17 Reasons High Page Views Should Make You Panic

get high page views to blog
5 March, 2016

Did you have a great stats day? That’s wonderful.  Now panic! Do not feel complacent. Do not get comfortable. Do not be cavalier. Success is no excuse for inaction. You need to milk the success, so it continues and replicates itself. Many articles exist on what […]


This is How to Prevent WordPress Hacking [7 Easy Tips]

Avoid WordPress Hacking of your blog
1 March, 2016

Your security is constantly being discussed in the news. Whether you are a resident of Paris, France or San Bernardino, California, your welfare is being discussed by legislators. Even as I write this, your future security is being discussed in the press if you are […]


17 Ways Inbound.org Will Make You a Better Blogger

Inbound.org helps #bloggers 17 ways
28 February, 2016

Update: Inbound is transitioning to Growth Hub. Are you finding blogging confusing? Are you finding blogging stats disappointing? Are you finding difficulty meeting like-minded bloggers? Inbound marketing is a technique that has you selling to your readers. You don’t necessarily have to sell a product or […]


How to Blog Better While Being a Digital Immigrant

16 February, 2016

Are you a digital immigrant? The digital native-immigrant concept explains that people are actually defined by the technology they are familiar with. Are you a digital native? If yes, consider yourself fortunate. Digital natives are people born after the widespread adoption of technology and grew up […]


5 Ways You Can Actually Be Sure of Blogging Success

#blogging success
9 February, 2016

  Does your family still recognize you? Blogging requires so much sacrifice of your time, they may be getting used to not having you around. Even if you are physically present, you might be so distracted by your stats or plans for your next blog […]