5 Types of Cloud-Based Software Needed to Operate an Online Business or Monetized Blog

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Cloud-based software

by Katherine Smith

Thanks to advancements in technology, it’s no longer necessary for business owners and employees to work from the office — or even the same country.

People can work wherever they want, as long as there’s an internet connection. This is also why monetized blogs have become a primary income source for many writers.

Tech advancements have made it easier for companies to connect with people in their target market, handle larger projects and provide a higher level of customer service.

Learn more about these types of cloud-based software examples that are making a huge difference in today’s business world, and how it could help your business and/or monetized blog succeed.

Blogging Software

Whether you own a brick-and-mortar business or you own and operate a blog, upgrades in blogging software have made it easier for you to produce professional-looking content quickly and connect with the people in your target market. Not only can blogging software help you design and start a blog quickly, it can also be used to create entire websites with a blog attached. You can also integrate some of the more popular content management systems, such as WordPress, Squarespace, Medium, and Blogger, with other software like social media automation tools, email automation tools and project management software. This integration helps streamline your entire publishing and promoting process.

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Digital Procurement Software

Companies use digital procurement software to streamline the process of purchasing materials and maintaining inventory. Not only do these systems track everything your company purchases and the amount of inventory you have, but they also store your vendor contracts, bills, catalogs and pricing tables. Keeping all of these in one place makes ordering the items you need faster.

The best part is, using digital procurement software can save your company quite a bit of money. The software creates detailed reports that make it easy for you to see where you overspend and where you can cut costs. Additionally, it uses predictive analytics to give you the most likely scenarios for price fluctuations. This means you can buy your most important items (or all of them) in bulk — when they’re priced at their lowest — and you’ll know what items to stock and when to maximize your profits.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Every business, large and small, needs a good CRM system. A CRM system tracks your customer’s entire journey with your company. You start by adding new leads to the system. The system monitors each point of contact you have with a lead and reclassifies them as a customer as soon as they make a purchase. The system then stores your customer’s product purchase history, letting you create more personalized marketing campaigns. Most CRM software also automatically sends proposals, contract, and invoices, so all of the information you need about each client is right at your fingertips. Many professional bloggers also use CRM software to keep track of pitches they’ve sent for project collaboration, guest posting, and influencer opportunities.

Automated Email Marketing Software

Every business should have an email list of leads and customers. It’s a huge asset because it gives you another line of communication with your customers and leads. Unfortunately, building, tracking and maintaining an email list manually takes way too much time. Automated email marketing software lets you create specific segments of your email list and automatically sends pre-written emails according to your campaign settings. Consider adding signup forms from your email automation software to your business’s blog. You can even add it as a call-to-action to each individual blog post if you prefer.

Social Media Management

Have you tried building a massive following on social media platforms manually? It isn’t easy, especially when you need to build up your company page across all of the available social media platforms. You don’t have time to create content and post it multiple times per day across five or six platforms. Instead, you need to automate your social media. Social media management software lets you put content in a queue to be shared on your social media pages. Some software requires you to refill your queue once it’s empty, while others recycle the content you’ve already uploaded once the end of the queue is reached. Regardless, you should take some time each week to upload new content, including links to all of your blog posts as they go live, to your social media management software, thereby providing your followers with consistently fresh content. It’s also very important to check each platform once or twice per day to respond to any comments or messages you have on your posts.

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Project Management Software

One of the best types of business apps available is project management software. It makes it easy to manage every phase of a project and collaborate on projects with others. If you work directly with clients, you can also give them access to their projects so they can easily check the progress when they want to. If you use a project management software that integrates with your CRM, it puts all of your client information and their specific project information in one place.

For bloggers, project management software helps organize editorial calendars, gather ideas for blog topics and streamline the writing and editing process. In fact, most project management software options allow you to upload files, so it can also be used to store all of your blog’s photos, videos and written content in one place.

Regardless of the type of business you run, it’s important to stay up to date with advancements in technology. If you don’t, you could miss an opportunity to streamline some of your most time-consuming tasks.

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Were you familiar with these cloud-based software examples? Are you already using them? What are your experiences? I look forward to your views in the comments section.


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  1. Freddy G. Cabrera at 10:27 am

    Hey Katherine!

    These days we can accomplish so much thanks to the technology we have within reach. And these tools are only getting better. As time goes by, we are going to have more tools and software to help us accomplish our business goals. We are in amazing times I tell ya!

    Thank you for sharing this interesting article!

    Best regards! 😀
    Freddy G. Cabrera recently posted…7 Important Steps To Take In Your Digital Marketing Strategy In 2018My Profile

  2. Moss Clement at 12:30 pm

    Hi Katherine & Janice,

    Great article you have here. Nowadays it’s a lot easier to get things done with the help of software and other tech support systems.

    This article or softwares in this article are not just for newbie bloggers, but for professionals as well. You agree with me that you cannot do it all by yourself, you need tools to keep up both in your blogging career and also on social media marketing.

    In fact, there are more software that are being produce to help us do more.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. kesav at 3:45 am

    Must needed one for newbie bloggers, social media management is an important thing which a blogger needs to concentrate more on these day. Social media is the great platform to increase and create more engagements.

  4. Biren at 1:48 am

    The good bounce rate is necessary for SEO, unfortunately most bloggers scare away their readers by displaying annoying pop-ups. What do you think of that, Janice Wald?

  5. Hardeep Singh at 9:14 am

    I’m a newbie in this field and I’ve gone through this article. I agree with all the information mentioned above about different types of software for blogging. Thanks for sharing this type of articles. Such type of articles are very helpful for rising stars of this field. Keep encouraging newbies with this kind of stuff.

    Hardeep Singh recently posted…Top Unblocked Music Sites of 2018My Profile

  6. Chris George at 3:19 am

    Informative blog Janice Wald. The cloud-based-software offers many benefits to our growing business. As we know that it can vary from business to business. This software is very helpful.

  7. Ashwin at 10:15 am

    Business Software tools are exceptionally well-suited for powerful data and process mining. It analyzes, processes and renders vast amounts of data that cannot be managed with weaker programs.

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