Writers To Do List for 2015

6 January, 2015

In his blog, Down Home Thoughts, Shawn Griffith presents the advice of DeAnna Ross from the blog Writing Wenches. DeAnna offers tips for staying on track with your writing and being more productive in general in 2015. Great tips from DeAnna, and kudos to Shawn […]


14 Must-Have Inventions That Will Make Your Life Easier

5 January, 2015

Do you wish you had products that could make your life easier?  Do you feel technology can be complicated and confusing?  By reading this post, The 14 Must-Have Inventions That Will Make Your Life Easier, you can get your wish since I will suggest products […]


15 Secrets of Marital Longevity

4 January, 2015

Are you hopeful your marriage will last forever but afraid it won’t?  Do you dream of living “happily ever after,” but not sure how to attain it?  Are you curious as to the secret of marital longevity, so you can apply it to your own […]


12 Priorities for Living a Happy Life

2 January, 2015

Do you desire family harmony?  Is it your dream to live wisely and well? H. Jackson Browne is an American author who spent a year on The New York Times Best-Seller List.  He is most famous for his work, Life’s Little Instruction Book.  Clearly, his […]


Discover My Secret Place

31 December, 2014

What if there were a place, a secret place, where people who had never been respected could get respect, the lonely could find companionship, the silent could find a voice, and the nondescript could find an identity?  There is such a place.  That place is […]


What Should You Do With the Kids When They Are Home From School?

30 December, 2014

a.k.a. Golden Globe Nominations Part III When I wrote Beginners Guide: Golden Globe Nominations-Comedy, a reader wrote and commented, There has got to be more nominations.  Although I’d written in Beginners Guide: Golden Globe Nominations-Drama that I was attempting to respond to the choices of […]


Lies the Media Told About Michael Brown and Eric Garner

29 December, 2014

Welcome to my first interview!  I read that bloggers should interview someone important.  I have chosen to interview John Olson, a retired parole agent.  John has thirty-six years experience as a peace office.  His experience includes working as a state parole officer.  If someone violated […]


3 Lies Your Children Tell You

26 December, 2014

In October a friend and former neighbor of mine published a book called HOW TO BE THE PERFECT PARENT.  Other than minor jealousy, after all, I too was a writer about to embark on a potential blogging career, I asked myself what qualified her to […]


5 Reasons You Should Get Out of the House

25 December, 2014

It’s December! Welcome to my first ever sensory blog post!  I always felt fall was my favorite season of the year.  However, winter is upon us, and I realize all that I ever loved about fall is still applicable.  If I am to be a […]


How to Find Immediate Happiness

17 December, 2014

Yesterday was a horrific day, horrific.  I don’t mean it lightly.  I don’t use that word lightly.  Over 100 primary school children were murdered in Peshawar, Pakistan in an apparent revenge plot against their parents.  In addition, the Russian ruble fell to about half of […]