You Need a Comfortable Office Chair Now: 10 Things to Consider

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How to choose a comfortable office chair, 10 ways

Where do you blog?

Do you blog in a comfortable office chair or on your bed?

I blog in a chair that I wish was a comfortable office chair.

I have many office chairs in my home. The chair I consider the most comfortable varies by the day.

When guest author Eric Reyes first sent me his post “Buying Your Comfortable Office Chair: 10 Things to Consider,” I was wary.

After all, this is a blogging tips site.

After realizing we all need comfortable office chairs to blog in or suffer back problems, I gladly accepted Eric’s post.

Although Eric directs his tips to office workers, his suggestions involving aesthetics, productivity, financing the chair, ergonomics, weight capacity, wheels, armrest, seat’s material, and durability can relate to anyone, bloggers included.

Buying Your Comfortable Office Chair:

10 Things to Consider

Are you looking to purchase new office chairs? If yes, then you need to keep the comfort of your employees, their productivity, and office culture in mind, among other things. You need chairs that will ensure your staff is productive and that attracts the best talent to come work for you. Hence as you shop from a vendor like Brisbane Fast Office Furniture, there are ten things to consider when buying your office chairs.

1. Aesthetics

Office aesthetics might be an essential consideration to make when buying office chairs. If your company relies on exceptional office design to attract top talent or reflect your core values, you need to assess how particular chair designs will impact employees’ and clients’ perceptions of your office as well as productivity. The chairs you choose can play a significant role in the general culture and design of the office. Conventional office chairs can reflect a lot of corporate space, while more comfortable and creative chairs like colorful ottomans, couches, or beanbags can assist in encouraging employees to socialize while they are on breaks and feel at home while they work.

2. Flexibility

Workplaces that provide activity-based spaces or flexibility let the employees seek out their suitable work environments. Office chairs play a critical role in making these work environments accessible and productive. If you are looking to buy new chairs, you must consider the various tasks furniture can be used for. Solo work, formal meetings, and brainstorming sessions all need different arrangements of seating. Hence, if you choose chairs with adjustability and mobility, you will be able to implement a flexible work environment that meets the different needs of various departments.

3. Vendor Policies

If you are moving or redesigning an office, you may take the chance to revamp the furniture in the office across every department. When purchasing chairs in bulk, you must consider the policies of the furniture vendors. Purchasing new chairs is a big investment and extra costs such as shipping, returns, and maintenance can add up rapidly and make a massive dent in the organization’s budget. Also, some chairs may require being assembled in the office, which is another cost. Therefore, you require finding a vendor who has flexible policies and exceptional customer service to assist in reducing stress and hidden expenses.

4. Ergonomics

Chairs that are designed with the consideration of ergonomics assist in reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and boosting the level of comfort of your team as they work. This is crucial to both the employees and the firm. MSDs incur billions of dollars in lost productivity annually and account for a massive portion of workplace injuries. In order to serve the unique comfort requirements of every individual in the workplace, you need to search for chairs that have numerous levels of adjustability. If you emphasize ergonomics when purchasing chairs, you will be able to form a healthy work environment while reducing the risk of injury.

5. Price

The price of an office chair is not always the measure of value. Hence, you require thinking twice prior to buying chairs that are a bit more expensive. They might end up being unsuitable choices. You require gathering all the information regarding the office chairs that you are looking for and then consider the price. If you discover that the chair is an excellent fit for your office, be sure to pay extra dollars. But if the chairs are normal, don’t spend too much money on them. Generally, the overall value for the price of a chair can be assessed by the special features and benefits that it possesses. Normally, the best office chairs have numerous different features that directly result in comfort, among other benefits.

6. Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is essential particularly if you are overweight and not every chair can support you. Buying a great office chair that can support the weight of your employees can assist them in being more productive. But the majority of office chairs have a high weight capacity, which makes them convenient for a big team. However, it is always ideal to double check the weight capacity to ensure every employee’s weight can be supported. Moreover, if you want your office chairs to be stronger and more durable, confirm the weight capacity.

7. Wheels

Wheels are also an essential consideration to look at when buying office chairs. Great and quality wheels can assist your staff in moving around the office without any issues. Wheels are designed from plastic most of the times and are strong enough to hold your weight. Getting office chairs that have wheels is more convenient and better than getting a chair that cannot move freely.

8. Seat’s Material

The material of the seat is crucial since it is directly linked to the comfort of the chair and other things. The majority of office chairs are designed out of cushions and the finest fibers to offer your staff maximum comfort. However, there are plenty of different fibers that are used to make an office chair. One of the most exceptional fibers is leather.

9. Armrest

When considering the armrest, two things are crucial, and these are the length and height. The armrests are important at lifting off pressure from your hands and free them from pain as you work. The armrest’s height is essential as it makes sure that the arms are well positioned for you to work. If the height of the armrest is unsuitable, you will be uncomfortable and less productive. The same applies to the length of the armrest. It needs to be long enough for your arms to have a perfect position. If not, you will end up hurting your arms and feeling uncomfortable.

10. Durability

Durable office chairs will need less maintenance and replacements. Highly durable chairs can be an excellent choice for saving costs in the long-term, even when the initial investment is high. Be sure to check the specifications and reviews regarding weight capacity to comprehend the amount of strain the chair can take.

Wrapping Up: Comfortable Office Chair

Host blogger’s comments:

You need a comfortable office chair.

A comfortable office chair is helpful when you blog. After all, you won’t be distracted by back aches and shoulder aches and can better focus on your post.

I mean, your livelihood can depend on your physical comfort. Imagine trying to earn money online while distracted by the aches and pains caused by an uncomfortable chair.

