How to Save Time Blogging with a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants help bloggers
2 April, 2016

Do you want to save time with a virtual assistant? Consider Jills Office. Jills Office exists to help busy people like bloggers. Of course, you can use this blog’s Blogger Collaboration Group. However, you might feel you need blogger outreach tools. Consider Jills Office your […]


23 New Pinterest Boards You Can Make Now and Why You Should

New Pinterest boards for you
27 March, 2016

Have your Pinterest stats fallen? Pinterest is the second largest social media site with 70 million users, second only to Facebook. Pinterest is so popular right now, marketers use it all the time. You should too, to advertise your blog. However, Pinterest has changed its […]


This Is What Happens When You Blog Based on AB Testing

AB Testing Guarantees #Blog Traffic
20 March, 2016

Do you want the opportunity to make blogging decisions that are driven by data? If you could make decisions based on testing, you would have concrete evidence that your actions will result in a high ROI (Return on Time Invested) for you. A/B Testing is […]


17 Reasons Buffer Will Blow Your Mind

Buffer helps bloggers save time #blogging
19 March, 2016

Are you a busy blogger? Is that redundant? Aren’t all bloggers busy? Fortunately, tools exist today which can help you expedite your blogging tasks. Two of those tools are Buffer and Hootsuite. When I first started blogging, I recommended Hootsuite. I have since changed my position. […]


5 Gifts for the Writer in Your Life

Any writer would like these gifts.
18 March, 2016

Writers like you and I are sadly a dying breed. Print media is on its last legs, and artless action movies are becoming the preferred format of any narrative. Now, more than ever, it’s becoming more important how you promote what you write, rather than […]


How to Get Blogging Help Now [Blogger Collaboration Group]

17 March, 2016

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we are starting a blogger collaboration group. You shouldn’t have to do all the time-consuming tasks involved in blogging by yourself if other people can help you. Other bloggers can certainly help you promote your articles. This is a […]


This is How to Hook Your Readers [11 Ways]

How to write a hook in your introduction #blogging #writing
6 March, 2016

Have you ever regretted accepting an invitation? Maybe you walked through the door and were put off by a dirty house. Certainly if the hosts wanted your company, they would have straightened up for you to make a good impression. Did you want to turn […]


17 Reasons High Page Views Should Make You Panic

get high page views to blog
5 March, 2016

Did you have a great stats day? That’s wonderful.  Now panic! Do not feel complacent. Do not get comfortable. Do not be cavalier. Success is no excuse for inaction. You need to milk the success, so it continues and replicates itself. Many articles exist on what […]