7 Ways Blogging Helps You Better Navigate Life

Bloggers can multitask
3 January, 2016

This article, a guest post I authored, first appeared on SuccessStories.com on August 22, 2015. Shocking isn’t it? People exist that just don’t “get” us. Do you get paid for blogging? Efforts that don’t result in money are considered worthless. I had dinner recently with people who […]


5 SEO Tips To Double Your Blog Traffic in the New Year

#seo #searchengineoptimization
29 December, 2015

  Janice, the businessman criticized, you don’t have enough SEO articles on your site. Too true, I admitted, but he did not stop there. He actually offered to rectify the situation by having his boss, the director of an Internet marketing agency, author an SEO article just […]


How to Blog Like an Expert

Expert Blogging Advice
27 December, 2015

My readers were confused. My plan for giving them expert blogging advice failed. I was hoping to start a Frequently Asked Questions page on my site. You know, a FAQ. There was only one problem. No one left any questions about blogging, so I took the page […]


How to Still Get Massive Blog Traffic From Pinterest

#Bloggers can still use #Pinterest
29 November, 2015

Have you heard the question, “Who moved my cheese?” The question refers to the discomfort of change. Pinterest moved your cheese. They changed their ways when they changed their algorithms recently. It used to be that every two hours they would change their feed, so it […]