Camooni, Your New Social Curator: How to Be the First to Be Followed

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Camooni, your social media aggregator

Are you a social media content creator?

If so, you must visit many social media sites.

Wouldn’t it save you time if you only had to visit one site and still be able to get the same widespread social media promotion?

There’s a new website in town and it’s called “Camooni.”

Camooni is a social media aggregator.

The new startup curates your social media content in one place.

If you need a social media aggregator to curate your social media content for you, Camooni is the site for you.

Nina Harmann, Camooni’s founder, is here to tell you about all the benefits of joining Camooni, a free social media aggregator.

What Does Curated Mean?

“Curated” has many meanings.

For example, a museum curator selects, organizes, and presents the museum displays.

In the case of a social curator, “curated” means “to select, organize, and present online content.”

Camooni: You New Social Media Aggregator – Be the first to be followed

By Nina Hartmann

This brand-new meta-network lets you create your best-of collection of the various social media channels.

The year is 2018 and the social media world has descended into chaos.

We all love social media. But, are we a community? How do you feel in the social media world? Do you really feel like a member?

We have billions of users and billions of posts. The market is brimming with unknown content.

There are more and more social networks popping up, and they all coexist, but there’s no coworking.

When I see all these networks, I get lost. I no longer know where I should stay and where I should go.

Finding relevant content or people with the same interests generally takes a lot of time and we soon get frustrated.

It’s also pretty difficult to show our own content to others and to enable people to find our posts. How do we reach our intended target audience? How do we get to know the interests of our followers?

And if we look at this from the other side: wouldn’t it be nice to decide for ourselves what we really want to see? To find relevant content quickly and easily in languages we understand?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a single place where we can meet up, communicate with one another and follow our idols on multiple platforms?

And this is where CAMOONI comes in as it focuses on users and tears down the walls of the various social media channels. CAMOONI is the first-ever smart meta-network that enables users to compile their own best-of collection of all social media channels on one platform.

It’s not about posting content, it’s about sharing content with the intended target audience and increasing reach.

How does CAMOONI work?

Camooni, your social media aggregator

  1.  Users share their posts worldwide in abridged form as a blogshot. This is really easy as users work with existing content from their existing external sites. Just copy and enter the link of the post you’d like to share. Blogshots can consist of text, image or video posts, and can be shared from every social media channel- including your company blogs or an online magazine. Camooni, social media aggregator

The “metacrawler” will automatically import the data available in the post to fill the blogshot with content. Then choose the language and category. Add some tags and you’re ready to go ahead and post your blogshot. (It won’t take you more than 30 seconds once you’ve done it a couple of times.).

  1. The “cut system” filters and sorts every single post worldwide by country, language, category and ranking (or date).


  1. Users can decide for themselves with a few clicks what they really want to see, what they’re interested in, and in languages they understand. That way, posts will always reach their target audience.


  1. When users click on a blogshot, they’ll be presented with some more information, like a teaser for the post. Users will then be redirected to the external sites to see the full post. This boosts traffic to a blogger’s own sites as well as the reach of every single post. No-one has to give up any of their existing sites. Readers and followers get a quick overview and can follow their idols on multiple platforms in a single place. That way, we’re no longer coexisting, we’re coworking. Everyone stands to benefit and this is how it should be.

CAMOONI makes it easy for you to get up and running, and it’s really easy to manage.

CAMOONI is completely free of charge for followers, networkers, and bloggers. For Corporate Bloggers (companies) it’s free of charge to register and to post on their profile too. In addition, they have access to some low-cost features enabling them to manage their social media marketing.

So, just give it a try;) Make your own user experience. Join the CAMOONITY on From now on: MAKE THE MOST OF EVERY SINGLE POST.

Tip: If you’re generally interested in boosting your blog, then you should definitely also check out this post on Mostly Blogging:

Here you can find some extra quick facts about CAMOONI:

  1. For a quick overview, check out the TOP 12 blog charts.
  2. Use the MyChat to communicate with other users.
  3. Take advantage of the colorful follower statistics to make it simple to match their interests.
  4. The Coop Management: Bloggers can now take advantage of becoming one of the first ever “coopers” on this brand-new network. They can create their professional sed cards now, which will make it quick and easy for them to be found by companies in the future. Once there are enough users to cover all the requests, we’ll activate this quick and easy search for companies.

About the author:

Nina Hartmann is the founder and managing director of CAMOONI. She is a qualified communication specialist and passionate networker. She has set herself the goal of making the blogosphere easier to access and understandable for everybody.

Readers, please share so other social curators learn about Camooni and the benefits the website brings as a social media aggregator.


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  1. Moss Clement

    Hi Nina,

    The headline of your article said it all, that Camooni is a new social media tool, as I haven’t heard if I before now. However, your insight about this tools, how to use it, how it works, etc, makes it a must have or use.

    The fact that it allows uses to curate and compile a collection of content from various platforms all on one platform is amazing

    I will have to try it our to see first-hand how it works.

