Alert: Social Problems Change How We Think About Writing

Do you know the social problems that affect your readers' perception of your writing?
27 June, 2019

Social problems. On a blogging tips site? When guest author Alice Johnson approached me about contributing her guest post about the different types of social problems, I wondered how bloggers can relate. Then I realized the following: Bloggers need to understand their audience, and all […]


3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Emails Away from Spam

How to keep your marketing newsletter out of spam
25 June, 2019

3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Emails from Going to Spam Contributed Post Despite the potential for high ROI, email marketing does have its challenges. Building a subscriber base, maintaining different email lists, deciding on the perfect formatting, obsessing over the little details in the […]


How to Put Yourself Out There as a Freelancer

19 June, 2019 How to Put Yourself Out There as a Freelancer This post was contributed. If you’re currently working in a job that isn’t quite fulfilling you, then that can be a frustrating situation. Sure, we all need to make money in order to function in […]


6 Compelling Reasons You Need to Use PPC Ads to Make Money Now

18 June, 2019

Why is niche-specific PPC advertising vital for eLearning businesses? Eada Hudes One of the biggest roadblocks in the path of eLearning businesses is that they rely too much on word-of-mouth marketing and referrals. There are also many prospects and too few clients referring you for […]


How to Effectively Market to a Small Group of People

15 June, 2019

Apparently, bloggers feel a void since Google+ folded. Do other people as well? When Google+ folded, I sensed a need for new sites where bloggers could promote and I published a list of 13 Google + alternatives. However, a void still exists. Why? Content creators […]


BFF Day: Welcome to National BFF Day 2023

National Best Friends Day
7 June, 2019

Welcome to the National BFF Day Blog Party! BFF Day each year is June 8. UPDATE: BFF Day occurred on Thursday, June 8 in 2023. In 2024, BFF Day occurs on June 8 which is a Saturday. Read about the history of BFF Day, learn […]


How to Make the Best Facebook Video Ads, 5 Ways

How to make the best Facebook video ads
28 May, 2019

Essential Tips To Incorporate Videos To Your Facebook Marketing Campaign Facebook is one of the most popular social networks where users with different profiles and characteristics meet. This social network is one of the main platforms where different brands decide to carry out marketing campaigns […]