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What is Periscope? #Bloggers have 5 ways to blog with Periscope, one of the free blogging tools

How & Why Bloggers Use Periscope

By Guy Siverson

Have you heard of Periscope?
If you haven’t and you are a blogger, then this is a resource you really need to checkout. I did, and I’m elated for having taken the time to do so.

Simply put, Periscope combines the power of YouTube video creations with social media marketing (especially Twitter) via live streaming of your mobile device. Visit this link for a more exhaustive understanding of Periscope and how to implement the technology.

What proceeds in this article is the how and why of strategically using Periscope as part of your blog’s marketing strategy in order to increase your online visibility.

Why Periscope is one of the best blogging tools for bloggers

Before venturing forward with learning any new tool, a blogger should put on a good business mind by understanding the reason why they need to take the time to do so. Given that there are so many different tools and resources available online, it is impossible for any single blogger to incorporate them all.

So why Periscope?

Humanize Branding
Have you ever been chatting with someone online when the strange thought occurs to you that the other person might not be human? I have. Even worse, I was interviewed once by an automated robot. I started providing absurd responses and it continued as if there were no issue with what I was saying.

With Periscope people, can see you directly via live streaming technology. By having a real picture with a real voice that is really guiding your audience through real events related to your niche, you become human. Talk about building trust in your brand, this is an extremely powerful way to accomplish that.

Breaking Noise
There is a lot of noise on the Web. Videos, Infographics, articles, podcasts and more crowd out every nook and cranny. So how can you bring your message forward in an originally unique way? A way that will jive with your audience no matter what device they are tapping into you from.

Given how popular video sites like YouTube have been, the resounding answer must be live streaming. This takes the power of an image is worth a thousand words and combines it together with one of the most enjoyed aspects of the web (i.e. video) and makes everything live. Talk about a genuine gateway to the heart of your audience, this is it.

See Inside
In fact, it’s not just a crystal-clear path into your audience but it also opens the core of who you are and what you are doing to the world. Viewers can understand the inner workings of who you are and what you are about.

Walk them through a day in the life of you as it relates to your niche.

Take them through your office, factory or distribution center.

Or simply get up close and personal with who you are and why people should care.

This see inside piece really has two major components. As a blogger, you can educate your audience in deep meaningful points about who you are – that’s the why. But you can also take them through what you do and how you do it – that would be the how. Hence, I was conflicted as to where this point should be presented at because it really has critical elements that belong in both camps.

Engaged Viewers
Whatever the case, when your viewers can see and hear you direct what do you think the result will be. Your answer is even more accentuated as we delve into the how of it all. For now, let’s just say that those watching your Periscope will be driven to get more involved with the process by asking questions, leaving comments, and sharing what you are unfolding into their lives with their own sphere of influence.

NOTE: This does certainly depend on your presentation being worth their time and attention. Quality begets quantity when it comes to being heard on the web, especially via social media channels.

Now let’s turn to the how of it all.

5 Ways Businesses Can Implement Periscope Power

By now you are convinced that Periscope simply makes great blogging sense for you. The question now is, how. Let’s look at what I like to see as 5 excellent answers to that very question.

Live How To’s
Given that you are a blogger with a niche that you are interested in building, chances are you know stuff. The reason your audience chooses to follow you is that they want to know what you know. Why not deliver on that by creating “how to” live streaming presentations that teach your followers exactly what they want and need to know?
Live Q&A’s
Here’s an idea.

While creating your “how to” presentation, why not answer incoming questions live and on the spot? It’s one thing to answer a question post presentation and quite another to do so right in middle of filming. Talk about building brand loyalty, this is your ticket.

However, taking the question and answer approach doesn’t have to be just targeted to “how to” concepts. In fact, you could have your entire presentation be 100% focused on answering the questions of your audience.

Focus Groups
Of course, the questions that people have come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Some may be very basic like how do I turn on a laptop computer. No really, everywhere starts somewhere and for some people, this is the starting line. If you choose to answer these types of questions with honesty and sincerity while not talking down to your audience, you will build loyalty in your following.

Others may be far more advanced than questions like that listed above.

Why not build focuses groups for your presentation so that advanced users don’t have to suffer through basic ingredients while beginners aren’t lost before they even get started?

