5 Creative Ways of Promoting Your New Blog Now

Even new bloggers and marketers can have effective blog promotion
23 August, 2016

by Amin Ghale Do you know why 95 percent of blogs fail miserably? Lack of quality content? No! In fact, most writers fail dramatically even with high-quality content. Then what is the reason behind it? …Because they simply thrive on one COMMON RULE – “Push […]


20 Blogging Myths That Will Make You Blog Worse

Bloggers should not believe these bligging myths.
21 August, 2016

Are you overwhelmed with all the blogging advice you find on the Internet? Blogs have been rated as the fifth most trusted source for accurate online information. (Source: HubSpot) However, what if blog posts tell you different advice? How do you know which articles to believe? […]


Make Blogging Easier With These Simple Solutions

3 Blogging Solutions
19 August, 2016

Image Credit Done right, a blog is a great all-purpose tool. If you are the owner of a small business – even if that business is just yourself – a blog can make the world of difference. There are very few more direct ways of […]


How to Be Found on Google Today, 19 Powerful Tools

Google tools help #bloggers find #technology
14 August, 2016

Have you heard that SEO is dead? You heard wrong. According to research, 93% of all Internet users begin at search engines. By not using the tools in this post, you’d be ignoring an enormous chunk of your potential readership. This post will explain 19 […]