Business Coaching Websites: How to Become a Consultant and Make Money in 2023, 15 Ways

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business coaching websites

Did you know you can make money by setting up business coaching websites and becoming a consultant in your niche?

After giving away information for free in blog posts for years, isn’t it about time you got paid for your time and expertise?

Is business coaching a lucrative industry?

Let me give you some data. IBISWorld predicts the consulting industry will grow at a rate of 1.4% until it reaches a height of $253.1 billion.

Also, according to Statista, the business consulting industry already reached $64 billion in 2020. Clearly, running business coaching websites is a profitable industry as a full-time career, as a side income, or as a way to make money in retirement.

Are you ready for a lucrative 2022?

By reading this guide, you discover important questions to ask yourself to determine if administering business coaching websites is right for you.

You also explore the advantages and disadvantages of running business coaching websites and learn important considerations before starting your new endeavor.

In addition, you find out how to promote your business coaching websites using organic methods. You will watch sample videos showing how to promote your coaching business. Finally, you discover how to get more clients.

The format of this guide takes a before, during, and after approach so you know how to run your business coaching websites each step of the way.

Let’s dive into best practices for running business coaching websites.

Why Do You Need Business Coaching Websites?

A website brands your business since it establishes you as an authority.

However, if you become a Jack of all trades, you become master of none. Having too many niches on your website confuses people.

Therefore, you might want to have different business coaching websites.

For instance, Peter Nyiri teaches digital marketing. He brands his business on his blog, ThinkBalm.

However, he also plans on starting a blog for truck drivers. He needs two business coaching websites since they are unrelated.

Do You Want to Run Business Coaching Websites?

I have different business coaching websites. For instance, I coach on Mostly Blogging, and I coach in emails. I also coach on social media sites.

Do I always charge for my time? No. I’ll happily answer a question for free to establish goodwill toward my brand. Then, when people come back for more free information, I direct them to set up a paid appointment.

Advantages of Running Business Coaching Websites


Since people are paying for your time, consulting is a lucrative industry.

In fact, I had an easier time selling three coaching sessions than I did selling one coaching session. The reason: I charged less with each additional purchase. People bought three-session packages.

You can create content in different niches

Make sure you advertise your consulting services on different sites.

For instance, Chalene Johnson, entrepreneur, established herself as an expert in two disparate niches. As a result, she has a podcast related to health and another related to social media marketing.

Remote work

Running business coaching websites is easy to do as an online business. Therefore, this is a great income stream for stay-at-home parents.

You could also run your coaching business as an additional income stream.

A stepping stone

Getting experience running business coaching websites can lead to greater opportunities.

For instance, the experience you gain as a consultant can lead to jobs in corporations.

In my case, running business coaching websites morphed into what is now passive income for me, my Mostly Blogging Academy of marketing courses.

Disadvantages of Running Business Coaching Websites

Make sure your role is clear.

When setting up business coaching websites, make sure your function as the consultant is explained.

For instance, a client paid generously for my time when she wanted to set up her business website. However, instead of asking me to coach her, she treated me like her Virtual Assistant, a role I was not interested in filling.

Would you prefer passive income?

Most bloggers prefer making money through passive income. For instance, you could make passive income by publishing books, creating courses, and being an affiliate marketer.

The advantage of passive income is you could literally make money while you sleep.

However, when you run business coaching websites, you must take an active, hands-on approach to proactively helping your clients.

Before You Start: How to Set Up Business Coaching Websites

Answer Questions

Before you start your business coaching websites, you need to ask yourself important questions:

Which Content Management System, theme, and host will you use?

WordPress is a popular CMS. Will you set up your business coaching websites at WordPress?

Will you choose an ecommerce platform like WooCommerce or Shopify?

How will you promote your business coaching websites?

Will you buy paid ads or will you strive for organic means of promotion?

Will you join a directory such as Google My Business?

Which niche will you choose?

Make sure you have a bio that explains why you are qualified to help people in this arena.

One important note…

Google wants to give visibility in the SERPs to experts in accordance with the EAT (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) criteria. This holds especially true in the area of money or health. These are considered YMYL topics (Your Money, Your Life). Unless you are an expert in finance or health, you should steer away from these topics.

One important note, though…

I am not an expert in the financial realm. However, at the time of this writing, one of my best-performing blog posts is Best Crypto Trading Platform Reddit. The post currently ranks at Number 2 in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages. Clearly, there are exceptions.

