4 Practical Ways to Increase Your Instagram Views

How to get more Instagram views
16 August, 2018

by Toufique Ahmed Viewers play important role in making your Instagram posts go viral. There are some actions people can take to increase the number of Instagram views on their account. Getting More Instagram Views – How to Do It? If you wonder on how to improve […]


3 New Blogger Tips You Can Trust (That All Bloggers Need)

New Blogger Tips all bloggers need
10 August, 2018

Confusing. The emotions I experienced when I started blogging were not all positive. Can you relate? Guest author Erica Fleming’s new blogger tips are valuable for bloggers of all levels. Are you a new blogger? These new blogger tips are crucial for you. Are you […]


10 SEO Tools That Will Provide the Best Web Report

10 SEO Tools that will give you the best web report
8 August, 2018

Plans. Are they enough? This blog publishes many SEO plans. This SEO strategy and this SEO SEM strategy are just two examples of action plans designed to improve your search engine optimization. However, you can draw the conclusion from a famous Scottish poem that even […]


How to Earn an Income from Freelance Jobs While Blogging

How to make money with freelance jobs
5 August, 2018

Do you need information about freelance jobs? Bloggers need many income streams. Therefore, being a blogger and a freelance writer concurrently makes sense. Building a successful blog takes time and effort. On average, it takes about 24 to 36 months of time and effort before […]


I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane

Leaving on a Jet Plane Blog Party. Come meet new friends
9 July, 2018

With apologies to Peter, Paul, and Mary, a 1960’s singing group who sang the song called “I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane,” I’m leaving on a jet plane today for my yearly July hiatus. I’m off– first with friends and then with family. I look […]


Content Mills: How to Get a Job as a Freelance Writer

Do you want to write for content mills or an SME business?
6 July, 2018

Are you interested in freelance writing jobs? If yes, you may be familiar with the term “content mills.” “Content Mills” is an expression given to a company whose goal is to provide cheap website content, usually at a high profit for themselves, and usually by paying […]