How to Grade Your Blog

14 February, 2015

Will Your Blog Make the Grade? Do you find your self comparing your blog to others?  Are you concerned your blog doesn’t measure up as favorably as other blogs you’ve been reading? We are told that we should not compare the beginning of our blogging […]


15 Secrets of Marital Longevity

14 February, 2015

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I am re-releasing 15 Secrets of Marital Longevity.  It received more page views than all my other relationship posts. Are you hopeful your marriage will last forever but afraid it won’t?  Do you dream of living “happily ever after,” but […]


16 Ways to Know If He (or She) is a Keeper

13 February, 2015

Valentine’s Day is two short days away.  In honor of the holiday that celebrates love, I am re-releasing my study in which I asked 16 questions to help people determine whether he or she is the right romantic partner for them. Today’s post varies from […]


13 Quick Ways to Stop Fighting

12 February, 2015

Valentine’s Day is three days off.  To celebrate, Reflections will spend the next three days counting down to the holiday that reinforces the dream that relationships can work.  This post is number three of my five relationship posts with the highest page views. Valentine’s Day […]


12 Priorities for Living a Happy Life

10 February, 2015

Valentine’s Day is five days off.  To celebrate, Reflections will spend the next five days counting down to the holiday that reinforces the dream that relationships can work. Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love.  Many relationships involve love, not just romantic love. Recently, I […]


How to Grow Your Blog While You Guest Post

8 February, 2015

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Guest Blogging for Dummies. Recently, I wrote How to Increase Traffic To Your Site…Don’t.  The response was, and still is, so favorable that I realized there is great interest in the topic.  The way to drive traffic to […]


How to Increase Blog Traffic to Your Site

5 February, 2015

In order to drive traffic to your site, you have to drive traffic to somebody else’s site. Don’t!  How many blog followers can you get per hour?  How many page views do you get per day?  If you divided the answer by the number of […]


Do You Want to Make Money from Your Blog

4 February, 2015

With only a few blog followers?  Do you like money? (Don’t we all?)  Would you like more money?  Would you like your blogging efforts to literally pay off in more money in your pocket?  Are you afraid you can’t monetize your blog since you don’t […]


4 Simple Ways to Start Blogging Creatively

3 February, 2015

Are you a new blogger wondering what makes blogs interesting for people to read?  Are you a veteran blogger looking to drive more traffic to your website? People prefer blogs that are entertaining and informative to blogs that are just informative.  If you can’t be […]


How You Can Increase Your Blog Traffic Using Triberr

1 February, 2015

Are you here for a Triberr guide? Great idea.  When you use Triberr, you boost your ROI, web traffic, and branding. Are you a blogger?  Do you feel you have done everything you can think of to boost your stats?  What if there are tactics […]


WordPress Basics: The Complete Guide to Hyperlinks

30 January, 2015

  Are you thinking about starting a blog?  Have you already started blogging, but you still consider yourself a new blogger?  On the other hand, are you an experienced blogger that would like to review hyperlinks?  Whatever your ability level, this post is for you.