Do You Know What on Earth Is Proofreading?

Paper True
5 November, 2019

What on Earth is Proofreading? Contributed Post Your manuscript has gone through the wringer multiple times, but it is now time for the final wringer that will leave it clean, polished, and error-free. There are an exhaustive number of steps to free your manuscript from […]


How to Be a Better Blogger When You Use an Interesting Story

How to be a better blogger with an interesting story in your social media content and blog posts.
28 September, 2019

“But how could you live and not have an interesting story to tell?” author Fyodor Dostoevsky asks in his short story “White Nights.” The love of interesting stories is universal to human culture.* If you are looking to engage blog readers or social media followers, […]


How to Make Easy Money Selling a Book on Amazon

13 July, 2019

Too easy? That’s how I felt upon receiving notification from that I am actually able to sell ebooks through the Amazon Kindle Program (KDP). Yet, many writers don’t want to attempt to publish their writing in an ebook fearing the Kindle book format is […]


How to Easily Rediscover Your Blogging Passion Now, 28 Ways

How to keep your blogging passion, 28 ways
6 July, 2019

Have you lost your blogging passion? Are you (gasp) bored with blogging? Has your niche’s content lost its luster? Are you disinterested in your content and are having trouble making your posts interesting to others? Then you, my friends, have what is called Blogger Burnout. […]


Alert: Social Problems Change How We Think About Writing

Do you know the social problems that affect your readers' perception of your writing?
27 June, 2019

Social problems. On a blogging tips site? When guest author Alice Johnson approached me about contributing her guest post about the different types of social problems, I wondered how bloggers can relate. Then I realized the following: Bloggers need to understand their audience, and all […]


How to Put Yourself Out There as a Freelancer

19 June, 2019 How to Put Yourself Out There as a Freelancer This post was contributed. If you’re currently working in a job that isn’t quite fulfilling you, then that can be a frustrating situation. Sure, we all need to make money in order to function in […]


The 3 Incredibly Miscounted Steps to Make Money

11 June, 2019

  Are you interested in getting paid to write? There are many legitimate ways to make money online. Despite concerns to the contrary, getting paid to write is one way bloggers can monetize. Today’s guest author explains getting paid to write is possible if you […]


How to Start a Novel: 7 Secrets for a Successful Book

How to write a novel in 7 easy steps
30 May, 2019

Are you wondering how to start a novel? This post covers 7 strategies for writing a successful novel. By reading this post, you’ll learn tips which include how to start a novel and end with how to publish and promote your book. What’s the Secret […]