How to Blog Better While Being a Digital Immigrant

16 February, 2016

Are you a digital immigrant? The digital native-immigrant concept explains that people are actually defined by the technology they are familiar with. Are you a digital native? If yes, consider yourself fortunate. Digital natives are people born after the widespread adoption of technology and grew up […]


5 Ways You Can Actually Be Sure of Blogging Success

#blogging success
9 February, 2016

  Does your family still recognize you? Blogging requires so much sacrifice of your time, they may be getting used to not having you around. Even if you are physically present, you might be so distracted by your stats or plans for your next blog […]


How to Rock Your Blog Photos for Free with Snapseed

#Photography Snapseed Filters
6 February, 2016

Did you notice my new toy? I’ve been playing with it for some time now. My new fascination is evident in all my blog graphics, bar none. The truth is my fascination is an obsession. I am obsessed with Snapseed, a free photo-editing app that […]