The 10 Best Approaches to Promoting Your Photographs in the Digital World

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Photographers spend a lot of time marketing their business online. Unfortunately, when they search for tips on marketing their commercial photography business, they often end up with conventional, out-dated ideas.

If you know some photography basics along with a sound knowledge of technology, this article can be more than helpful for you.

How to promote your commercial photography digitally.

In today’s world of digital marketing, online marketing strategies have replaced many conservative ways that don’t work efficiently anymore. Travel blogging and destination photography, for example, have become more prevalent among lead generation tactics.

For example, the Tourist Secrets website uses photography to increase the appeal of working in Boston.

Also, the world’s most significant corporate sectors have gained 60% more exposure to their clients with blogging in the last 12 years (Source: Google Analytics).  Some classic tricks still work, but we cannot wholly rely on them when it comes to the continuously changing trends of the digital world.

As everyone relies on the internet to get information these days, photographers need to ensure their consistent and updated online presence for their promotion.

Hence, to help all those hardworking souls, we have come up with an amazingly comprehensive yet useful list of the best approaches to promote your photographs through the digital world!

We’ve curated ten absolutely essential things from the classic approaches with a lot of fresh and creative ideas, including social media, to help you with marketing your commercial photography online.

How to Market Your Commercial Photography

  1. SEO for Your Website

As mentioned above, everyone relies on the internet for getting information and doing research for relevant sources. That is why SEO for your picture is essential for you to help reach your customers through your website. If you are not knowledgeable enough to work efficiently with SEO, at the very least, you should work to rank your business for local organic search results.

How to promote your commercial photography digitally.

You must learn how to search for the right keyword that has to be relevant to your business. For example, if you are a wedding photographer working in Boston, your keyword should be “wedding photographer in Boston” or “Boston wedding photographer.”

2. Google-Friendly Strategy

As a part of your marketing strategy, you should name your posted photos that are easily picked up by search engines. Also, you should add phrases and descriptions accordingly.

For example; instead of naming the photo “Jennifer and James Wedding” Name it as “A Bohemian Wedding at Marcus Pine Forest” or “Destination Wedding at Marcus Pine Forest” or “A Bohemian Destination Wedding.” This will help Google or other search engines rank your photos and posts and list your business in Google’s local directories to get found.

3. Online Photo Contests

By participating in and winning an online photo contest, your work will get the amount of exposure which you cannot get with any paid marketing strategy. Hence, this is the opportunity you never want to miss. Keep yourself updated with authentic and recognized online contests that fit best for your niche. Submit your best piece of work to show your expertise. Also, try to connect with your audience emotionally, that makes a huge difference. Lastly, don’t forget to follow the guidelines and don’t miss the deadline.

4. Facebook Groups

Facebook is an easy way to connect with other experts in the field as well as with your customers. You just need to work on building relationships, making your word count, and gaining the trust of the audience. You can do this by sharing valuable information, helping the group members with your experience, and creating engaging content for the audience.

If you have no such professional skills, then you have to take the assistance from some experts like Crowd Writer in creating précised and engaging content.

There are two kinds of Facebook groups you can join that will help you market your commercial photography:

  1. Facebook groups whose members can be your customers. For example, groups for mothers in your area can be useful if you are a maternity or newborn photographer.
  2. Facebook groups for photographers where you can network with other photographers and learn about the industry, standard prices, business knowledge, and tips. Also, teach newbies with photography basics can create a professional fan pool as well.

Don’t forget to share or promote your work only when it’s relevant. When someone asks or when there’s a specific discussion intended for promotion, that’s what you need to be there.

5. Facebook Ads

Despite joining Facebook groups, Facebook Ads is another efficient way to promote your business to your target audiences. If you have a marketing budget, you can consider using paid ads to get to your customers. There are different types of ads, and you can choose from them depending upon your needs, purpose, and of course, budget.

There are people out there who are still reluctant to spend on marketing, but if a $5 investment can bring you a $100 sale, then that’s not a bad investment. Also, it will benefit you in the long term as well. You just need proper research and ready to do a little experimentation to work well with Facebook ads. However, once you get the hang of it, it will go smoothly in the future.

