How to Get the Kind of Blog Traffic You Want with Reddit

Reddit is like StumbleUpon
4 October, 2015

Is Reddit blogging for you? Reddit has a notorious reputation for considering bloggers spammers. Is it possible to generate blog traffic from Reddit? Let’s find out! Do you want to get free blog traffic? Do you want massive blog traffic or instant blog traffic? What […]


How to Save Time Blogging with Acronyms

Blogging with acronyms saves you time and get you page views.
3 October, 2015

How do you remember everything you have to do as a blogger? Do you have cheat sheets? Words written on your hand like some of my middle schoolers? Do you have post it-notes everywhere the eye can see? Perhaps a Things To Do list is in […]


8 Backlinking Mistakes That Every Blogger Should Avoid

Avoid making these SEO Mistakes when you blog #searchengineoptimization
29 September, 2015

I worried you would be penalized. Interest in my Link Exchange was growing. I mentioned in passing that Google could get mad if participants don’t add quality links to their posts. Should I emphasize that there are penalties or will I sound like a nagging mom? Then, my […]


How to Engage Blog Readers Who Are in a Rush

20 September, 2015

You have a problem. You have more and more decisions to make due to the increasing number of choices the Internet gives you. Imagine how busy your readers are. This post is for people with busy readers, readers too busy to read your blog posts. That […]


1 Easy Way to Find More Time in Your Day

Disadvantages of Mobile Phones, how to fix
13 September, 2015

Can an activity be both awful and amusing? Silly and scary? Productive and time-wasting? What if I told you it’s an activity you do as often as looking at your smartphone? That’s it–it’s looking at your smartphone. Despite being a tool with the capacity to result in […]


How to Immediately Make Your Blog Posts Go Viral

27 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts go Viral
12 September, 2015

I lied. He said two minutes. SEOPressor, a company, authored The Great Paradigm Shift: Your Content Will Go Viral in 2 Minutes.  Their Ebook reports that it will take you two minutes, not immediately, as my headline states, for your blog post to go viral. I figured […]