Too Much Fuss Over Fitz

20 November, 2014

also known as… Fitz’s Scandalous behavior.  (Note: Spoiler alerts may be coming.) Scandal viewers ask me if I’m Team Fitz or Team Jake.  In the past, I had to give it much thought.  After all, Jake had murdered my favorite character, James, in cold blood.  Now that time has passed, I suppose I’ll have to […]


Leaders Take All the Blame…

18 November, 2014

and give away all the credit. Let’s revisit recent history.  On November 4, the Democrats lost power during the midterm elections.  A Canadian newspaper expressed shock. Despite the article’s singing the President’s accolades, POTUS took the blame for the loss of power of his political party despite being distanced from the left-wing candidates on the […]


"Heaven Can Wait…,"

14 November, 2014

I told God a month before being cleared of breast cancer.  In October I’d received news that I had an abnormal mammogram result.  “I am not ready,” I repeatedly whispered, almost like a mantra, to anyone up there who might be available to listen.  I chanted it to my late dad, grandpa, former mother-in-law, and […]


Presidents are People Too!

12 November, 2014

“No one Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent,” explained Eleanor Roosevelt.  I hope President Obama feels this way since whatever he does, whichever way he turns, he gets criticized by Republicans. In 2010, for example, PBO designed the Affordable Care Act.  In an unexpected move, a conservative Supreme Court judge, acting as a […]


Most of the problems in life are because of two reasons:

10 November, 2014

we act without thinking or we keep thinking without acting.  Last Tuesday night, Democrats failed to act, and the party suffered sweeping losses around the country.  I maintain the reason that the Democratic party, the party of “yes”, the party of Obama, suffered such damage is complacency, the feeling people have when they are satisfied.  […]


Is Ebola an African River or a Forest?

8 November, 2014

“Is Ebola a river or a forest?” asked my fearful eleven-year-old students.  They were sick with worry.  Apparently, our current national panic had infected them.  “Fear is contagious, but it is not real.”  At least not according to actor/author Will Smith.  “It is a product of the thoughts you create,” he observed.  His message should […]