How to Make Higher Education Work For You

Higher Education
24 December, 2017

Are you looking to extend your learning in 2018? When today’s guest author wanted to contribute a post about higher education, I initially had concerns. After all, posts on this blog normally are about blogging. Then I realized bloggers are life-long learners. Then I realized, people, […]


‘X’ Titles To Help You Out of Writer’s Block

How to cure Writer's Block if you're a blogger
20 December, 2017

Image Credit: Flickr   When you start your blog the first thing you need to do is build the site. You can use all sorts of different hosts and builders but once you have found the right source for you, the website will jump right […]


Is Your Website in Danger Because of the Net Neutrality Repeal?

Net Neutrality Repeal
19 December, 2017

Hysteria. That’s what has accompanied the net neutrality repeal that was decided by the U.S. government on December 14. In a fictional story, a character named Chicken Little [Chicken Licken and Henny Penny in cultures outside the United States] kept running around fretting, “The sky […]


How to Make Money with Snapchat Online or with the App

snapchat online or on your phone equals blogging success
16 December, 2017

Can you make money on Snapchat? Marketers use social media to make money. Bloggers turn to social media for help promoting their blogs. Businesses use Instagram for help with branding. Can Snapchat help bloggers and other content creators like Instagram and other social media sites […]


How to Use Simple Off-Page SEO Tips to Ease Your Pain, 5 Ways

Off-Page SEO Techniques
12 December, 2017

“How do I increase my search engine traffic?” is a common question bloggers ask. Bloggers and other website creators boost their search engine traffic through two means: off-page SEO techniques and on-page SEO techniques. It’s been almost two years since An Ultimate Guide to Off-Page & […]