Your Blog: 7 Tips to Stand out from the Crowd

Your Blog Can Beat the Competition and Stand Out
20 September, 2016

  By Samantha Brannon There are a lot of blogs out there. In fact, there are many millions of posts put up every day. That’s a lot of competition. And so, if you want to make yourself stand out and get over 100,000 followers, you’re […]


How to Be a Powerful Blogging Influencer with Klout

#Bloggers Can Increase Their Klout Score with #DrumUp
18 September, 2016

Update: Klout has announced the website will be shutting down.   Do you want more blog subscribers? I wanted my readers to have the secret sauce needed to get new blog subscribers, but I didn’t know the recipe. In my interview How to Get New Blog […]


Are High Page Views the Greatest Thing in the World?

Are many page views more important than many comments? From Mostly Blogging
14 September, 2016

The world has become number-obsessed, according to CoSchedule . However, Melissa Reyes of MizMeliz, once explained, “I don’t quantify myself.” Do you? I do. I check my stats many times each day as my post 17 Reasons High Page Views High Page Views Should Make […]


14 Secret Blogging Tips That Will Blow Your Mind

Secret Blogging Tips help #bloggers beat the competition in search engines #SEO
11 September, 2016

According to recent statistics, 6.7 million people publish blog posts on their blogs. That’s weighty competition. Do you want to beat the competition? Why not use these secret blogging tips to stand out in the virtual crowd? My two secret tips posts, #1 Secret Tip that […]


Do You Need to Worry About Using Social Media?

Social Media Sites can be dangerous to use for #blogging
10 September, 2016

According to recent statistics, 2.3 billion people actively use social media, and each of those people, on average, have more than five social media accounts. In the last year alone, the number of internet users grew by 176 million. However, despite the growing popularity of social […]


Successful Blogging: Do You Need Certain Qualities?

Being focused and driven will bring you successful blogging
31 August, 2016

  I read recently Blogging is an energy game. When you remove the emotional charge of NEEDING to do any 1 blogging task, and when you relax, and chill, you can do all the creating and connecting necessary to build a successful blog. It won’t […]


This Is Why People Care About Domain Authority

#Bloggers can improve their Domain Authority and #SEO
30 August, 2016

Were you confused by last week’s post 5 Creative Ways of Promoting Your New Blog Now? After all, complex terms the post used like Domain Authority might motivate you to bounce to another blog instead of sticking around to get the benefit of the information. […]