Claim Evidence Reasoning Example: How to Boost Your Brand with the OREO Model in 2023

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claim evidence reasoning example

This post will offer you a Claim Evidence Reasoning Example you can replicate on your own blog.

Are you aware Claim Evidence Reasoning is the latest trend in education (Source)?

Claim Evidence Reasoning Example is a formula you can apply to your blogs to generate blog traffic.

By the time you are done reading this post, you can follow the Claim Evidence Reasoning Example template to generate blog traffic and earn credibility which helps with branding.

You can also apply each Claim-Evidence-Reasoning example to business.

This post contains eight examples for bloggers and entrepreneurs.

The copywriting template article provides acronyms of blog writing templates for bloggers to follow.

Is Claim Evidence Reasoning Example a template?


Each Claim Evidence Reasoning Example follows the OREO template.

This post which gives you a Claim Evidence Reasoning example you can use in your own posts follows the OREO template.

When you write your blog post, make a claim. The claim answers a question readers in your niche want to know the answer to.

As the OREO Writing Template shows, the claim is your opinion that a method or strategy works. How-to posts work well for this. Give details about why it works. Reasoning offers proof it works. You support this opinion with data which is your evidence.

When you offer evidence, these factual details support your claim. Determine what data you need to answer the question effectively for your readers. Then, collect and provide that data.

Next, share your reasoning that the method is effective for readers in your niche. The reasoning is an explanation.

In your conclusion, again restate your opinion about the effectiveness of your strategy.

By reading this post, you will get Claim Evidence Reasoning Examples you can follow on your own blog.

Let’s dive in and see Claim Evidence Reasoning Examples that follow the OREO writing template.

The OREO Writing Template is perfect to follow when writing “How-to” posts. “How-to” posts solve problems for your readers.

Let’s see how to offer evidence and reasoning so your readers know your strategies work, link to your posts, and share your posts with others.

Claim: Make a claim that answers a reader’s query.

Evidence: Data

Offer evidence and reasoning using the OREO writing template. The formula is that powerful.

Why does the data support the claim?

Reasoning: Why your method works.

Claim Evidence Reasoning Examples

Claim Evidence Reasoning Example

Claim Evidence Reasoning Example #1

Blog post: How to Get Out of Facebook Jail

Answers the query: How can you get out of Facebook Jail?

Claim: Getting out of Facebook Jail is difficult but possible.

Evidence: The evidence provides data. However, this is a mystery. Facebook does not release the number of people put in Facebook Jail.

So, what data CAN you use? The post gives information sharing people in Facebook Jail can’t do these five activities:

When you are in Facebook Jail

  • You can’t comment on posts.
  • You can’t like posts.
  • You can’t post on your Facebook wall.
  • You can’t post on your Facebook Page.
  • You can’t post in Facebook groups.

More Evidence:

Arguing with Facebook because they put you in Facebook Jail – Longer than your original ban. Your block gets extended further.

how to get out of Facebook Jail

Reasoning: The evidence shows you can permanently avoid Facebook Jail by not arguing and by avoiding the infractions that landed you in Facebook Jail in the first place.

More Claim Evidence Reasoning Examples

Claim Evidence Reasoning Example #2

Blog post: 3 Easy Ways to Boost Production Management

Answers the query: How can you speed up employee productivity?

Claim: By monitoring and managing performance, businesses can identify areas where they need improvement and make changes to boost overall productivity.

Evidence: Businesses can use time clocks. Let them know how fast they should be working.

Next, you can set quotas for employees to meet. This not only lets you know if your employees are productive, but they are able to know if they are productive.

Numbers are data and therefore serve as evidence.

Reasoning: How will your employees know if they need to boost their speed?

This can lead to increased profits, improved customer satisfaction, and better employee morale.

In addition, effective productivity management reduces costs associated with wasted time or inefficient processes. By monitoring the productivity of each employee, businesses can identify areas where there are opportunities for improvement. In addition, it helps improve employee feedback, allowing management to reward those employees who demonstrate outstanding results.

Claim Evidence Reasoning Example #3

Blog Post: SSSTikTok

Answers the query: “How can you download TikTok videos offline?”

Claim: You can download TikTok videos offline using free tools like SSSTikTok.

Evidence: SSSTik received 4.5 out of 5 stars at the App Store.

Reasoning: TikTok downloaders are well-reviewed so they are popular.

Claim Evidence Reasoning Example #4

Blog Post: TikTok account suspended

Answers the query: How to get unbanned from TikTok

Claim Evidence Reasoning Example #5

Blog Post: Tubebuddy for Chrome

Answers the query: How to double your YouTube subscribers

Claim: You can use the Tubebuddy extension to double your YouTube subscribers.

Evidence: The data case studies generate shows proof.

Reasoning: Follow the steps in the case study, so you can double your YouTube subscribers in two weeks.

Claim Evidence Reasoning Example #6

Blog Post: Pinterest Downloader: How to Easily Download Pinterest Images and Videos for Free

Answers the question: How to download images from Pinterest.

Claim: You can use free tools like for Pinterest to download videos, images, and GIFs from Pinterest.

Evidence: “[Pinterest] user growth blossomed in 2014 going from 49 million in February 2013 to 70 million in July of the same year (Source).”

Reasoning: Pinterest is a popular site. Take advantage of the free media Pinterest offers by using the free Pinterest downloader tools.

Claim Evidence Reasoning Example #7

Blog Post: Instagram alternative websites

Answers the question: How to find a website that compares to Instagram and why you need one.

Claim: You need an Instagram alternative due to the disadvantages of Instagram such as the competition.

Evidence: Instagram has two billion users. That’s a massive amount of competition.

Reasoning: You can use other websites to generate interest in your content and make sales.

Claim Evidence Reasoning Example #8

Blog Post: Free Social Networking Sites

Answers the question: How to chat online

Claim: You can communicate on free social media sites.

Evidence: 4.74 billion people were using social media sites in 2022 (Source).

Reasoning: Since 1/3 of the world uses social media (Source), you can easily network on social media platforms. A massive amount of people are available for you to communicate with.

Wrapping Up: How to Use the OREO Framework to Cite Claim Evidence Reasoning Examples

By reading this post, you can cite Claim Evidence Reasoning examples using the OREO Writing Model on your own blog

The OREO framework is an ideal template to use to cite your article’s claim, offer evidence in the form of data, and provide reasoning that your methods work.

These strategies boost your credibility, traffic, and email list.

Readers, please share so bloggers discover how to use the OREO framework to cite Claim Evidence Reasoning examples in their own blog posts.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. What is your opinion of using the OREO framework to provide claims, evidence, and reasoning in your blog post articles?

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