10 Simple Ways to Be an Expert Blogger as Seen on Quora.com Part I

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Do you use Quora.com?

I highly recommend Quora for branding, web traffic, and a way to boost your SEO.

UPDATE January 2021 Quora is my highest-traffic referrer. Just last week alone, Quora reported sending me over 40,000 views.

By reading this post, you’ll discover the kind of questions you get when you answer questions at Quora.com. You’ll learn the answers as well.

Let’s dive in to the world of Quora.com.

Best free blogging tips from Quora.com

How to Blog Like an Expert

Answers to Frequently Asked Blogging Questions

as Seen on Quora.com

Do you know how many questions about blogging there are at Quora.com?

31,500! Clearly, there’s great confusion about how to blog better.

Last summer, I shared blogging questions asked on Mostly Blogging and my responses.

This post will share 10 of the frequently asked questions related to blogging on Quora.com and the answers I shared.

Question 1: What is the use of blogging?

Answer 1:

You get to help other people who need your tips

You connect with people who share your passion for writing

You are in a community of like-minded people where you discuss your common interests in the blog topics

You have a chance to make money doing something you love

Q2: What is the best way to get targeted traffic to a brand new blog rather quickly? 


Thanks to Facebook groups that allow daily self-promotion, my readership has grown.

Here is a link with 18 Facebook groups that allow daily self-promotion of your blog posts:

18 Facebook Groups You Need to Join Today

You mention targeted readers.

I would go to the Facebook search bar and type in the name of your niche + groups so you can find targeted visitors.

Question 3: What are the best tips to becoming a successful blogger?

A3: Solve people’s problems for them in your posts and then promote the heck out of the post.

This post will tell you how to solve people’s problems for them

How to Be Memorable in a Sea of Bloggers: Sticky Blogging

I offer 79 free tips for promoting your articles

79 of the Most Effective Ways to Get Free Blog Traffic

Good luck.


Question 4: How can I make money by giving out free a free service?

(Note: I assumed the question asked how can we monetize when we give out our information for free.)

A4: There are sites you can to for paid writing gigs while you give out your blog info for free. Udemy, Upwork, Fiverr, and ProBlogger will all pay you to write.

Question 5: How can you get your blog seen by more people?


  1. At the end of your article, ask your readers to share your posts.

2. I quote influencers in my posts and I send them my article. Many will share. As influencers, they have a huge social media following. That would be widespread exposure.

3. Promote everywhere. I shared a list of 18 Facebook groups that allow you to promote your posts daily. Many of the groups have thousands of members.

18 Facebook Groups You Need to Join Today

Good luck.


Question 6: How can I get more views on my blog and more people to interact on the site in terms of liking, commenting, and sharing?


The best blog posts solve a problem for the reader.

You have to start with your headline. Let people know in your headline you’ll solve a problem for them.

My article on Sticky Blogging will tell you how to get people to “stick” to your blog. They will stay until the end to find out the answer to their problem. How to Be Memorable in a Sea of Bloggers: Sticky Blogging

How to… headlines are popular since they get the most clicks.

If your headline says you’ll solve a problem, and then in your post, you solve that problem, people will want to share your posts.

As far as commenting, you need to ask a question at the end called a Call to Action. Tell them to put their answer in the comments section. If you solve a problem by the end of the article, they’ll read to the end and see your Call to Action.

This article explains how to write a call to action that will boost comments and subscribers: This Is How to Write the Best Call to Action That Will Boost Comments and Subscribers

I strongly advise promoting your posts in Facebook groups that allow sharing. There are Facebook groups designed to boost comments, likes, and sharing.

In the Facebook search bar, just type what you’re looking for + group.


Question 7: Is there any free keyword research tool?

A7: One of my most popular posts answered this question.

Happily, yes! There are many free keyword research tools.

I wrote an article offering a tutorial for 13 of them.

13 Best Free Tools You Need to Improve Your Long Tail Keywords

KW Finder, Soovle, Ubersuggest, Semrush, Moz, Answer the Public… are just a few of them.

