Chat GPT Login: How to Easily Use ChatGPT for Free in 2024 (UPDATES)

  1. V.M. Sang

    The main reason I would not create an account is that you say you need to add your phone number. I won’t give my phone number to something like this.
    Also, something generated by Chat GPT is not created by the person asking for it, and so to use it as your own is not right. Even if you change it a bit. (Changing it a lot means you might as well have written it yourself to start with.)

    • Janice Wald

      I appreciate your comments. If I wrote you need to add your phone number, then you need to do that since I composed this post about the Chat GPT login while I was logging in for the first time. However, since I don’t recall with certainty, I’ll make a demonstration video showing what you need to do.
      In response to your other comment, it is true that you don’t own the content.
      Thanks again for sharing your view.

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