Client Testimonials: How to Successfully Boost Your Brand

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Have client testimonials with plugins

Do you have a page with client testimonials?

I do. It’s my Hire Me page.

You can make money with your testimonial examples.

I monetize this way. I send my Hire Me page to brands thinking about hiring me.

When they see my client testimonials, the companies realize I have good word of mouth.

The Bandwagon Effect kicks in. The Bandwagon Effect claims if other people like something or someone, it must be good.

Scroll down to Testimonials and you can see my customer testimonial examples. I have testimonial examples from brands as well as blog coaching clients.

Client testimonials provide you with social proof.

I also have social proof in my sidebar under “As Seen On.”

This post will offer plugin suggestions so you can also have the social proof that client testimonials bring.

Even if you don’t monetize, social proof can bring you more blog subscribers.

Bring on the plugins!

How to Display Client Testimonials on Your Website:

Boost Conversion And Credibility With 4 WordPress Testimonial Plugins

by Jean Turner

Testimonials play a major role in creating trust with targeted audiences. Before purchasing any product or service, people wish to ensure that they are making the correct choice. A decent number of positive customer testimonial examples can be icing on the cake for converting hesitant buyers into trustworthy customers.

If you are planning to add customer testimonial examples on your site, then you can make use of WordPress testimonial plugins to ease your task. No major coding is needed.

Testimonial plugins are designed in a way that they work by enabling you to include client testimonials to your site in custom post type forms. Also, it offers you distinct ways to showcase your testimonial examples as full pages, widgets, slideshows and many others.

You will come across numerous testimonial plugins online which make it tough to choose the best one of them. In this article, we are listing down some of the top WordPress testimonial plugins that can be of great help at the time of designing the best testimonial examples page and give complete support to your products and services. Let’s have a glimpse:

Easy Testimonials

Easy Testimonials is a simple to use basic plugin which comes laced with an array of features. This free testimonial WordPress plugin is designed in such a manner that it enables you to showcase your testimonials just like a personalized widget. You can also include them to any page or post with varied shortcodes. Moreover, you can also make use of the Settings menu to create your own shortcodes with custom display features.

This plugin is built and backed by the proficient team of developers who possesses years of experience in creating custom WordPress sites. The team has utilized their years of experience to design a product that is simple to use for beginners yet completely customizable for experts.

Captivating Features:

  • Addition of random testimonial to your sidebar.
  • The benefit of outputting Fading Testimonial Widget.
  • Showcase a testimonial with its rating.

Testimonial Basics

Testimonial Basics is designed in a way that it is extremely simple and up to the point without making things complex. Though it is not simple, it does not lack vital features and functionalities. The plugin is laced with styling features and varied fonts that assist you to personalize the appeal of the testimonials. The plugin offers such testimonials that support a five-star rating system along with Gravatars. This simply indicates that you no longer need to go through the difficulty of uploading an image but the person who is writing the testimonial must have a Gravatar. Apart from this, there are numerous input forms which can be used as shortcodes or widgets for getting testimonial examples from customers directly on the site.

Innovative Traits:

  • Make use of sliders and excerpts.
  • Display testimonials in widget or content areas.
  • There are 6 layouts for widget and 4 for content display.

Handsome Testimonials

Handsome Testimonial is one such plugin that is designed with the aim to help create alluring and eye-captivating testimonial displays on your site. A perfect option for your testimonials, this plugin is basically a testimonial shortcode generator which allows you to change fonts, colors, alignment and several other styling options and get the testimonial as per your wish. It also offers a live preview that helps you check how the customization appears just before you include testimonials to the page.

You can save the shortcode settings and restore the pages, widgets, and posts making it simpler to design copies of testimonial displays. The plugin also offers free testimonial designs for using it as a starting point.

Alluring Features:

  • The option of adding and modifying borders of any color and width.
  • Select square or round images.
  • Facility of altering the color of title, subtitle or body text.

Strong Testimonials

A fully featured testimonial WordPress plugin, Strong Testimonials is among the most popular plugins used for adding testimonials to your site. It totally supports widget displays and shortcode with the capability of filtering testimonials by categories. When showcasing various testimonials, you can easily include pagination with a specific number of items per page.

This plugin not only offers the generic display features found in various plugins, but it also enables users to design a testimonial submission form that is mostly present for an upgrade with numerous other plugins. Apart from the default shortcode display feature, you can also develop slideshows for a wide range of testimonials. Multiple slideshows can be present on the same page allowing you to customize the transition speed as well as the intervals.

Fascinating Traits:

  • Free from any complex shortcodes.
  • Laced with masonry and grids.
  • Slider with various navigation feature.

Ending Notes

It is easier to get confused as to which WordPress plugins would be the best option for your testimonial content, but going through the above list might help you in deciding which can be helpful to you. Whether you are looking for modern customization or common features, you may get one plugin in this list that meets your requirements. So, go ahead and choose the plugin that meets your business standards. If you feel that we have missed out any essential plugin, then feel free to share your views in the comment section below.

Author’s Bio

Jean Turner is a writer with her background in development and designing. Currently, she is working as a senior developer in a renowned company named Theem’on. She assists clients to grow their web visibility by writing informative blogs on WordPress plugins and WordPress themes. When not writing, you can find her doing other co-curricular activities as well.

Readers, please share so people learn about the importance of having client testimonials on your site and how to install testimonial plugins.


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  1. Santanu Debnath

    That is really a good way to promote your business. I never thought about that, but this works 100%. Most people love to read the user reviews before availing any service or buying something. Many thanks for sharing this useful guide.

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      I agree with your comments. I am one of the people who likes to read user reviews before I use a service or buy something. Thank you for writing to tell me you agree with the premise of the article.

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