Scheduled Broadcasts
Here’s a big one.

You can create one presentation with Periscope and consider the deed done. It may get some level of traffic, once.

You can create a labyrinth of live stream videos using Periscope and lead everyone to your fortress. This is certainly stronger than the first option but still lacks something.

The Importance of Consistency
If your audience knows that they will find you every Tuesday at 9 AM PST creating a new Periscope that they will be 100% interested in watching, guess where they will be at that time? As you continue showing up and delivering high-quality content into their lives, that answer will become more and more found in watching you.


Half the battle with tapping into your audience is they’re showing up. Schedule your broadcasts, hold to your commitment, show them that you care and this will no longer be an issue. After all, showing up is indeed a two-way street.

Give It Away
Here’s yet another idea. Give products and/or services away. People love receiving free gifts that are truly free and of great value in their world. Give people what they love and they will love you.
Give away ideas can come in the form of:
And other such thought processes. Be creative, original and unique in your approach and you will become a celebrity in your own niche.


Concluding Thoughts About Periscope
Since you’ve reached this point in how and why to use Periscope there is only one question that remains.


Periscope is one of the best blogging tools. What are you going to do with the power that Periscope brings to the table?

What will your marketing strategy be or what has it been?

What will you do with the knowledge you have been given?

Share your thoughts in the comments below and let the world know your ideas.

Guy Siverson is a Guest Blogger who has spent over 20 years helping people succeed on the Web. His latest work empowers Affiliate Marketer’s to prosper financially.He is available for private consultations as well as live or virtual speaking engagements by calling 702-439-4766 during normal business hours.

Host Blogger’s Comments:

Periscope is a free app. The company was purchased by Twitter in 2015.

We appreciate Guy coming to tell us about free, popular blogging tools. Today’s post marks his return appearance. Last year he posted on Mostly Blogging about how to use podcasts to transmit your information.

To keep your readers engaged, you need to offer your information in a variety of ways.

Video use is the trend of the present and the future. As bloggers, we need to ride that wave and utilize the power of video to help us transmit information. Periscope is one of the best blogging tools to do this with.

Testimonials: Why Periscope is one of the best blogging tools

According to Forbes, “Live streaming is the new, hot thing.”

Famous blogger Kim Garst recommends Periscope.

Tanya from Blogelina also loves believes Periscope is one of the best blogging tools. “Periscope is quickly becoming one of the more popular social media platforms out there– and you might be surprised to learn just how helpful it can be in growing your blog!” she explained.

What are your favorite blogging tools? Have you had favorable experiences with this tool or other blogging tools and sites that you can recommend? I look forward to your views in the comments section.

Periscope is a free tool that bloggers can use. If you would like more free blogging tools, click here to get your own downloadable PDF of my free blogging tools list.

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  1. Susan Velez

    Hi Guy,

    Great resource for getting started with Periscope. I haven’t taken that leap into using it yet. As a blogger, there’s so many different channels to try to get the word out about your blog.

    It’s virtually impossible to keep up with all of them. I guess that’s why everyone says choose what works for your blog and learn it inside out.

    This definitely like a great tool to use to help market your business. I love the fact that you can do how to videos. I think this can be extremely beneficial for teaching people what you do and how to do it.

    It can definitely be a way to build trust with your audience. Glad to see that so many people are having success with it.

    Thanks for sharing, have a great day 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Susan,
      Thanks so much for commenting on the Periscope article. I am slow to work my way into the world of videos. I plan on doing more with it, though. Thanks for writing.

  2. Carla

    A friend and I were talking about periscope last night. It seems as though it was so clogged and cluttered with noise months ago she and I both agreed that it might be time to get back in there 🙂 since people have left for Facebook live. Really really great post!!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Carla,
      Thank you so much for commenting on my Periscope article. I am planning another post on live streaming, next time about Facebook Live. If I use your comments, I’ll link to you.

  3. Robin Khokhar

    Hi Janice,
    I came to know about the periscope tool through your blog. I am going to check it now.
    Thanks or sharing.
    Have a good week ahead.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Robin,
      I am glad my blog could expose you to a new tool. Let me know what you think of it. Thanks for writing. Great to see you.

