How to Use Pinterest and Still Have Time to Breathe

Pinterest helps bloggers save time.
1 November, 2015

What is the one common denominator linking bloggers? No matter what their blogging niche, there is a characteristic that describes all of them. Despite differences in gender, nationality, religion, time zone, or blogging niche, they have one common description. Have you figured out what it […]


How to Dramatically Increase Your Blog Traffic [2 Ways]

Bloggers can get their links stumbled for free.
28 October, 2015

According to writer Sue Coletta, StumbleUpon will send more traffic to your blog than Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit combined. A friend and I stumbled each other’s links on October 24. StumbleUpon was my leading source of traffic on October 25. I have never had to wait […]


How to Have a Winning Combination of Blog Factors

Bloggers can find the right combination of successful blog factors.
25 October, 2015

You do everything the articles say to do. You research, write, edit, publish, promote. You know you have a strong writing style. Your teachers told you in school; your friends and family tell you now, so you are mystified when your posts get a lukewarm […]


International Weekly Link Roundup #2

22 October, 2015

  Welcome to the Weekly Link Roundup for October 21. The Best Links of the Week 1. Charles Rogers came up with the idea for an International Weekly Link Roundup, a geographical way for bloggers from around the world to get introduced to the blogging […]


How to Get Tremendous Blog Traffic with Instagram

Instagram helps bloggers get traffic
20 October, 2015

Have you heard the expression, Where there is smoke there is fire? When you hear about social media, you hear about Instagram. Everybody is using it. Instagram is essentially a platform that allows you to share photos and short videos that look like a professional […]


International Weekly Roundup #1

15 October, 2015

Welcome to the Weekly Link Roundup for October 14. The Best Links of the Week   The Weekly Link Roundup will take a different direction going forward. According to Ayietim Blog, We should be tolerant of other’s views because we see the world out of […]


How to Have a Popular Blog [and Should You?]

Bloggers face disappointment when blogging.
13 October, 2015

Do you want a popular blog? (I will pause while you give a resounding “yes”.) Do you want to blog about the interests you are passionate about? (Again, I pause while you think “yes” in unison.) What if I told you that you could not […]


30 Tools You Need to Create a Successful Blog

These tools will help bloggers blog quicker.
11 October, 2015

What is your biggest concern as a blogger? According to a study CoSchedule conducted, lack of time is the biggest concern bloggers have. Wouldn’t it be life-changing if tools existed to help you blog faster? Fortunately, they do, and the best part–most of them are […]


How to Get New Blog Followers: Experts Reveal Their Secrets

Expert Interview: How to Get Blog Followers
10 October, 2015

Do you want new blog followers? Most bloggers wish to increase subscribers. Clearly, there is interest in the topic. My posts about how to get and find 3,000 blog followers* are among my best performing posts. If you want blog followers, why not learn from the best […]