What hours will you be available to coach?

Will you work weekends? Will you be available on holidays when people are home to talk to you? This is time you may not want to give up.

Will you need a permit?

I went to the city and paid for a permit to work out of my home.

What technology will you use?

Will you have a cart on your website?

Will you have a calendar where clients book their own appointments?

Will you coach on the phone? What if the clients live out of the country? I worked with people who insisted I call them due to messaging rates.

How much will you charge?

You should charge what your experience will bring in and what the market will bear.

For instance, a new blogger will get less income for their business coaching websites than a seasoned coach.

You need to research consultant + your niche and see what consultants in your niche and with your experience level charge.

How will you accept money?

You need to choose a money vendor to help you collect your fees.

PayPal is widely used but not in all countries. Also, PayPal takes a hefty percentage of your profits.

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During Your Tenure as a Coach: How to Run Your Business Coaching Websites

Create Content

You need Static Pages announcing your services.

As an example, look at my Hire Me Page.

Static pages get indexed by Google easier than blog posts articles. Make sure you optimize your static pages just like you would your blog posts so people needing your business coaching websites can find them.

Create blog posts that solve readers’ problems and establish you as an expert in your niche.

Consider these topics for your first blog post.

Creating guides full of jaw-dropping, problem-solving content gives you and your business credibility.

One of those guides should be a Pillar Post that sets the bar in your industry. Put the article on your home page with the words “Start Here.”

business coaching websites

This screenshot shows my homepage. When you click “Start Here,” you are taken to my Pillar Post, “12 Blogging Best Practices, The Ultimate Guide.”

Engage Your Clients

How to teach is beyond the scope of this article. However, remember that everyone has different learning styles.

Regardless, start with a hook. Generate interest. For instance, did you notice how I started this article?

I started with a question and then quickly transitioned to offering staggering data. These are examples of powerful hooks since they grab attention.

Strive for Buy-In

As a classroom teacher, I consistently explain to my students why we are doing certain activities.

When people understand your motives, you get an open-minded attitude and eager participation faster.

Secure Your Business for the Future: How to Get More Clients for Your Business Coaching Websites

Social Media Marketing

Promote your business consulting websites on business social media platforms LinkedIn and Twitter. If your expertise is as a food blogger or DIY blogger, you might want to promote on social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest that cater to more visual mediums.

Make promotional videos and put them on these social media platforms.

Do you want to see my promotional videos?

Note: I offer my credentials in the video so people know I have the experience, qualifications, and strong word-of-mouth to coach them.

This video promotes my Mostly Blogging Academy of digital marketing courses.

Search Engine Marketing

Once you have your topic, you need to conduct keyword research so search engine users can find your business coaching websites. You should also learn how to generate leads online with the help of techniques like SEO.

Find a keyword research tool with accurate metrics to ensure there is interest in your topic.

Make sure you do competitive analysis to ensure you can beat the competition.

Once your keyword meets both criteria, optimize your content with the keyword.


Don’t be shy. Ask for testimonials. Post them on LinkedIn and your website.


There are websites that match guests with podcasters. Podcasters look for guests to interview. If you went on the podcast, you could promote your business coaching websites for free.

Business Coaching Websites: FAQ

What does a coaching website need?

You need a Content Management System, a web host, content that establishes you as an expert, promotional materials, testimonials, and a way to collect money.

Wrapping Up: How to Administer Business Coaching Websites

In closing, running business coaching websites is a lucrative field that can bring you income in 2022 and in years to come. People will always need mentors.

As a blogger, you reached out to help the online community. Now is the time to monetize your knowledge.

This post gave you action plans for how to proceed before you begin coaching, during coaching, and after you’ve started coaching.

Please share so entrepreneurs who want to become consultants discover this guide.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Are you a consultant? What strategies can you add to the discussion about how to be an administrator of business coaching websites?

  1. Ryan K Biddulph

    Hi Janice,

    Sensational post here. I used to coach but prefer passive income these days. However, my wife coaches in the personal development niche and does quite nicely with it. I see how fulfilling the work is. Incredibly rewarding.


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ryan,
      Thank you for the compliments on the article. I did not know that Kellie coached. Thank you for writing with this validation that coaching is rewarding both for the mentor and the person being coached.

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