How to Create a Brand Strategy and Make Money, 5 Ways

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Do you have a brand strategy?

You need one in place before you can even hope to monetize your blog.

Let’s dive in.

5-step brand strategy

Are you looking to monetize your blog?

There are many steps you can take on your monetization journey.

For example, you can monetize using social media.

Guest author Isabel William offers you a monetization plan that focuses on brand strategy.

Her plan takes you from website awareness to monetizing your products and services.

How to Create a Brand Strategy for Your Blog or Online Business

Brands that blog regularly are in a position to reap opulent benefits and achieve an impressive ROI (Return on Time Invested). But, just having fun and posting what first comes to your mind will not bring the desired results. It takes a lot of planning, organization, and hard work to cut through the noise. Namely, the ultimate challenge is how to stand out and reach customers in the overcrowded blogosphere.

Well, what you need to build a strongly branded blog is a sound brand strategy and a realistic budget in place. What is more, this plan must be customized to your brand’s missions, set goals, target audience, and business needs.

The big picture

Blogging is a powerful tactic to enhance a personal or business brand (both B2B– business to business and B2C– business to consumer). Blogging goes a long way towards fostering a good reputation, as well as cultivating trust, and loyalty— elements that form the backbone of your online presence. The first step to building a blog audience and building relationships with them is awareness  You cannot jump right into the content brainstorming stage.

First, set clear and tangible goals. Know exactly what you want to achieve with your blogging strategy. Some of the common objectives are spreading brand awareness, increasing engagement rates, spurring more conversions, driving traffic, etc. Depending on your selected goals, you might need to focus on customers in a certain buying cycle. In any event, refrain from just aggressively pitching your products and services right away.

The most bang for your buck

One of the key steps in this stage revolves around research, finding and defining your target audience. Uncovering people’s preferences, wants and needs enables you to reach informed decisions regarding types of posts, topics, most suitable channels for promotion, etc. If you fail to do this, you risk wasting quite a bit of time and money on blogging that does not really bear fruit. You can use Ahref’s guide to understanding your buyer’s persona.

Furthermore, it is a good idea to understand when you will see the return on your time invested. Monetization does not always happen right off the bat.

There are many indicators that are worth following, but the financial payoff from marketing activities is always paramount.

Here, it is vital to understand that your readers are not paying you directly. Usually, your content is not for direct selling. Nevertheless, this indirect route to profit can have a profound impact on your bottom line. It is your brand that provides revenue over a long haul.

5-step brand strategy

Art of budgeting

So, the next task comes in the form of formulating a budget for your blogging. Yes, kicking it off may not be expensive, but in the long-term, you need to allocate plenty of resources, including time and creative work. A quality blog post usually takes a few hours to craft and the average times are increasing. Moreover, once it is published, the content also needs to be properly promoted.

You have to be aware of the resources which content creation requires. When it comes to money, brands dedicate (on average) 32% of their marketing budget to content marketing. The spending is increasing year after year, across industry sectors. Therefore, be prepared to see your budget rising over time too. Of course, the numbers go up and down depending on your tactics and decisions. For instance, you could save a lot of money by outsourcing writing instead of hiring full-time writers.

Apart from that, you also have to allocate money to website hosting, plugins, various types of blog support, social media advertising, other means of promotion, your email newsletter, and creating visual pieces of content. In case you struggle to get on top of the numbers game, educate yourself. In this day and age, it is possible to find a plethora of courses on all things financial.

Spread the word

Bear in mind that there are also some other outcomes you would be wise to facilitate. Most notably, be aware that there are amazing SEO benefits linked to blogging. Brands that blog on a regular basis have way more indexed pages and are able to improve their visibility significantly. Occupying the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) is the Promised Land for blogs and businesses of all shapes and sizes. After all, most internet users never bother browsing past the first page and opt for highest-ranking results.

Blogging also opens the doors to more effective social media marketing, where one can improve brand awareness, reputation, and authority. In this tumultuous social sphere, brands interact with customers and engage them in discussions and conversations. They answer queries and questions. Moreover, they strive to post when most of the audience is active and likely to see the post or advertisement. So, do not hesitate to spend money here* and hope to work miracles based on the popularity of your content.

