How to Find Immediate Happiness

17 December, 2014

Yesterday was a horrific day, horrific.  I don’t mean it lightly.  I don’t use that word lightly.  Over 100 primary school children were murdered in Peshawar, Pakistan in an apparent revenge plot against their parents.  In addition, the Russian ruble fell to about half of […]


Beginners Guide: Golden Globe Nominations – Comedy

14 December, 2014

Last night I gave myself a challenge, not an Ultra Blog Challenge like I’ve undertaken on Facebook, but a Golden Globe Challenge.  I dared myself (can I do that?) to critique award choices for movies I’ve never seen and television shows I’ve barely, if ever […]


Beginners Guide: Golden Globe Award Nominations – Drama

13 December, 2014

        In my motivation for blogging post, May the Blogging Begin (, I explained that I love movies, old and new.  For this reason, I get excited when award show nominations are introduced.  I look to see if reviewers’ opinions agree with […]


2 Wrong Ways to Evacuate

10 December, 2014

My students are learning that at the beginning of the Middle Ages, China was very violent.  Kings fought with neighboring kings, and farm owners fought with their neighbors as well–not a friendly time.  Simulations are encouraged in education since acting as the historical characters we […]


Quick Guide: Genetics

9 December, 2014

Last week I had the pleasure of having dinner with a blogging celebrity, at least a blogging celebrity to me,  Carolyn West, the co-founder of the Southern California Lady Bloggers.  Not often in the company of blogging stars, I used the opportunity to pick her […]


How To Find Gratitude in Blogging Friends

7 December, 2014

One factor of blogging that’s been such a blessing is one tends to make blogging friends. They are virtual friends in the essence that we’ve never actually met each other but friends nonetheless. One such friend is Laurel Regan of the blog Alphabet Soup.  Friends […]


3 Easy Ways To Avoid Holiday Burnout

6 December, 2014

Are you frustrated at the holidays with just too much on your plate?  Welcome to my world.  A new reader wrote me last Friday inquiring how I can do so much.  I blog, I teach, I advise yearbook students and chess players, all the while […]


What Do Eric Garner and Michael Brown Have In Common?

3 December, 2014

And Justice For None This post could also be subtitled, Eric Garner–A parallel post.  Last month I penned another blog post called, “Ferguson: Right or Wrong” (, 11/25/14).  I felt an injustice had occurred when it came to Michael Brown’s death.  An unarmed teen shot […]


3 Easy Ways To Avoid Holiday Shopping Frustration

2 December, 2014

    Don’t get me wrong; I like getting out with the crowd.  I really do.  Although born in New York, I’m an L. A. girl.  I relish rooting for my boys, the Dodgers.  The most thoughtful present a guy can give me is theater […]


Liebster Award

1 December, 2014

Can you even believe it?  I have been nominated for the Liebster Award.  It is an award for new bloggers with 200 or less followers.  I definitely qualify!  It’s purpose is to recognize and promote new bloggers.  Liebster means dearest, so this is the dearest […]


Must Love…

30 November, 2014

           Dog Lovers! In 2005 Diane Lane and John Cusack starred in “Must Love Dogs,” a movie about a divorced preschool teacher looking for love.  Her criteria for the perfect man is simple.  He must love dogs.  John Cusack’s Jake shows up on the date […]


How To Save Two Hours of Your Life…

29 November, 2014

Don’t Go See Gone Girl. (Welcome to my first movie review.  Mature content and spoiler alerts are coming.) Don’t get me wrong, I love a good murder mystery.  I could rave about Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians all day.  The problem with Ben Affleck’s new […]