3 Cost Effective Ways to Drive Facebook Traffic to Your Blog

#Bloggers can get traffic to their #blogs from Facebook
3 August, 2016

Is your blog getting decent traffic from search engines? After all those days of pouring your heart and soul into writing long-form content…after doing everything you know to optimize blog posts for search engines… you were expecting more. But search engines don’t seem to send […]


Your Blog Needs Video Content. Here’s Why…

Video content helps make #blogging easier.
30 July, 2016

Despite the rapidly growing prevalence of it, video content is often neglected or put off by bloggers and business owners. Many still see videos as a decorative little gimmick; something that they could take or leave. If you’re still holding onto this attitude, then you […]


How to Blog Like an Expert Part II

Blogging help
28 June, 2016

Do you ever run short on blogging time? Since I am in the middle of an ocean, blogging time is extremely short. Rather than disappoint and not adhere to my normal blogging schedule, in lieu of a post, I am presenting questions that I frequently […]


How to Make Readers Stick To Your Blog

#Bloggers can keep their blog readers #blogging
21 June, 2016

How To Make Readers Stick On Your Blog Over 3 million blog posts are published daily. Guess how many of these blog posts would see the limelight? If you ask me, I would say 10%. I think my guess is even higher. Maybe it’s somewhere […]


Why Blogging is More Fun When You Hire People

19 June, 2016

How much sleep do you get? The bloggers I know get about five hours. They are so busy living life in and out of the blogosphere that they don’t have time for more. Fortunately, my friend and respected blogger Will Blunt (BloggerSidekick) is here with […]


How to Blog and Still Have Time to Sleep Part II

Bloggers can be organized with a #blogging schedule
12 June, 2016

Do you need blogging schedules that will enhance your productivity? In the Twilight series, Stephanie Meyer created a character named Edward Cullen. Because he wasn’t human, he didn’t need sleep. During the time that people slept, he learned to be proficient at many skills. When […]


How to Avoid Making These 5 Content Creation Mistakes

Avoid 5 blogging content mistakes #blogging
7 June, 2016

According to statistics, 18 million people write blog posts. As my guest author Peter Lee points out, the competition is fierce. You need to do what you can to attract readers. Peter, a professional writer, is here to explain what bloggers can do to get […]