Introbrand: This is the Video Maker You Need, 15 Reasons

Introbrand Video Maker and YouTube intro maker
16 June, 2018

A lightning-speed change. Within the last 4 years, blogging has seen a tremendous evolution in form. First, the text was considered enough content for a successful blog post. Next, you were told you needed to combine graphics with text. Then came infographics and finally videos […]


Bloggers: All You Need to Know About Bullet Journaling

14 June, 2018

Image via: All the rage! Or, have you not heard? Keeping a bullet journaling notebook is a recent trend even in blogging circles. Here’s the deal: Keeping a bullet journaling notebook is all the rage especially among bloggers. Guest author Rose Martin is here […]


5 of the Best Proven Methods to Increase Your Blog Traffic

How to increase blog traffic, 5 tips
12 June, 2018

Image Source Different. My post about how to increase blog traffic offered traditional tips on how to increase blog traffic. Today’s guest author recommends proven but unusual methods for how to increase traffic to your blog. They may be unusual but they are just as […]


How to Make a Blog Income: 7 Proven Ways

how to increase your blog income
10 June, 2018

Are you trying to earn a blog income? Guest author Ige Fizo explains how to earn a blog income even if you don’t have traffic. He also explains why having a great deal of traffic may not help you earn a blog income at all. If […]


How to Make a Personal Blog, 8 Simple Ways

8 criteria for lucrative personal blogs
5 June, 2018

Have you struggled to create a successful personal blog? Blogger and entrepreneur Vinil Ramdev shares what blogging tricks worked for him. Vinil shares his opinion of the characteristics of the best personal websites. Follow his tips and you, too, can create a successful blog. How […]


How to Save Money Effectively, 6 Easy Ways

31 May, 2018

You know you need to save money effectively. Let’s get started. Necessary. When today’s guest author wrote and asked if he could share money-saving tips on my site, I asked if the tips are relevant. After all, this is a blogging tips site. Do bloggers […]


What Is Facebook Messenger And How Can It Help Bloggers?

29 May, 2018

An anomaly. During my recent expert interview, I asked the biggest names in blogging, marketing, and social media to name their favorite social media app. One blogger, Minuca Elena, named Facebook Messenger. Guest author Ashni Sharma is here to explain what Facebook Messenger is and […]