4 Content Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid in 2018

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How to avoid 4 content marketing mistakes

4 Content Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid in 2018

by Robert Borden

Are you satisfied with how your content improves brand reputation and sales? If you’re falling short of expectations despite putting in hours into creating content you think is valuable for your readers, then you may want to start reformulating your strategy.


In 2017, the Content Marketing Institute reported that 65 percent of businesses have increased the success of their content marketing strategy compared to the previous year. This trend is expected to carry over to 2018—and you can bet that content marketing will be more important than ever in terms of attracting targeted leads.


The problem, however, is that most businesses commit grave errors in their strategy without even knowing it. To make your content resonate better with your audience, be sure to avoid these top four mistakes.

1) Failing to create a documented strategy


It’s easy to say that you’re going to create a certain number of posts for a month, but actually doing it is a whole different story. The biggest mistake for most businesses is not having a documented strategy for content marketing.


Learning how to blog only marks the beginning of your journey. You need to come up with a solid and actionable plan which you will follow to the tee. Be sure to highlight what steps you must take to achieve your goals. Documenting your strategy helps you stay focused and motivated instead of aimlessly creating posts just for the sake of it.


2) Ignoring the power of SEO


Did you know that over 90 percent of all internet traffic comes from search engines? This may come as a surprise, especially when you consider the enormous user base of social media platforms. It only highlights the power of search engines, particularly Google, in terms of generating traffic.


Not integrating SEO into your content marketing strategy can be the reason why you’re not seeing any visitors on your site. Just imagine the number of sales you’re losing out on by failing to rank in the organic search listings. Start with the basics by targeting longtail keywords, writing high-quality posts, and building relevant links from reputable sources.

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3) Not using different online platforms


Search engines have the potential of driving a massive amount of traffic to your site, but this doesn’t mean you should rely on them exclusively. There are other ways to promote your brand online, which could be just what you need to increase your online reach.


One of the most overlooked ways to increase brand recognition is using press releases. Even with a single press release distribution, potential customers may become more familiar with your brand, thus increasing your chances of making sales. Remember that improving brand visibility can have a huge impact on conversions since online users tend to trust the branded content.


4) Forgetting about call to action


As noted, you should never publish posts just because everyone does it. Your content marketing strategy needs to have a specific goal to achieve. For most businesses, this goal is to bring their products or services in front of their target market. But simply exposing them to your offerings may not bring the results you want. You also need to tell them what to do next.


Excellent content and quality traffic wouldn’t mean anything if you’re not getting people to purchase. A simple way to avoid this is by creating a clear call-to-action. Every piece of your content marketing puzzle should lead visitors toward buying your products or services. The last thing you want is for potential customers to reach the end of your content and then hit the back button to visit the competition.

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  1. Moss Clement

    Hi Robert & Janice,

    When I saw this article in my inbox, I save it for later, however, after reading I realized that Robert actually pinpointed the common mistakes bloggers and content marketers are making.

    In one of my articles, I highlighted the need to create a sustainable content plan for your marketing campaign. But it is no surprise that many are still making these mistakes as indicated in this article.

    In all marketing circles, you must have a plan or strategy in order to succeed because the competition is great in the market-place.

    All other tips are great, such as: calls-to-action, not moving away from your comfort zone – using only one marketing platform. These mistakes are pulling you backwards and costing you money.

    Thanks for sharing Robert & Janice ?:-)

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Moss,
      Sometimes I think I don’t have a plan. However, when I read your comments and Robert’s post, I realize I do all these things, so I guess I do have a content marketing plan after all! Thanks for writing with that reminder.

  2. Dexter Roona

    Hi Janice, I shared this to my Wakelet and Stumble and Flipboard for you.

  3. Abid Masih

    Hi Janice,

    I love to learn from mistakes, thanks to Robert for sharing this article. I’ll follow all the points, for content marketing right now for good results.


    Abid Masih

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Abid,
      I agree; Robert did a great job with this post. Mistakes posts do well since people want to know if they are making mistakes and how to avoid them. Good luck meeting your content marketing goals. Thanks for writing us.

  4. Ryoma Sakamoto.Japan

    from Japan ;Thank Thank you as always nice newsletter.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ryoma,
      Konichiwa! Welcome from Japan! Thanks for your compliments on my newsletter. Great to see you. Are you impressed? My husband, who used to be fluent in Japanese, taught me a greeting to say to you.

  5. Vox

    I used to be really bad about not having a call to action. I have worked on being so consistent with it that it’s second nature now. Thanks for reminding me of its value.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Vox,
      It’s the same situation with me. I have a to-do list so I don’t forget things like the call to action. Now that it’s second nature, I remember on my own. Thanks for writing.

  6. Asad

    I think we must say SEO, an evergreen plant that bears fruit the whole year. As all the hard work will result in nothing if the search engine does not bring our website in font of searchers i.e. on first page. Thanks for another good article.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Asad,
      What a beautiful metaphor describing SEO. I have a post about SEO I’m planning to publish in March. I plan on using your beautiful quote and linking to you. I agree. Thanks for the inspiration to continue to build links to my site. I’ve been working on it lately. Your quote will inspire me to keep going. Thanks for the inspiration and your comments on the content marketing mistakes article.

  7. Mira Edorra

    Great tips!
    If you are lucky, Google will simply sandbox the page or bury it on Page 49 of the search results. In all honesty, having no one read your poor copy is better than having someone read it and share it for the sake of making fun of it.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Mira,
      1. I just came from your site and tweeted your article. Do you recommend Facebook ads?
      2. Please remind me what the Google Sandbox penalty is.
      3. Do you really think people will share in order to mock a post? I’ve never heard of that. What a waste of time and cruel.
      Thanks for your comments.

  8. Mandy Yanga

    I use a lot of other online platforms like social media. They really do give quality traffic! Anyways, another great post from you. Thanks for sharing!

    • Janice Wald

      What kind words, Mandy. Thank you! I agree. I have had varying degrees of traction from social media but traffic nonetheless. All the numbers add up. Thanks for writing.

  9. Christina

    When it comes to market your content effectively in order to get maximum ROI from your content marketing strategies, you have to use various SEO techniques with a mix of some social media marketing. It offers you huge benefits in return.

    A great post from your side and hope will get more from you in future.

  10. Chandrashekhar

    Correct. SEO is very powerful and very important for driving relevant traffic. After going through this article I realised there any many areas of improvement in my marketing strategy. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Ronanld

    Hi Janice,

    Glade to read this article over here, content marketing is most important for a becoming a successful brand, that’s why the businessman use this technique for profitable their business.

    I am also a blogger from last 5 years but got much impressed to read your article and i shall also recommend this article with my friends who are searching supportive material for content marketing.

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. April Ebarvia

    SEO plays an important role in your website as this will make your blog visible to various search engine result pages (SERPs). Also, it can immensely drive traffic and leads to your site. Nonetheless, all the other tips in your article are very informative! Thank you so much for sharing this.

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