results.

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