    Thanks for sharing, Nina, and thank you too, Janice for publishing!

    Already schedule it for posting!

    • Janice Wald

      Do you use Contently? Is that for blog posts? Is that free? How are they different? Thanks for writing!

      • Nina Hartmann

        Dear Janice,
        thank you so much for the possibility of the guest post. The website is free of charge- we have some optional features only for companies (corporate bloggers) which allow e.g. to post adverts.
        If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
        Kind Regards,

        • Janice Wald

          We appreciate you coming and telling us about this innovative new way to meet like-minded social media content creators.

    • Nina Hartmann

      Dear Moss,
      happy that you like the article and understand the benefits. There’s also a guide for newbies in our help section for a quick start. Let me know if you have any other questions- you can find me as “camoonina” on camooni, then you can use the chat to get in contact with me. Happy to see your first posts (blogshots) there;)

      As I am the only founder I am very grateful for every support and appreciate it a lot. Thank you so much and welcome to the CAMOONITY 😉

  2. Jeanette S. Hall

    I signed up for this wonderful new FREE tool! Thanks for introducing it to all of us out here.

    • Nina Hartmann

      Welcome to the CAMOONITY, dear Jeanette! Happy to see your posts there! Cheers, Nina

  3. Shel Harrington

    Thanks for the intro to Camooni, Janice – I’ll be checking it out!

    • Nina Hartmann

      Dear Shel, if you have any further questions about it, please get back to me. I’d love to get your feedback? Cheers, Nina

  4. Ryan Biddulph

    Nina this is timely! I have been searching for ways to streamline social, and my online campaign in general. Definitely looking to visit 1 or 2 sites, to connect and to create, then to call it a day LOL. Only way to be these days as I get busier and busier. Rocking tool and post 🙂


    • Nina Hartmann

      Dear Ryan,
      this is exactly what I am trying to solve. It simply steals our time to get what we are (really)looking for. Thank you so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it.I need people like you who understand my goal and share their posts from now on on CAMOONI… just to let them be filtered for all of us, our followers and potential followers. Without posts… „no filter needed“ ? happy to welcome you! And if you have any questions… get back to me! ?

  5. Julian Ann

    This is the first time that I heard about Camooni because I’m Social media use and I do use Facebook, Instagram & Twitter but apart these I don’t use anything & Camooni looks good to use.

    So let’s try this & see how amazing is this.

    • Nina Hartmann

      Dear Julian,
      Your feedback is always welcome! Thanks for giving it a try?Cheers, Nina

  6. Praveen Verma

    Here, great to know about new social media tool “Camooni”. This new social media tool will prove to be very useful for internet marketers. Here, amazed to know about the benefits of using “Camooni”. Here, you have well explained how this social media tool works. I am really excited to use this tool.

    I think this social media tool will be one of the best places to share our content with our targeted audience.

    Thanks for sharing this post wiht us.

    Have a good day.
    Praveen Verma

    • Nina Hartmann

      Dear Praveen,
      thank you so much for your feedback! Happy to welcome you and to see your content on CAMOONI 😉
      Kind regards, Nina

  7. Ola Mike

    I’m hearing Camooni for the first time.

    Personally, I know how it feels wrapping my head around all my social media accounts.

    It can be confusing…

    • Nina Hartmann

      Dear Ola,

      don’t worry, this is the same for most of the people- You haven’t heard about it before, because I decided to start with a “soft and quiet” launch in may- just to get the website running and to fix some bugs, before I try to hit the market officially. 😉 Now the time has come, and I really appreciate the feedback here and of course every support. I am the only founder and this is very important to me, only this way I can understand the needs and wishes of the CAMOONITY. This my “baby” and it’s wonderful to see it’s growing now every day. So, feel welcome and if you have further questions, just get back to me. Cheers, Nina

    • Nina Hartmann

      Dear Sylvia,
      welcome to the CAMOONITY. Can’t wait to see your posts;) Only when people share their posts, we are able to filter them all for the rest of the users. So, just give it a try and let me know how I can help you.
      Cheers, Nina

  8. Adrian Crisostomo

    Just signed up, posted a blogshot, and followed a few people. What I like about it is the ease of sharing a blogshot. Its quick and easy. It quickly captures the description of the link you want to share so you don’t have to type or copy and paste anything. I also like the layout of the website. Its slick and simple. It really gives importance with the visuals so I think that would be a key if you really want to be successful in this platform. I hope it continues to grow! It really has potential.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    • Nina Hartmann

      Dear Adrian,
      thank you very much for your feedback! You explained it very well. That was my goal- quick and easy, no retargeting, just the users and their content on a “clean” site. We started with a soft launch in may to get the site running and honestly… to fix some bugs;). Now the time has come to grow, the people have to understand what we are doing, the benefits we have on offer. Sharing their posts to let them be filtered for their readers and the potential followers, for all of us. If you have further questions, you can find me as “camoonina” on CAMOONI and start a chat with me;) Cheers and thanks again for your support, I am very grateful and appreciate it a lot! Nina

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