  4. Bruce Schinkel

    Some great tips for using live broadcasts for bloggers! Now I’m really intrigued in going back to take another look at periscope 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Bruce,
      Nice to meet you. I went to your blog to return the blog love. I’m sure you could do a lot with a travel blog with live streaming. Thanks for the comments.

  5. Joy Healey

    Hi Janice,

    I’ve been on Periscope (as an audience) once but left because I found it rather disruptive. But then I’m a “reading” person, not a video person at all.

    Your ideas are excellent for any blogger who can pull off “live presentations” but my attempts have been dire – and they got worse rather than better as time went on, because each time I remembered how bad the last one had been!

    Interesting to read Periscope is less busy now as people have gone over to Facebook lives. As an aside, someone told me the other day that Facebook was deprecating their lives because the quality of the majority was so dire (which is why I hardly ever listen to any spoken presentations, unless I know the presenter gives quality information).

    I was shocked a the thought of your being interviewed by a robot – but had a smile that you turned the tables on it / him 🙂

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Joy,
      The Periscope article was written by my guest author. However, I agree. How awful to be interviewed by a robot!
      As an observer, I like videos since they show me where I need to click if I don’t understand the written instructions. Otherwise, I am with you. Maybe it’s just that I am used to reading blog posts and not watching the information.
      Thanks for writing me.

  6. Navnit Verma


    I am so thankful to open this kind of site of yours because you really helped me so much to know how and what to do when there are things that will happen like this because honestly I really don’t know what to do in terms of same topic. really all ideas are excellent for any blogger who can pull off “live presentations”.

    This valuable is one of the top-quality post which I have study till date on this important niche. Extremely detailed but still to the point with out virtually any nonsense.I was shocked that what a brilliant way to combine your interests. I admire your creativity.

    • Janice Wald

      HI Navnit,
      I don’t know if I could pull off a live presentation. I am slowly starting to make videos, though. Thanks for writing and your compliments.

  7. Zee

    Excellent Work I truly really like how it really is easy on my eyes it truly is. I’m wondering how I could be notified whenever a new post has been made. I’ve subscribed to your feed which could do the trick? Have a nice day!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Zee,
      According to my MailChimp records, you were signed up on April 14. Aren’t you getting my post notifications?

  8. John doe

    Periscope seems like it would really work well, and being free makes it even better

  9. Roseann Hampton

    I haven’t tried video with my blog yet but I am in charge of instructional technology at my school and can see how this might be really useful there. Thanks for sharing!

    • Janice Wald

      I never thought of it for educators, Roseann. Thank you for commenting and suggesting it!

  10. Rupali

    Thanks for this valuable post…Your site really offers useful blogging tips

    • Janice Wald

      Thank you so much for the kind words about my blog. I publish articles like this consistently. I would love to have your readership.

  11. Donna Harvey

    Hi Janice, Thank you for having Guy as a Guest Blogger.

    I have heard of Periscope, but never took the time to look into it. I am so excited about it now that Guy gave us some really great Ideas on how it can be used.

    I think that it would help tremendously on getting the fact out that we are human and that we do have a Passion for our Brand.

    You made so many ideas pop into my head, I had to write them down
    This will be a big step for me, you are talking to someone who didn’t even want to publish my Picture on my Blog. The only reason I did is, I wanted people to know that I am Human.

    I am going to check it out and hopefully find the courage to try it, I’ll let you know.

    Thanks Janice, if you have any suggestions on making a video, please share it with those of use who are camera shy, and that would be me. Donna

  12. Ben

    Hello Janice,

    you are doing here a serious job.
    Thank you for invitation to visit your blog.
    It is full of great tips .I’ll have to investigate in more detail 🙂

    Thank you

  13. Coolest Gifts

    This is really a very nice blog, liked it so much. Can you share some useful tips for successful blogging. I am also running my own blog of gifts and would really appreciate your help. Thanks

  14. Smith Watson

    Remarkable post bout blogging tools.the post is really interesting and quite informative too..
    Thank You very much for sharing this information.

  15. keywords

    Was trumps’ supporters right to say that jews might
    replace us? Trump is racist tool

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Keywords,
      I had not heard that. I can understand you being upset about it. I find that upsetting to hear as well.
      However, I am not a political blogger. For that reason, I don’t feel knowledgeable enough about to comment.

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