6. Use Pinterest

Pinterest is full of fantastic creative ideas for every field. There are lots of Pinterest boards demonstrating art, décor and photography basics as DIY. Your clients can search for, and your post can be helpful for them. So, fill your Pinterest with inspirational ideas that can attract your potential customers. Fill your boards with original real-life photos, tips, ideas, and helpful content as well.

Promoted Pinterest Pins can also be useful to boost your posts and drive traffic to your commercial photography website. Boosting can give you significant results and increase the exposure of your work.

7. Use Instagram

Using a unique hashtag for your Instagram posts can be really helpful for you and your clients who are willing to explore more of your work. Having a unique hashtag for all of your posts can lead your potential viewers as if a person clicks that hashtag will be presented with all of your photos at once.

Also, creating an Instagram challenge is a proven method to increase followers and engage customers. Create a unique theme and encourage people to share their work as well. You can give a prize that may not have to be expensive but is useful.

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8. Showcase your Work

“Shoot what you want. Not what you get,” says Christopher Robert, professional travel blogger at Australian Master with a rich experience of two decades.

Showcasing your desired work makes you stand out from the other photographers in the industry. Individual projects have a higher chance to go viral, and people like to share those projects which can ultimately bring fame to your commercial photography business. Audiences want to see creative, humorous funny yet sensible work. Hence, if you have such work, there is no harm in showing it to gain your customer’s attention delightfully.

9. Give Special Incentives

Following digital marketing trends is still the best way to promote your business. Social media marketing is the best marketing method to use and have your reputation spread through positive word-of-mouth. So create an occasional incentive or discount promotions for your clients to share your work on their social media accounts or their respective community groups. Let them share their experience with others to get your more clients. More clients mean more business.

10. Share Testimonials

Sharing client’s reviews and testimonials on your social media pages and website is an ultimate tool to build trust and reputation.

Testimonials are powerful to let people know how good you are at your niche. Share regularly and keep your content updated with real stories to engage the customer with an emotional appeal.

Conclusion: Commercial Photography

These were our top ten commercial photography marketing ideas for you. After that, we advise you to be persistent and observant. Also, with a digital marketing strategy, you need to be patient because there will be some ideas that work better than others, and some of these take time before you see any results. Good luck, folks!


Stella is an SEO professional. She has contributed to the success of many projects in both large and medium-sized industry from the last two decades. With strategic thinking, she is currently working as an SEO analyst at Academist Help.

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I look forward to your views in the comment section. Are there any additional commercial photography tips you would like to add?

  1. akshat raletta

    applying seo for website is very important as to bringing our website at top position it is very necessary this blog is awesome thank you 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      I backlinked to the tips for optimizing your images for SEO. I agree that’s important for visibility on search engines. Thanks for writing.

  2. Gilly

    Great article, the only thing I would add is wherever you display your images online, if you care about them potentially being used without your permission, make sure they are very heavily marked with your name and copyright symbol. You can disable the right click function on your website too but that will not stop people from taking screen shots. There are so many people out there who couldn’t care less about stealing your work, so make sure your name is all over the pictures your care about. I’m not so bothered now because my pro press and pr photography days are behind me but if I see any of my images being used, I will still send an invoice! Thanks for the tips.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Gilly,
      Great to see you! It’s been a long time!
      I am especially concerned about plagiarism since a reader just stole my obscure ideas and typed them in the order I used them on my post. He refuses to give me credit. I’m told I’m powerless to pursue the matter since you can’t copyright ideas and he paraphrased.
      Thanks for contributing to the discussion with these helpful reminders. Sending an invoice is a great idea! Do they pay or remove the photo when you send it?

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  5. Samantha Reynolds

    These tips are topnotch! in this time and age, the utilisation of social media platforms particularly Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are important in almost everything we do, particularly for business and marketing purposes. The insights you’ve mentioned are informative and helpful, especially for beginners. Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Edward Logan

    Hi Janice, Your writing is really awesome and informative. I’m using FB Ads to promote my Photography business. Can you explain in detail about Pinterest paid marketing? Or do you have any other article in this blog that you have mentioned Pinterest marketing?

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