Content Creation Framework: 5 Steps To Improve Your Content Strategy For 2023

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content creation framework

Do you need a content creation framework for 2023?

A content creation framework is a plan of what steps need to be taken to implement your content strategy.

Marketing experts believe that content still reigns supreme in 2023. It remains to be one of the best ways to market your brand. 

Whether you’ve had a successful content marketing campaign last year or didn’t get the results you’re looking for, the new year brings an excellent opportunity to rethink your content strategy.

In this post, you’ll learn the basics of content marketing and how to improve your content strategy in 2023 with a content creation framework.

Keep on reading to learn more about how to make and implement a 2023 content creation framework. 

Content Marketing And Its Importance

Content marketing is a long-term strategic approach a company can include in their outreach campaigns. This involves the creation and distribution of relevant, valuable, and consistent content to attract and build a strong relationship with a target audience. 

Instead of pitching your services or products, you’re providing valuable content to prospects and customers to help solve their issues. Ultimately, this also helps drive profitable customer action. 

Let’s examine important data:

According to experts, over 80% of marketers actively invest in a content marketing campaign due to its numerous benefits. In addition, a report shows that almost 70% of marketers generated leads with content marketing. Meanwhile, over 70% of professional marketers share that content marketing can help educate their audience, while at least 60% claim that it helps build loyalty with an existing customer. 

The abovementioned content marketing statistics show the power an expertly crafted and properly implemented content strategy has and how it can be helpful to your company. 

Improve Your 2023 Content Marketing Strategy In 5 Steps

content creation framework

As you can see, content marketing is a valuable element of your overall brand marketing strategy. Whether your brand’s content strategy reached its goals or not in the preceding year, 2023 is the perfect year to rethink and improve your methodologies. This section shares different inputs you can follow to help improve your content marketing campaign. 

Here is your content marketing framework, an actionable plan you can follow to boost your content marketing success:

1. Conduct A Performance Review

Unless this is your first time creating a content strategy, you already have data from last year’s content strategy performance that you can work on. 

It’s important to consider past performance to address problems, gaps, and what can be improved in your current content marketing campaign. Before anything else, it’s essential to start taking a deep and inquisitive look at your past year’s content campaign data and examine performance and analytics. 

Check what types of content have resonated well with your audience. Identify common characteristics across well-performing content. Review your social media shares, website metrics, and overall search engine optimization (SEO) performance. Pay attention to details like videos, images, and links performances.

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2. Re-Define Who Your Target Audience Is Supposed To Be

If you want to ramp up your content marketing this year, it’s important to re-check your target audience and determine if your content still have your reader’s needs in mind. 

Generally, your target audience consists of a plethora of individuals ranging from first-time buyers, loyal customers, to casual followers of your brand over social media. They all have different needs that change over time. 

Understand and know who your target audience is supposed to be and how they interact with the content that you put out. Also, make sure to determine any factors that may be influencing their shopping habits to help you produce more relevant content intended for your target and guide them through the buying journey. 

3. Establish New Goals

Creating relevant and high-quality content isn’t enough. You also want to align each content piece with a purpose. So, make sure to assign your old and new content with a strategic goal that your company is working towards. Creating goal-oriented content can influence favorable customer action.

For instance, if you want a prospect to use your service, identify which components can help you accomplish that goal. A potential customer may be persuaded by an engaging video introducing your services and how it can solve their issue. If you’re aiming to upsell an upgrade to an existing patron, you may offer a side-to-side comparison of each product or service that can encourage them to make the switch. 

4. Work With A Content Marketing Consultant

Because consultants aren’t a part of your business, they can provide a fresh perspective on your content marketing strategy. Further, consultants have worked with several companies, giving them broad experience in several industries and a better understanding of what works and doesn’t. 

5. Apply New Content Marketing Trends

Your content marketing strategy may have provided stellar results last year, but it doesn’t mean it’ll continue to do so this 2023. Over time, new trends appear, or older ones become popular again, influencing how you create and deliver content. 

As such, you want to stay on top of trends and apply them as necessary in your campaign. Here are some content marketing trends to consider this year:

  • Try Out Short-Form Video

In the past years, videos took the spotlight as one of the most favored types of content. This year, it still reigns supreme, but in a shorter form. TikTok videos, YouTube Shorts, and Facebook Reels have popularized short-form video that allows you to produce more content in less time while keeping your audience engaged. 

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  • Produce More Empathic Content

Years ago, consumers expected businesses to be formal and professional in all communication formats. Following the pandemic, consumers crave more empathy and don’t want to feel any barriers between themselves and the brands they love. Thus, you want to start creating content that exudes emotions, compassion, and relatability to build genuine connections with your audience. 

  • Take Advantage Of Interactive Content

Much like videos, interactive content is a popular form of content, from giveaways to Instagram polls. These advantages of Instagram help you increase engagement and build a loyal following. This means that you should halt creating static content and start finding ways to add elements of interactivity to your content. 

Content Creation Framework: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a content creation framework?

A content creation framework is an action plan you can follow to boost the success of your content marketing campaigns. The content marketing framework gives you guidelines to follow when creating content.

How do you create a content strategy framework?

Conduct a performance review, brainstorm, determine your target audience, work with a consultant, and apply new trends.

Wrapping Up: Content Creation Framework

By reading this post, you received a content creation framework you can follow in 2023 to boost your marketing efforts.


Drafting an effective content marketing strategy can be challenging. You need continuous tweaking and revisions to shape your strategy to perfection. Even then, constant updates are necessary to ensure that your content is as relevant and effective in the ever-changing industry. 

At the start of the year 2023, take the time to revisit your content strategy and consider following the abovementioned steps to help develop a better approach that brings more rewarding results.  

Readers, please share so content marketers can use this content marketing framework to boost the success of their content creation in 2023.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. What else should be included in an effective content creation framework?

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