This Will Make You See 842 Page Views in 1 Day

6 November, 2016

Do you believe in predictions? My husband predicted my post would go viral on the morning of October 2. (“Viral” is defined as unusually high page views.) My page views were so high on that Sunday, WordPress actually sent me a notification of “unusually high […]


How to Easily Beat Writing Procrastination

Writers can overcome procrastination Click to find how out
1 November, 2016

  How To Beat Writing Procrastination What do you do when you do not know how to start your writing? Do you spend hours considering it or just give up and start to do something else? Do you enjoy these procrastination moments or hate them […]


This Is How to Make Engaged Readers, 10 New Ways

10 ways acquire engaged readers for your #blog or #business #website
25 October, 2016

  Whose side did you take? In my post, Are High Page Views the Greatest Thing in the World? I was overwhelmingly outnumbered when readers voiced their collective opinions: Engagement if far more important than page views on a blog. After all, there are many upsides […]


Top 7 Most Valuable Time-Management Tips for Bloggers

Time management tips for entrepreneurs
18 October, 2016

Top 7 Time-Management Tips for Bloggers by Luisa Brenton We’ve all heard the saying, time is money. When you’re trying to not only create high-quality content for your blog but also build a large, loyal audience, time can burn away so fast you’ll have no idea […]


What Happened to the Blog Post?

blog post #Bloggers can increase traffic and have fun while promoting their blog posts.
12 October, 2016

Did you think last week’s publication schedule was erratic? Due to technical difficulties beyond my control, you didn’t receive Tuesday, October 4’s post, 8 Smart Ways to Promote Your Latest Post and Receive Traffic, so I am sending the article to you now that the technical […]


Top 7 Content Curation Tools to Make Your Blog Rock

Content curation tools help #bloggers by saving and promoting their blog posts. #blogging
11 October, 2016

Do you like free? My post 89 of the Best Free Blogging Tools That Will Save You Time Blogging offers you 89 free blogging tools. Today’s guest author Patrick Cole describe more free blogging tools with one purpose– to curate content. My post How to Increase […]