6 Ways to Keep Viewers Returning to Your YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel
31 October, 2017

by Christopher Gimmer and Nick Le Have you ever wondered what exactly drives views to your YouTube videos? If you’re like most YouTubers, then you’ve probably focused most of your time on producing the video and not so much on optimizing the video for views. […]


How to Choose: Best Social Media Platforms for Videos in 2017

4 of the best social media platforms for videos compared #VideoMarketing
11 June, 2017

Is this surprising or predictable? 5 Tips You Need to Make Your YouTube Videos Better, a recent post, is one of my highest-performing posts this year. Considering the current trend of presenting information in video format, the results should not surprise you. Are you interested […]


5 Tips You Need to Make Your YouTube Videos Better

How to Improve Your YouTube Videos #VideoMarketing #Videos #YouTube
30 May, 2017

2017 is almost half over. Are you trying to capitalize on this year’s trends in order to compete for readers’ attention? One way to capture an audience is not by vying for readers’ attention but by competing for viewers’ attention. That’s right. One of this […]


This Is How to Easily Optimize Videos for Search Engines

#Marketers should optimize videos for search engines.
28 February, 2017

You know this blog has published articles on the importance of optimizing your posts for search engines. You also know this blog has published articles on the importance of video use in blogging. However, Mostly Blogging has never combined the topics and explained how to […]


Your Blog Needs Video Content. Here’s Why…

Video content helps make #blogging easier.
30 July, 2016

Despite the rapidly growing prevalence of it, video content is often neglected or put off by bloggers and business owners. Many still see videos as a decorative little gimmick; something that they could take or leave. If you’re still holding onto this attitude, then you […]


How to Use YouTube to Be a Better Blogger

Be a Better Blogger with YouTube
1 May, 2016

If you were a store owner, would you advertise in only one place if money were no object? Probably not. Yet many bloggers don’t engage in widespread promotion of their blogs. They limit themselves. Using additional platforms to advertise your blog sites will increase your chances […]


What Should You Do With the Kids When They Are Home From School?

30 December, 2014

a.k.a. Golden Globe Nominations Part III When I wrote Beginners Guide: Golden Globe Nominations-Comedy, a reader wrote and commented, There has got to be more nominations.  Although I’d written in Beginners Guide: Golden Globe Nominations-Drama that I was attempting to respond to the choices of […]