3 Guaranteed Ways to Get You More Online Attention

2 August, 2015

How do you engage blog readers? It’s a question as old as blogging itself. Is engaging your readers and promoting your blog the same thing? Yes! By promoting your blog, you will make readers aware of your writing. By making readers aware of your writing, […]


How to Increase Traffic with a Blog Brand

1 August, 2015

Name a brand. Nike?  That’s not fair.  The picture is right here. Name another brand. However you answered, I’m confident you didn’t have to look it up; it was in your head. It was in your head because the brand was memorable. Companies with memorable […]


Yay! I Finally Did It!

30 July, 2015

Welcome to Reblog Thursday #10 Blogging can be complicated enough without having technical troubles. Many feel they are just not “tech savvy” enough to solve their dilemmas. However, when others share their tech. stress, it makes a bad situation better. We know that we are […]


How to Quickly Tweet Your Way to Blog Traffic

26 July, 2015

A reader was perplexed. He wrote, Janice – don’t suppose you’ve written anything about using Twitter?   I can’t get my head around it at all! Getting blog traffic from Twitter can be as fast as actually writing a Tweet, so dubbed due to the […]


How to Dramatically Increase Blog Traffic with Colors

25 July, 2015

I disagree with the blogger. She wrote, We all want to publish viral content. But it’s like creating “literary classics.” You don’t create “literary classics”; you write great stories and hope they stand the test of time. You hope that people like them enough to share them. […]


In Need of Reblog Material

23 July, 2015

Welcome to Reblog Thursday #9! I am reblogging Dream Big, Dream Often‘s post since I would like to make the same offer as Danny, the admin blogger. I am also looking for potential reblog material for this series, Reblog Thursday. If you have a post […]


How to Deal with Procrastination Even If You Don’t Want To

27 June, 2015

Do you ever procrastinate? According to Psychology Today, 20% of all people suffer from chronic procrastination. Much is written about Writer’s Block, and how writers can attempt to deal with it. However, not much has been written about procrastination. This is the reason guest author Pam […]


20 Symptoms of Writeritis

24 June, 2015

Reblog Thursday is occurring on Wednesday due to my vacation schedule. The admin, D. Wallace Peach, discusses “writeritis,” a malady that plagues authors of fiction. Even if you don’t write fiction, I’m confident that you can relate to at least some of the twenty symptoms she describes. […]


Idioms: To Use or Not To Use? That is the Question

23 June, 2015

My apologies to William Shakespeare. I stole a quote from his famous play Hamlet and tweaked it in my headline. Would someone unfamiliar with his play understand the quote? Would people unfamiliar with the colloquialisms of each other’s culture understand their blog posts? Should you […]


14 Superb Ways Your Site Can Attract New Readership

18 June, 2015

Welcome to another installment of Reblog Thursday. Samuel, of the Word Garage, explains how to attract visitors to a website. Although he writes from the perspective of a business person, any site creator, including bloggers, can benefit from his tips. Samuel offers 14 tips. All […]