Content Marketing Matrix: How to Pick the Best Content Marketing Elements, 9 Ways

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content marketing matrix

Do you know how a content marketing matrix helps your business?

By the time you’re done reading this guide to making a content marketing matrix, you will know the content marketing elements to put in the matrix and how to analyze the content marketing matrix for future content planning.

Get ready to discover how to

  • choose the content marketing elements you want to track
  • plug the data into your content marketing matrix
  • analyze the results
  • make future content marketing plans based on the results

Let’s find out why you need a content marketing matrix, what elements to put in your matrix, and how to make and analyze your matrix.

Content Marketing Elements: Essentials Tips on Where to Begin

There are a number of factors without which free blog promotion is impossible.

Social Media Marketing

Doing business using social platforms is a well-known and effective strategy and has been for a long time.

Sites like Facebook and Instagram have massive built-in audiences.

Many content marketers don’t know how to choose and marketing at all the social media sites is too time-consuming to be realistic.

Determine where your audience is online. For instance, if you are a DIY (Do it Yourself) blogger, you want to photograph your creations and post them on photo-sharing sites like Instagram and Pinterest.

Related Reading: You can learn more about using Instagram for marketing in this guide to the pros and cons of Instagram.

On the other hand, if you post marketing tips, you might want to use more business-oriented sites like LinkedIn and Twitter.

Don’t overlook some of the less mainstream social media sites like MeWe. Considered a “Facebook clone,” MeWe offers many opportunities for marketing your content. You can learn more about MeWe in these MeWe reviews.

Blog Commenting

Free blog promotion, no matter what you write about – online casino slots or a review on hair dyes, directly through other blogs and WordPress – is a fast and convenient way to get attention to your content.

Blog commenting is not considered a 2021 marketing trend. Blog commenters saw commenting as a way of building links and the practice is now overrun with spam. However, blogs are communities due to the dialogue that occurs in the comments section. Therefore, you can’t overlook blog commenting as a viable form of blog promotion.

Vary Content Formats

High-quality and unique content is the key to success; without it, the promotion of a new site or blog does not make sense.

Therefore, when composing your content, remember

  • Make a blog post outline to determine your subheads before you compose your draft.
  • Explore the content by the topic, audience, and interests.
  • Avoid monotony and experiment.

How to achieve variety in your blog posts:

  • Your blog should be filled with various content formats: guides, reviews, tips, cases, infographics, video tutorials, and news.
  • Demonstrate your own approach to problem-solving in posts.
  • It is necessary to include in the blog site promotion a content plan with topics for 1-2 for materials of interest to readers.

Optimize for Search Engines

Conduct keyword research before starting your draft to make sure there is interest in your blog post content. You can use the SEO toolbar by Moz to conduct keyword research and analyze your online competition for readership.

Take the time to optimize each post: Make sure there are keywords in the headline, paragraphs, and the text itself. Create an optimization checklist and stick to each of the points.

Use Email Marketing

Send your content to your email lists.

Mailings will help you to make an announcement or purchase an advertisement.

Use Guest Authors

Guest articles will be prepared by a guest author on a given topic. Backlinks, new visitors, and recognition are almost guaranteed.

Respond to Comments

Blog promotion is closely related to the audience. Therefore, allow readers to debate, ask questions, and comment on articles. Do not be an outside observer, participate in the process.

A Mostly Blogging article about how to get out of Facebook Jail contains 69 comments as people debate what might have landed them in Facebook Jail.

Publish Consistently

Post regularly. Readers need to know that you are giving your posts the attention they deserve and that you are mindful of your audience.

Be Unpredictable

Try something new, look for something that will interest your visitors. Change post feeds, article types, and experiment with new directions. Don’t let your readers get bored.

In a recent guide about a Facebook dark post (advertisement), I changed direction and experimented with a poor experience I had, an experience readers should not try to replicate. This is a marked change from my tips in which I tell people what they should do.

There are many content marketing elements that your business should get familiar with in order to see favorable marketing results. However, if you’re new to this marketing approach, you may consider taking the best content marketing courses to learn more about how content marketing works and how it can help your business.

There are many online platforms that offer quality courses for content marketing and other digital marketing strategies. The more you know about content marketing and its elements, the more you can get the most out of it.

Now you are ready to make your content marketing matrix.

What is a Content Marketing Matrix?

Before we can define content marketing matrix, we need to define “matrix.”

What is a matrix?

A matrix is a collection of numbers arranged into a number of rows and columns.

What is a content marketing matrix?

We are going to take the content marketing elements and put them into the content marketing matrix.

This enables you to see results in real numbers and plan how to continue your content marketing.

Content Strategy vs Content Marketing

Content strategy allows you to analyze your results and plan to replicate your previous marketing success.

You use a content marketing matrix to make your content strategy.

Once you’ve done your analysis, then you conduct conduct marketing.

How to Make a Content Marketing Matrix

This guide shared nine content marketing elements you need to consider to boost your content marketing success.

Which will you try first? If you try them all at the same time, you might risk burnout especially if you are a new blogger.

Before making your content marketing matrix, choose three of the content marketing elements to try first.

You can use a number of tools to make your content marketing matrix.

To make your content marketing matrix, you can use

  • A spreadsheet
  • A table
  • An infographic
  • Pencil and paper


WordPress has tables built into the Gutenberg blocks.


Content Marketing ElementData
Social Media Marketing4.77% of traffic
Search Engine Marketing77.75% of traffic
Change Direction22% of traffic

Do you see how the content marketing matrix becomes your content marketing framework?

To find your data, go to

Go to Acquisition/All Traffic/Channels and scroll down. You will see your metrics.

The “Change Direction” metric I obtained from Ahrefs. According to Ahrefs, at the time of this writing, 22% of my website traffic is going to the post about my negative experiences in Facebook Jail when I changed direction. Instead of writing what people should do, I recommended actions to avoid.

Continue to make a content marketing matrix. Try different content marketing elements until you determine which are the most successful for you.

Do you see the value of the content marketing matrix? The data helps you hone in the content marketing elements that are the most successful for your brand.

For instance, based on these results, I would continue search engine marketing.

Content Marketing Matrix: People Also Ask

What is a Content Marketing Matrix?

A content marketing matrix shows a table with real numbers. Get your data from Google Analytics to plug into the matrix. Then, analyze the metrics periodically by trying different content marketing elements in your campaigns.

What Is Meant By Content Marketing?

After publishing your content, promote. You can promote on social media sites or by sending the content to your email lists. There are many content marketing elements you can try.

Conclusion: How to Make a Content Marketing Matrix

Today we told you how to promote a blog. This is a pretty convenient and easy way to do business because if you adhere to the rules and the main points, you are guaranteed an influx of customers.

In closing, this post recommended nine content marketing elements and four ways to make a content marketing matrix.

This post also explained where to find your data to plug in to your content marketing matrix.

These actionable, free tips empower you to analyze your content marketing campaigns.

To review, in order to make a content marketing matrix:

  • choose the content marketing elements you want to track
  • put the metrics into your content marketing matrix
  • analyze the results
  • plan future content marketing campaigns based on the results.

Readers, please share so marketers know what content marketing elements they can choose for their marketing campaigns and how to make a content marketing matrix.

I look forward to your views in the comments section about your experiences making a content marketing matrix. For instance, can you suggest additional content marketing elements we can add to the list?

Authors: Janice Wald and a Contributing Author

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