How to Create the Best Website Name in the World

Website Name and Logo help increase blog traffic
3 May, 2016

In August of 2015, readers questioned me. “Why are you changing blog names?” they asked. “Why are you changing blog URL’s?” they wondered. I previously ran the Reflections blog, but my site wasn’t about self-improvement. My URL was, but my niche wasn’t news. I […]


How to Use YouTube to Be a Better Blogger [in 2021]

Be a Better Blogger with YouTube
1 May, 2016

Are you aware of the pros of YouTube? If you were a store owner, would you advertise in only one place if money were no object? Probably not. Yet many bloggers don’t engage in widespread promotion of their blogs. They limit themselves. Using additional platforms to […]


How to Run a Successful Blog in 8 Amazing Ways

Follow these 8 tip and have a successful blog
26 April, 2016

Can effective blogging tips result in a successful blog regardless of the niche? I think so. That is why when a fashion blogger offered to guest post for us, I seized the opportunity. The author called it “8 Amazing Tips to Run a Successful Fashion […]


10 Colorful Ways to Promote Your Blog

Blog Creatively
12 April, 2016

Have you ever read a funny blogging tips article? I hadn’t until I read today’s guest post. When a Huffington Post writer and published author asked to guest post, I didn’t ask questions. I was thrilled. I eagerly responded “absolutely!” My instincts served me well. I […]