Buy Rolex: 4 Ways They Will Make Bloggers Happy

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Why Bloggers Deserve to Buy Rolex Watches

Ali Dino

Being a blogger is not an easy task.

A blogger needs to be up to date all the time. He is a person who is giving the world tons of information for free.  It is free, seeing that the people who visit a blog will not have to pay the blogger for its content.

A blogger’s life is social. The person has to network and research in several places to get the information to share. A blogger is a very handy person who works hard to produce the best piece and then shares it online. The bloggers deserve something special. There are many special items, but nothing compares to a Rolex watch. Here are a few reasons why bloggers deserve a Rolex watch.

Rolex Men’s watches are exquisite timepieces. These are some of the best and the most wanted watches in the world. These are glamorous, classy and elegant. These watches make the person a gentleman. The Rolex is a mark of class and a high profile. If you wish to maintain a high profile and impress others, you should wear a Rolex. Here are a few reasons as to why the bloggers deserve this watch.

For glamour and class

A blogger who writes and blogs about watches should own the best watch in the world. He deserves to have one. A person who gives all the details about the best and the most reliable watches around the world should deserve to wear one. What better watch than a Rolex? The person who shares so much information deserves a Rolex.

It will add glamour and class to his lifestyle. Many people think that a blogger does not go out in real life and only blogs online. It is wrong. You will find several bloggers who are social and travel across borders. It is why they deserve something special. When they go around, and people will see them wearing a Rolex, it will be impressive. A blogger deserves Rolex to impress the people around him.

Manage time

Managing time is not easy. You can wear any cheap wristwatch, and it will still give you the exact time any Rolex gives. However, a blogger who does professional writing deserves a Rolex. Managing time with Rolex is even easier. The Rolex has several features such as the stopwatch, day, date, time zones and more. All these features will come in handy to manage time. The blogger who needs to move around across borders needs and also deserves Rolex. Keeping track of time across borders will be easy with the Rolex watches.

Another reason that bloggers deserve it is the operation in the field. It is a better option to use a watch to see the time than a Smartphone. A Rolex chronograph will give the blogger the ease of use while he is in the field.    


If you are a blogger, then you will know that it is not all about writing blog posts sitting on the bed. You have to go out there and meet people to give them a good impression, you deserve something special. What better than a Rolex? When you as a blogger go out in the meeting to discuss future blogging, the Rolex will give a great impression. It is why a blogger deserves a Rolex.

The blogger needs to signify his craftsmanship

A blogger is not just an ordinary writer. He has to craft the best piece of writing to put forward for the world to read. A proper well-crafted blog post will signify his writing style. A Rolex, on the other hand, will complement the blog. The writer of a well-crafted post needs a sign of craftsmanship. He deserves to wear Rolex which is the mark of perfect craftsmanship.  If you meet a blogger who wears a Rolex, you will be impressed. You will know that if a person wears the best piece in the world will write the best piece in the world.

These are a few reasons that the bloggers deserve a Rolex watch. Rolex is the most luxurious line of watches in the world. Only those people deserve to wear it that is crafty as the watch. Bloggers are crafty, and they deserve nothing less than a Rolex.

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  1. John doe

    This was a very interesting post. I definitely hear the message. Personally, I look for two things when I go to a blogging event. I know what I am about to say may be considered shallow but I look at the watch he or she is wearing and the car they are driving. By offering those two things, I can derive an opinion as to their success level of that person. If I have a choice as to doing business with an obvious successful person or a person who is not, I would I would pick the first person but I am not saying I would not listen to what person two had to say

    • Janice Wald

      Hi John,
      As shallow as you think you sound, many people judge people by the watches they wear and the cars they drive. When people buy Rolex, they are judged as successful.
      Besides, you’re not as shallow as others. You admit to hearing the person’s message regardless of whether or not they buy Rolex watches. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Fernando

    There are a lot of new billionaires nowadays the follow the opposite way, but obviously “give a good impression” can improve your business effort. Obviously everyone want to do business with an already successful person (or at-least someone that look to be).

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Fernando,
      Thank you for commenting. I agree with your comments. It’s called the BandWagon Effect. If it’s successful, people assume it’s good and want it. People want to associate with winners and winners buy Rolex.

  3. Nwachukwu Excel

    Well! Well!! Well!!! You’ve just made me turn a corner on my Bag Pack contents when on a Blogging event. Thanks for this, will sure try keep to it,

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Nwachukwu,
      Nice to “see” you again. I love your funny comment. If I go offline to a blogging event, I now know what to bring too, LOL! Thanks for writing.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Jhon,
      We all hope that. When you buy Rolex, you buy the best.

  4. Abiye

    One of the funniest, but interesting posts I’ve ever read. I kept asking myself why Rolex and not any other watch? Then I came to understand that its all about lifting yourself up from your blog ‘bed’, and keeping in touch with life outside of blogging.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Abiye,
      Thanks so much for the compliment! I appreciate it! When the guest author sent it to me, I thought it was funny too but, as you said, poignant. I’m glad you understood the post. Thanks for writing to tell me you did.

  5. Avneet Singh

    I would love to buy a Rolex but the hard work and the groundwork first as a blogger!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Avneet,
      Thanks for commenting on my post. It’s great to have goals to aspire toward! Affording a Rolex can be one of them.

  6. Apraatim Bhatia

    Great Article! Just loved the thought and would love to buy a rolex…

  7. Matthew Aiden

    Rolex watch is really nice to watch and a very expensive watch. I like very much. You shared the information about Rolex watch is very beneficial for buying Rolex. Thanks for sharing great information.

  8. Nicholas

    Nice blog ever I read. Its shows that your have different point of view than others. Rolex watch are far far best watch ever. People promote the always the quality and Rolex is one of them. Yes Bloggers do different researches and gone through different resources to gather the ideas and information. So that they can present in front of the world. They do so to present best quality of content for the world. So they also deserve best luxury and obviously quality watch that is Rolex. Thanks for this blog and again interesting point of view.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Nicholas,
      We are glad you enjoyed the article. At Mostly Blogging, we strive to present different points of view. We are glad you appreciated our connection, as great a reach as it was, between blogging and wearing a Rolex.

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