Make the most of other opportunities for content promotion. Get your posts in front of people who have never heard of you. Continually improve your messages to always match what the audience is interested in reading. Focus on giving people true value and solving their problems. Give them what they want and they will certainly know how to repay you— by converting and recommending your brand to others. It is time to become a trustworthy, distinctive voice and a reliable, go-to source of information.

On the right tracks

Quality blogging makes all the difference in setting you apart. But, diving in without an action plan is not likely to take you anywhere. You need nothing short of top-notch content that resonates with your readers and followers. So, take your time grasping facts and figures in the research stage. Come up with a killer blogging strategy that promotes and establishes your brand. Remember that all the planning, strategizing, and writing is rather time-consuming. Use buyer personas to streamline related tasks, as well as to tailor and personalize your approach. All these investments are a drop in the bucket compared to the rewards that lie further down the road.

*Host blogger’s comments:

The opinions contained herein are solely the opinions of the guest author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Janice Wald or Mostly Blogging.

For example, the author discusses the need for promotion which leads to blog traffic in order to monetize.

A previous guest author on Mostly Blogging detailed a planned way to monetize without any traffic at all.

Readers, please share so others interested in a monetization plan can read this brand strategy.

Author: Isabel William

What did you think of Isabel’s strategy? Best tip? I look forward to your views in the comments section.

  1. Ashutosh singh

    Very informative article, have a bunch of ways where we can earn money by being a Blogger.
    By being a Blogger, we have many ways to earn money.
    Thank you Isabel for sharing your knowledge and Janice you too for providing platform!

    Have a nice day!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ashutosh,
      Thanks for coming by. Thanks for saying bloggers have many monetization avenues. Many people think you can’t make money blogging.

  2. Hildah

    Hello Janice,

    Such a great post! I love your writing style and detailed explanation.

    Thank you!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Hildah,
      You are too kind. I’m glad you liked the post and the articles my guest authors and I write.

  3. Lisa Sicard

    Hi Isabel and Janice, yes it takes time to grow a brand. Having a strategy in place really helps that. i started to do that this year and left my full time job recently. I do a lot from my services now and it amazed me how many inquires have been coming in.
    It takes consistently, connections and working with others to grow your blog into a brand. Too many people give up too soon for that to happen. I’ve been at this 8 years now 🙂
    I love your point about a distinctive voice!

    • Janice Wald

      Wow, Lisa, 8 years! I’ll be coming up on 4 this November.
      Thanks for bringing your insights about what has worked for you.
      I see how hard you work at consistency and connections. Glad to hear your efforts are literally paying off.

  4. Moss Clement

    Hi Isabel,

    Blogging is surely a fun way of distributing information and build a tribe of readers, as well as make money from having fun. However, making money from your blog is not always easy, it takes time. Which is why I agree with Lisa that consistency is a major factor to your success. You have to make sacrifices as Donna mentioned in her latest post. Hence, success in whatever you’re doing comes with a plan. Thus, you need to have a strategy to guide you along the way. Your strategy is a framework or plan that directs your steps in terms if monetization, content creation, distribution, etc. The tips your have here for creating a sustainable brand strategy are great.

  5. Janice Wald

    Hi Moss,
    I would love to read Donna’s latest post about sacrifices. Do you perhaps, have a link you can post here? Others might want to read her post as well.
    Thanks for your inspiring comments. I’m off to pursue my monetization plan!

  6. Brisbane top seo consultants

    Modern day marketing strategies now includes websites building and promotional services that will surely increase affect your business’s sales.

  7. Dinesh Ramakrishnan

    Hi, Janice!

    I really like your acronym for ROI and I love your style of writing.

    Until 2010, blogging was not hard. Nowadays, due to competition, consistency in posting quality post is very important to run a successful blog.

    People are shouting “Money money blogging” which make to believe that it’s easy to make money by writing on blogs. But the truth can be realized when he/she started to blog.

    I have completed 1 year of blogging. All I can say is that it’s hard. Perfect planning and delivering quality content on regular basis can help to move the blog to the next level.

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