5 Smart Ways to Make Your Photos Impressive

Travel Photography Bloggers
5 February, 2019

Travel Photography Tips For Improving Your Photos Serhat Engul It’s okay to admit it. Every time a relative gets back from a vacation in a far-flung land we pray to any and all available deities that they don’t show up unannounced to share their holiday […]


13 Free Stock Photography Sites That Don’t Suck

13 Stock Photography Sites for bloggers
22 August, 2017

  Are you looking for free stock photography sites? Photos engage your reader. However, many bloggers don’t have the time or the opportunity to find the “perfect” photo. Look no further. These 13 sites provide photos that are free. You also don’t need to worry about […]


How to Rock Your Blog Photos for Free with Snapseed

#Photography Snapseed Filters
6 February, 2016

Did you notice my new toy? I’ve been playing with it for some time now. My new fascination is evident in all my blog graphics, bar none. The truth is my fascination is an obsession. I am obsessed with Snapseed, a free photo-editing app that […]


How to Find a Wealth of Free Stock Photos

Blog Photography
10 November, 2015

Do you think it’s possible to cut corners with your blogging tasks? I mean, you have the routine down pat, right? You research, write, edit, publish, promote your link, and include a pinnable graphic for the Pinterest crowd to further promote your article. What if […]


How to Blow the Roof Off Your Traffic Using Pinterest

13 June, 2015

Stuck struggling to get traffic? Finding difficulty building a community? What if I told you that regardless of your niche your frustrations can be behind you by uttering one word? That word is Pinterest. Whether you are a blogger or marketer, Pinterest will solve your […]


6 Top Photo Effects that Will Make You Glow with Pride

#Instagram made the camera shine.
24 May, 2015

Welcome to the future, an age where pictures have become more important than words. There are many reasons graphics are so valued. Visual content can be understood by anyone regardless of their native language and is easily shared on social media. The brain takes in […]


How to Double Your Traffic Using Simple Photography Tips

9 May, 2015

You know how to write a blog post. You’ve done it before for months or even years. You can recite the three basic components in your sleep.  You research, you write, and you promote. Wait, there’s more than three facets of blogging.  Networking is important […]