Author: Eric Reyes

Hopefully, Eric offered you some helpful tips on how to choose a comfortable office chair.

Readers, please share so people who need a comfortable office chair read Eric’s tips for selecting one.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Are there any tips for buying a comfortable office chair you can think of that Eric left out?

This post was made possible by the support of our readers.

  1. Raza Kazmi

    Comfortable chair with a feature of increased ergonomics results in a healthy workplace environment which thus creates conducive conditions for the employees to work with greater efficiency and increased productivity. Not only it is necessary in the working organizations, but for the personal blogging also.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Raza,
      I agree. A feeling of comfort enhances our productivity in any activity we’re doing. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Sahil Mittal


  3. Lukas

    For a long time I have been thinking about buying a new gaming chair, because the current isn’t in good condition. Thanks for the valuable advice, I will definitely use parts when choosing a new chair 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Lukas,
      I am glad you feel my guest author’s tips for choosing a chair are helpful. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Holly

    As someone who has spent entirely too much time in a Chiropractor’s office, I can attest to the fact that a comfortable and well-suited to your body type office chair works wonders! There isn’t much worse than spending a day being productive writing, only to discover later that evening or the next day that your pain levels have skyrocketed. Ouch!

    I’ve had one office chair that I loved. It was a soft leather type material and had multiple adjustments for lumbar spine support, mid-back support and a proper resting place for the neck. The writer is correct – expensive doesn’t always equal quality. Everyone’s needs will vary.

    Thanks for sharing, Janice and Eric. Hope your day is wonderful! 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Holly,
      I need two criteria met to be comfortable when I blog–the chair has to be comfortable and the table or desk the laptop is on must be the right height. Too low, I’m hunched over. Thanks for commenting. I’m glad you feel my guest author has valid tips.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Samira,
      I’m glad my guest author can give you inspiration in your choice of chairs.

  5. Kristine Raya

    I couldn’t agree more! Right now I am working on our couch in front our TV while working. I prefer this than my office space because I do not have the comfortable office chair I always wanted. I only have monobloc chair in my office space and prolonged sitting is really a pain in the a$$… literally. Being on the couch hurts my bottom less but it hurts my back and makes me sleepy most of the time. I wish I have the budget to buy myself that office chair.

  6. Joel Valenzuela

    Great stuff here. I have these back pains from a basketball accident 2 years ago. Sometimes it hurts, most of the time i’m good. This is really informative especially when you’re really looking for the best. Thanks for this!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Joel,
      I appreciate your comments. Initially, I didn’t think people coming to my site would be interested in this post, but many, like you, are telling me about their physical discomforts. A chair certainly helps or hinders that.

  7. Joy Healey

    Hi Janice,

    This article is completely relevant to blogging. I published one about preventing back ache from sitting uncomfortably. It was actually my elder son who pointed out that my appalling posture could be the cause of my dreadful back pain – and when I got a more comfortable office chair, the pain went.

    However I’m feeling a little guilty as I sit here typing because I also bought a “standing desk” which is a contraption that lets me stand up to work. I don’t use it as often as i should – especially as it took my younger son half a day to put it together!!

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Joy,
      I’m my relieved the post about a comfortable office chair relates to bloggers. Thanks for letting me know.
      My posture is also poor. Did your posture improve when you switched chairs? It makes sense our shoulders would curve from hunching over a desk too low. The standing desk is a good idea.
      Thanks for commenting.

  8. eames chairs

    Office chairs like Eames are the best ones you can buy in the market. They are very reliable and have very good design.

  9. Quy

    Could not agree more on your points. I’ve seen a lot of people think “It’s just a chair” (I work for an ergonomic office furniture retailer), but they don’t consider the long term benefit of choosing the right one.

    I think maybe something to also consider is the warranty that the manufacturer offer. Since you are paying a lot for the perfect chair, you’ll want to know what is covered and how long if something does go wrong.

    Well written article!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Quy,
      Thanks for your comments and your compliments. I appreciate you adding to the discussion with your suggestion. It’s a good one. Warranties are important.

  10. Sam

    When you are blogging or working, I feel that to get maximum productivity for the time that you have, you need to have a good comfy set up, good desk and office chair

  11. Robert Chairs

    Thanku so much for this informative article. I was so worried about office chair, that when i buy office chair, which qualities should be present in it. So now i can buy office chair easily by checking these points that you have mentioned in your article. Again thanku so much.

  12. Lisa

    Hi Janice, we couldn’t agree more! As important as chairs are the desks! We strongly feel that standing desks also help a great deal in improving productivity.
    Team Altizen au

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for contributing to the discussion by educing us further.

  13. Jennifer Valdez

    Thanku so much for this awesome post. This post is very helpful to us. By reading this post we can buy best, comfortable chair. Now i can buycomfortable chair easily.
    can you suggest me any best office chair name?I will be very thankful to you!

  14. Kelly

    Hello Janice, we totally agree with you! Comfortable chairs are super important to be productive and for health.

  15. Sarah Logan

    Hello Janice, thanks for sharing!
    I hope you are fine
    I completely agree with your thoughts!
    relaxable chairs are so important for health
    I usually use my recliner after working hours and I feel so relax on that
    my dad also do as I do after work and they have their own senior recliner

  16. Corner Workstation

    Planning to open a new office and this article has actually helped me in deciding the kind of chairs I should choose for my employees to work effectively.
    Thank you so much

  17. Aman

    There are huge loads of web journals accessible online with the best gaming seat to purchase in India however don’t stress after itemized research we have arranged an organized rundown of Top 10 Best Budget Friendly Gaming Chair India 2022 for yourself and that rundown is likewise useful for individuals to work extended periods of time sitting before PC/Laptop at the workplace or home and searching for PC seat for gaming reason too.

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