How to Avoid Making These 5 Content Creation Mistakes

Avoid 5 blogging content mistakes #blogging
7 June, 2016

According to statistics, 18 million people write blog posts. As my guest author Peter Lee points out, the competition is fierce. You need to do what you can to attract readers. Peter, a professional writer, is here to explain what bloggers can do to get […]


How to Do Outstanding Writing on a Blog

How to improve writing
31 May, 2016

Do you ever answer questions at Quora? If not, I recommend it. You get to read questions about your blogging niche, points of confusion that you thought were crystal clear. When I answered questions about blogging, these were some of the questions I was asked: […]


This is How You Spruce Up Your Visuals with 3 Free Tools

Bloggers can use BeFunky to make visuals
15 May, 2016

  Are you wasting your time? You research and carefully craft your blog posts. So, why is the current trend towards visuals? Instagram, a photo-sharing social media site, and YouTube, a video sharing site, are continuing to grow in popularity. Pinterest seemed an overnight success. Webtrends […]