How to Make and Save Money Blogging in 2018+

Save Money Blogging and Make Money Blogging
7 January, 2018

Many posts about how to make money blogging have been published here. However, we’ve rarely had an article about how to save money blogging. One reason many bloggers don’t self-host relates to the concerns over mounting blogging expenses. In this post, guest author Muhammad Shoaib explains […]


How to Be More Productive with Zoho Cliq, the Best Chat Tool

Zoho Chat is your best choice for a chat tool
3 January, 2018

Have you heard Zoho Chat is dead? Long live Zoho Cliq, its replacement. Why the cause for celebration? Zoho Cliq is an improvement of Zoho Chat, the online collaboration tool. An even better version of an already amazing and affordable collaboration tool? Yes, please. This review […]


How to Write a Better Blog Post in Half the Time

How to write a better blog post in half the time
2 January, 2018

by Dina Indelicato Yes, of course, you want to continue blogging. The thing is, it’s such a time-consuming activity that you’re not sure you can keep doing it as often as you do and still hold onto your job. And as your blog isn’t yet […]


How to Make Higher Education Work For You

Higher Education
24 December, 2017

Are you looking to extend your learning in 2018? When today’s guest author wanted to contribute a post about higher education, I initially had concerns. After all, posts on this blog normally are about blogging. Then I realized bloggers are life-long learners. Then I realized, people, […]


‘X’ Titles To Help You Out of Writer’s Block

How to cure Writer's Block if you're a blogger
20 December, 2017

Image Credit: Flickr   When you start your blog the first thing you need to do is build the site. You can use all sorts of different hosts and builders but once you have found the right source for you, the website will jump right […]