College Writing Skills: How to Strengthen Your Writing Skills, 5 Ways

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college writing skills

Do you need to remember your college writing skills?

If you need a refresher, whether you are a student or not, you are in the right place.

As time passes, people tend to forget the college writing skills that they learned years before. If they are still in college, they struggle writing in class.

If you ever find yourself in such a situation, several techniques can help you strengthen your writing skills for college that will help you get better results.

Let’s dive in and review our college writing skills.

How to Improve Your College Writing Skills


They say practice makes perfect. The habit of practicing daily will help you develop a positive attitude towards writing. There are several online programs that teach students how to practice writing.

Consider the following techniques that will help you practice your writing skills:

  • Come up with a writing timetable
  • Set writing objectives
  • Join a writing club
  • Make it a daily habit
  • Make it part of your commitment
  • Do freewriting at your own time

You should create a writing timetable that will help you monitor and manage your writing skills. Ensure that you practice writing three times a day at least.

Having a writing timetable will act as a constant reminder to ensure that you follow it obediently. Writing a timetable also helps you to time yourself while writing. By doing this way, you will improve on your writing techniques.

If you are willing to strengthen your writing skills, always set your writing objectives. For instance, you may decide to write five times a day until you make any improvement. Having goals and objectives guides and directs you on what you should do, when do it, how to do it, and where it should be done. The objectives help to provide answers to these questions.

Moreover, many people have joined the writing clubs and groups that give you other people to work with and help to hold you accountable. They also provide writing competitions whereby people participate, and the winners are rewarded.

Editor’s Note: I actually judged one of these competitions.

Their goal is to encourage people to write and enhance their writing skills. You should make writing a daily habit that will help you discipline yourself and develop your writing spirit.

In fact, you should try out new writing techniques and styles and venture outside your comfort zone. To make your stories more interesting, you could learn how to write in third person omniscient point of view. Scribophile explains that writing in this point of view (PoV) allows you to do many things with your story that you wouldn’t normally be able to do were you to use another PoV.

Third person omniscient PoV lets you move freely through time and space, gives more information in a smaller amount of time, and even shows what multiple people are thinking within a scene.

Make writing part of your commitment to helping you develop a positive perception. Doing free writing helps you to follow your mind and allows inspiration to appear without premeditation. Just write; you should not worry about other things.

Always Proofread Your Work

You should learn to go through your work after writing any content. Try to read your work loudly and ask your friend or classmate to also go through your work. You can adopt several methods of proofreading your work. Let’s take a look at some of these proofreading techniques that will help strengthen your writing skills:

  • Remove excess words
  • Get the hard copy proof of your words
  • Use the software
  • Ask your friends
  • Enroll in a course
  • Check for spellings
  • Check for the punctuating marks

Use the techniques listed above always to proofread your work after writing. You can remove the excess words that are unnecessary to make the sentences look more appealing.

Go and print out a hard copy for your work and use it to check for any mistakes. You can also make several copies and give them to your friends to help you check for any mistakes.

Today, technology has become a good friend to many writers when it comes to proofreading. A grammar tool is used to help students identify their spelling mistakes and suggest the most effective solutions to them.

The software is very effective as it also checks for any syntax errors that your spellcheck may not be able to identify. Install the Grammarly software on your computer or laptop to help you detect all the errors while writing. It does not cost you so much when you ask your friends to help you check any mistakes in your document.

Proofreading it yourself may not always be a good idea. Asking your friends to proofread your work provides you with a fresher perspective on what you are expected to do.

At a personal level, checking for any spelling mistakes and wrongly used punctuation marks help to strengthen your writing skills. You can also take a course in proofreading since it is a skill that can be acquired through education. Taking the course will help you master your writing skills.

Maximize on All the Resources Available to You

If you are a college student, you have many resources available to you.

Strengthening your writing skills sometimes depends on what resources are available to you. Since most academic institutions value writing skills so much, they have provided a writing center where the students can get help improving their writing skills.

Most colleges and universities also provide subscriptions to online software such as Turnitin, Grammarly, and many others that helps students to check out their individual and group assignments before submitting their work.

