Canva to AI: How to Make AI-Generated Full Body Photos [11 Free Tools]

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Reviews of 6 free tools you can use to make Canva to AI and other tools that will give you AI-generated full-body photos.

By reading this post, you get a tutorial showing how to go from Canva to AI-generated images.

One important note: Many content creators worry that Google will object to AI-created content such as images.

According to, Google does not care if you use AI-generated content like Chat GPT.

In fact, if you are interested in finding out more information about Chat GPT, check out this Chat GPT login tutorial.

Instead, this post explains how to generate AI full body images and other AI-generated images.

You will get six tool reviews and a total of eleven tools that will help you easily make AI-generated full-body photos.

You will see images of what the tools produce, receive tutorials so you can make your own AI full-body images, and warnings about using the best AI photo editor.

By reading this post, you get tools to make AI-generated full-body photos including Canva to AI. Let’s get started.


If you are not familiar with how to use Canva to edit, explore this tutorial explaining how to make frames in Canva.

You can go from using Canva to AI with the Canva Pro account.

Go to

Click Create a Design.

Click Custom, and Type 1080×1080 for use on Instagram.

Click Create New Design.

Click Apps, on the left side of the screen.

Click Text to Image.

Click Use and describe the image you want.

At the top of the screen, describe the image you want.

I typed “Sell Clothes on Instagram” since I needed a blog post image for that article.

Choose a style such as Dreamlike or Filmic.

Click Enter and watch the AI generate the image.

The image generated with a text other than English. Since my readers are mostly English-speaking, I clicked Try Again. Again, the image generated with text in a language other than English.

I changed my search terms. This time I typed “Sell Clothes on Instagram in the USA.”

Still, the text wasn’t in English.

This time, I typed “Sell clothes on Instagram with English text.”

This time I chose the Filmic style and changed my search terms. I typed “Sell clothes on Instagram in English.”

This time, there was no text at all, so I typed “Sell clothes on Instagram in the English language.”

Still, no text. I tried, “Sell clothes on Instagram with English writing.”

Here is a collection of four of the Canva to AI generated images that populated.

canva to ai

As you can see, the Canva to AI images all contained the crazy text I was trying to avoid.

Would you have chosen any of these when trying to go from traditional Canva to AI?

I didn’t.

I used the following AI-generated image:

canva to ai

The text on the image is still not in English, but it seems clear that the shirt is for sale, so this works with a post about how to sell clothes on Instagram.

This AI to Canva image used the Dreamlike filter.

Important Note:

Canva to AI won’t always result in an image.

I tried to get an image for my blog post answering the question, “Will TikTok be banned in the U.S.A.?” The tool returned a message that it wouldn’t generate my AI image since I requested “unsafe or offensive” content.

Canva to AI Review

A Redditor left a negative review about using Canva to generate AI full-body images.

When I asked where to find the Canva to AI function, the Redditor replied,

“In the “Apps”. They bury it because it is in beta and kinda sucks, fyi” (Source).

Fotor Editor Online

Go to

Click AI Tools.

You’ll find many AI tools to choose from.

Janice Wald

This was the image I uploaded to Fotor’s AI tool.

canva to ai

Do you think this looks like my original photo?

Some people I asked indicated Yes while the others indicated No.

Look at all the effects you can choose from under the screenshot. As you can see, I used the Morning Effect.

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The AI Playground

Go to

The tool has text-to-image. Type what you want and watch the tool create it for you.

The Night Cafe

ai full body images

Go to

Click Start Creating.

You will need to create an Instant Temporary Account.

According to the website, “NightCafe is an AI art generator and community. Join millions of people who enjoy creating, sharing, collaborating, and chatting about AI Art on NightCafe.”

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ai full body images night cafe studio

Go to

Enjoy watching the code on the screen take on shapes before your eyes.

Click Get Started.

MidJourney works in conjunction with the Discord platform. You need a Discord account to use MidJourney.

The Tech Express YouTube channel has a tutorial on how to use Discord and MidJourney to make AI-generated full-body photos.

Important Note: At the time of this writing, MidJourney is not free.

Pricing: If you want to use MidJourney as your AI body generator, you will have to subscribe to MidJourney. Plans start at $8.00 a month if you pay yearly or $10 per month if you pay monthly.


DALL-E is OpenAI’s too. OpenAI is the company that developed ChatGPT and Whisper, the AI speech recognition tool.

Related Reading: More information about ChatGPT can be found in this tutorial for the Chat GPT login.

Microsoft integrates DALL–E visual creation tools into Edge and Bing Microsoft as AI-generated content continues to ride the generative AI wave.

Most Redditors liked DALL-E.

Let’s check it out.

DALL-E Pricing

DALL-E 2 is currently free to use, but there is a catch. You’re allotted 50 free credits during your first month’s use and 15 free credits after that.

Go to

Click Try DALL-E.

According to the website, you can create different versions of the same image.

Click Continue. Click Start Creating with Dall-E.

Click Upload an Image to Edit. You can also let the tool choose an image for you.

Click Crop if you want to crop your image before uploading. Click Generate Variations.

Note the error message I received:

“The server is currently overloaded with other requests. Sorry about that! You can retry your request, or contact us through our help center at if the error persists.”

Will I be out the credits that I spent?

I tried again. This time, I added a description, the other focus keyword for this post: AI generated full body photos.

Look what Dall-E generated:

Did DALL-E do its job?


These are certainly examples of AI-generated full-body photos.

Before I received the error message, I tried to upload without entering a description. When I entered a description, DALL-E worked smoothly.

I recommend entering a description before attempting ai generated full body photos. For instance, since DALL-E is an image generator, you can ask for artsy business ideas.

More tools you can use to make AI-generated full-body photos

  • Adobe Sensei
  • Shutterstock Editor
  • Designhill
  • Jasper

Warning: Avoid Using Canva to AI and more AI Full-Body Image Generators

If you want to go from Canva to AI or use these other AI image generators, go right ahead, but heed this warning:

AI Generated Content is so new, the legality of who owns AI-generated images and other content is not determined.

Or is it?

According to a source on, humans do NOT own the content created by an AI bot.

In other words, if someone steals your AI-created content, you are not protected by copyright law.

Canva to AI: FAQ

Can Canva create AI files?

Yes. Canva has a Text-to-Image feature. The feature allows you to type the image you want and watch it appear. Canva actually provides you with four AI-generated choices.

How do I convert a file to AI?

Many text-to-image tools exist. These allow you to type the text you need an image to represent. Canva, for instance, generates four AI images when you enter the text description.

Wrapping Up: Canva to AI and AI-Generated Full Body Photos

In closing, by reading this post, you received reviews and tutorials explaining how to use Canva to AI and other tools to make AI-generated full-body photos. You also received warnings about the imperfections of these tools.

Please share so others find this guide to AI generated full body photos and other AI generated images..

I look forward to your views in the comments section, are there more tools you can recommend in addition to Canva to AI that will make AI generated full body photos?

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