Books to Improve Memory: 3 Books to Start With

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Are you looking for the best books to improve memory?

Memory techniques fascinate because they can improve your life so much!

books to improve memory

So, without wasting any time, let’s get started with the best books on memory techniques!

Best Books to Improve Memory

A Prodigious Mind by Vanni De Luca

Tens of thousands of books to improve memory have been written. There are some, such as the next one which can be superior to Vanni De Luca’s book.

But there is something that none of those books have and that is representative of Vanni’s extraordinary character. This is the differentiating element and the reason why I chose to start these reviews of books to improve memory with A Prodigious Mind.

Vanni, in this book, as well as in his shows, puts on the table a relationship with the world of memory that transcends utility, transcends teaching, transcends time. Memory, in the hands, mind, and words of Vanni becomes an ethical tool, of culture, amazement, fun, of connection with worlds that no longer exist or that are not there yet.

Vanni not only tells you how to memorize, but he also tells you above all why.

Also, he keeps you glued to the pages. He transports you on a journey divided into 6 parts in which five extraordinary characters from the past plus a contemporary sixth, surprisingly, himself, give practical and theoretical pearls to use.

So, this is just the perfect book to start with memory techniques, because it doesn’t just explain the principles, it plants the seed of a passion that can last a lifetime in your mind.

Let’s explore more books to improve memory.

You Can Have an Amazing Memory by Dominic O’Brien

“The study concluded that there was nothing genius about our brains on a structural level, all ‘higher memorizers’ have brains just like everyone else’s.”

Do you know what a mnemonist is?

A mnemonist is someone who has unusually special abilities to memorize information. In other words, a mnemonist is a memory expert.

“The evidence in the study showed that we mnemonists, when we memorize information, use a spatial learning strategy, which means that we employ the region of our brain, the hippocampus, which is particularly relevant for spatial memory.”

I chose this phrase to introduce “You Can Have an Amazing Memory” by Dominic O’Brien, because it represents exactly the role that the author has: to bring memory techniques into modern times and open them to new possibilities, sift them with the eyes of science and, at the same time, express them to their fullest potential with competitions.

Dominic O’Brien is a legend of memory techniques, eight times world champion, popularizer, teacher, and author, he has influenced the whole new and modern generation of memory athletes and enthusiasts around the world.

This is one of the best books to improve memory because it is simple, straight to the point, and well written.

Dominic has written many books, some translated into Italian, and others not.

For me, of all the books to improve memory, this remains the best.

The book has clarity. I also appreciate the value of O’Brien as an author and as the face of the new world of memory experts.

In addition to the teaching of its variants and its proposals, the peculiarity that made me choose this book among the books to improve memory among the three that I would recommend to everyone is the discussion of the method of loci, or palace of memory or “journey method”, as he calls it, which is often neglected in classic books on memorization.

The Memory Book by Harry Lorayne

“I envy you. I envy the discoveries you are about to make, the new areas you are about to explore, and the pleasure of learning and enjoying them at the same time. I would like to be in your place, right now.”

With these words ends the introduction of the legendary “The Memory Book ” by Harry Lorayne, perhaps the most influential book in this field, one of the very first to teach memory techniques in a systematic way.

Like the phrase I chose, Harry Lorayne is exuberant, theatrical, spectacular … and even a little bit mysterious.

There is, moreover, the background of the author, now lively ninety-four is that of magic and mentalism.

He is also in some way a controversial figure.

This is especially true due to his pseudoscientific shots that have also made school in the marketing of the absurd: From 10% of the brain to unlock the hidden powers of the mind with his weekend seminar, to the bombastic promises of transforming people into incredible geniuses and… the usual things in short.

Of course, then you stumble upon the chapter on quick reading which is a real gem of antics, in which the good Harry actually advises groping to memorize the sentences while you read them and… oh well, forget it. Folklore.

Anyway, in my opinion, he is worth having, he teaches a lot of interesting things flawlessly.

books to improve memory

To Sum Up: Books to Improve Memory

Well, now you know where to start your journey into the world of memorization.

So, don’t waste any more of your time and get to it! In case you’re too busy with your academic life, remember that you can always buy term papers and let yourself explore ways to optimize your life without worrying about deadlines.

Readers, please share so others looking for books to improve memory discover this post.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Can you recommend additional books to improve memory?

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