Websites like edit essays also provide the students with free and paid resources that help them improve and strengthen their writing skills.

The school library provides you with all the basic requirements to improve your writing skills. It has books and other resources that relate to improving your writing skills.

Technology also offers online writing courses that teach students how to write effectively and help them develop and improve their writing skills. Students should also seek help from their lecturers and teachers available in the institution.

Most of them have enough experience and knowledge on how to improve your writing skills. They will take you through, assign you some little writing assignments and correct you whenever necessary. They are the best tools that you can use to improve your writing skills.

Moreover, technology has also provided us with Grammarly and Turnitin software that helps students check and correct their spelling, punctuation, and topic sentence mistakes before handing in their assignments. The software has greatly helped them improve their writing skills on a larger scale.

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Let’s look at more ways to improve your college writing skills.

Read Like It Is Your Responsibly

college writing skills
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Reading is one of the most effective methods to improve and strengthen your writing skills. By reading the content written by other authors, you can learn more about the sentence structures, tones, styles, punctuation marks, correct spelling, correct grammar, and the correct vocabulary.

All of these parts are essential to become a stronger writer. Therefore, the earlier you master them, the better for you.

Not to forget, the more frequently you read, the more you equip yourself with the most relevant information about writing skills. In addition, frequent reading helps you develop a positive attitude towards improving and strengthening your writing skills.

If you have a problem with reading, the following strategies for college students can help you develop a positive attitude towards reading:

  • Make use of shared reading

This is a great method that will help boost your confidence in reading if you are a student. As the teachers activate the knowledge, the learners identify the potential vocabulary used in the text. Additionally, learners can also join in the shared reading whenever they feel ready to participate. Therefore, many readings provide the learners with many opportunities to improve their writing skills.

  • Participate in the reading contests

Participating in the reading contests at school helps to strengthen your writing skills more effectively and efficiently. After participating, make sure that you celebrate your success for taking part in that contest. Rewarding yourself for making that great step will eventually motivate you to participate in more and more reading contests to come.

  • Consult

You can always consult your friends and teachers whenever you feel like you have a big reading challenge. Teachers and friends can be having a great experience reading books to help strengthen your writing skills.

Make Writing a Daily Priority

To strengthen your writing skills for college, you must try and make writing your priority. You should make it part of your daily process. Making it a priority will boost your self-confidence towards writing this enhancing your skills. In addition, you will always learn how to remind yourself of what you are supposed to do at a particular time.

If you have the challenge to make writing a daily priority, here are some tips that you can use:

  • Stay away from distractions
  • Make writing inspiration to you
  • Read about authors that inspire you
  • Revise the old content 
  • Always be motivated
  • Choose to write

To make writing your priority, you should make sure that you stay away from distractions that may hinder you from accomplishing your goal of writing. You can also avoid people who discourage you from what you want and stay close to people who encourage you to write and improve your writing skills.

Books to Improve Writing

According to Grammarly, these are the best books to improve writing

  • Stephen King: On Writing
  • Ann Handley: Everybody Writes
  • Zen in the Art of Writing

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College Writing Skills FAQ

How can college students improve writing skills?

Many college teachers provide resources for students to improve their writing skills. Also, read and write daily. Read popular books that teach writing. Proofread and ask your friends to proofread your writing. Finally, use tools like Grammarly to help your mechanics of writing.

Wrapping Up: How to Improve College Writing Skills

This guide shared five ways to improve your college writing skills.

You should make writing a daily inspiration to you. Once you are inspired, you will always want to keep writing.

You should also learn how to connect with the authors that motivate you to practice daily in your writing journey. They will equip you with the relevant information that will direct you on where to go and how.

You can also go back and revise the old readings that you once loved. Make your writing life more interesting by implementing all the tips discussed to strengthen your writing skills. Hurry and make it count.

In closing, although this post was targeted at students looking to boost their college writing skills, any writer looking to improve writing skills can benefit from this guide.

Readers, please share so writers discover these strategies to boost college writing skills.

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