Do You Know What on Earth Is Proofreading?

Paper True
5 November, 2019

What on Earth is Proofreading? Contributed Post Your manuscript has gone through the wringer multiple times, but it is now time for the final wringer that will leave it clean, polished, and error-free. There are an exhaustive number of steps to free your manuscript from […]


11 Components of Cyber Security That People Should Know 100%

components of cyber security
30 October, 2019

Do you need a network security checklist? Today’s guest author presents a cyber security plan with 11 components of cyber security to keep you safe from hackers in 2020. Although he titles his post, “Eleven Tips for Online Security That Every Blogger Should Know 100%,” […]


How to Make Your Medical Bills Lower, 5 Ways

How to become knowledgeable about physician billing services and lower your medical bills.
29 October, 2019

Physician billing services. What does that have to do with blogging? This is a blogging tips site, after all. This blog has shared many tips on how to make money. Guest author Christoph Nauer shares tips in this post about how to save money. According […]


Inspire Me Monday Linky Party #249

Inspire Me Monday linky
28 October, 2019

Welcome to the Inspire Me Monday Linky Party for October 28. We are happy to see you! For those of you who celebrated the Festival of Lights on Sunday, Happy Diwali! Diwali is traditionally accompanied by Diwali wishes. If you observed, here is my Diwali […]


4 Ways to Make Your Business More Efficient in 2020

How to improve your business efficiency, 4 ways
28 October, 2019

This post was contributed. No matter what year it is, we’re always looking for ways to make our businesses more efficient. Small improvements can make a big difference in business, and when you start making lots of little improvements, they really add up and can […]


The 5 Best Practices to Promote a Gambling Games Blog

How to run a gambling games blog, 5 ways
27 October, 2019

What do gambling games have to do with blogging? Today’s guest author is here to explain how to promote a gambling games blog. Although his tips are targeted at gambling games bloggers, they are valuable for bloggers in all niches. The Best Practices to Promote […]


These 26 SubReddits Will Make You Know More

26 Reddit subReddits will make you blog better.
26 October, 2019

Are you familiar with r/nsfw_gif hot-subreddits? This post will familiarize you with many hot subReddits. Would you ever create a subReddit? Why would you want to, right? After all, Reddit has a reputation for considering bloggers spammers. However, for you to succeed online, you need […]


Do You Need to Start a Social Community?

12 respondents share the pros and cons of starting a social community.
22 October, 2019

A social community. Do you need to start one? My friend asked me to start a Facebook group social community with her. I made an excuse and bowed out citing time constraints. I genuinely believed starting a social community would be a time drain without […]