Enjoy the article.


Question 8: Are there any bloggers [who can help with] collaborating? I am a lifestyle blogger from Serbia. 


I actually just hosted a Twitter Chat yesterday where I gave tips for blogger collaboration!

The reason they chose me to host is I have subcommunities on my blog where we help each other collaborate.

We stumble each other’s links here StumbleUpon Group

We have a collaboration group here Blogger Collaboration Group

We help each other with link building here Link Exchange

and we help each other with list building here How to Get New Blog Followers

I hope these groups serve your needs.


Question 9: What are the best ways to get a link beside guest blogging?



I would recommend creating content so excellent people will want to link to you. Guides, tutorials, and case studies are examples of that quality content.

I actually conducted an expert round-up post and asked this very question. Here are 20 expert recommendations for link building:

How to Easily Get Links: 20 Experts Share Valuable Tips


Question 10: How do I get traffic that converts?

A: 10


Are you trying to get traffic that converts? It’s easy.

Step 1: Bring traffic to your blog. Here are 79 ways to do that. They are all free.

79 of the Most Effective Ways to Get Free Blog Traffic

Step 2: Offer your site visitors something for free in exchange for signing up. Here is an article with 50 ideas for freebies you can offer:

How to Easily Get New Followers with Optins: an Update



In closing, these were the answers I gave at Quora.com.

Do you notice any patterns? I do.

Of the 10 questions cited, most seemed concerned with traffic and link building.

How would you have answered these questions? I look forward to your views in the comments section.

Note: Janice will answer comments as her vacation schedule and internet connectivity allow.



  1. Charlie Robinson

    This all really interesting, thank you Janice. I think once I finish at college this year i’ll revisit and look at organising myself a little better.

    • Janice Wald

      Hey Charlie,
      Great to see you at my site this morning. Thanks for coming by. When you do decide to revamp your organization, if you need any organizational tips, let me know.

  2. Ryan Biddulph

    Excellent answers Janice. I see you more and more on Quora; the place is a branding and blog post idea and service goldmine, I tell ya. My answer views topped 100,000 a few days ago. I have not been super active on the network but for a handful of months. But 1/10 on the way to 1 million answer views. Onward and upward. That 31K question number is telling. Folks need help with blogging!

    • Janice Wald

      You reported on Facebook that you won an award at Quora. What was the award? Thanks,

  3. Suzanne Fluhr

    I’m hoping this old dog can learn new tricks! I come from a generation where self-promotion was often perceived as unseemly. I so need to get over that if I’m serious about blogging. Actually, even authors are now expected to do their own promotion. It just has to be done.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Suzanne,
      Thanks for commenting on my FAQ post.
      I teach bloggers how to promote themselves so they don’t look spammy.
      Yes, even authors must self-promote or publishers don’t take interest. Thanks for your comments.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Paula,
      Thanks for writing me. Great to see you. I’m glad you found my answers “resources.” Thanks for the kind compliment.

  4. Manish Kumar

    Hi Janice,

    Nice Answers!

    All of these tips are excellent and must be followed. One thing I’d like to mention is never forget promotion. If you work your butt off following these rules, you then need to realize your only 20 to 30 percent finished.

    You need to develop a promotion plan and follow it with the same amount of intensity your poured into your blog post. I can’t say how much return on effort this practice has brought me.

    I will tweet your post.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Manish,
      Thanks for writing and for your compliments on my responses at Quora.
      I agree with what you wrote about the importance of blog promotion. I may use your comment in an upcoming post planned for August. Without promotion, we have a secret blog!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Manish,
      I will be using your comments in an article about blog promotion I’m publishing this Saturday.

  5. Shantanu Sinha

    Hello Jaince,

    Very interesting thing to look up at the fresh week 🙂

    No wonder Quora is one of the best place to get the answers for our problems. There are definitely some new tricks which can be learn here.

    What ever we do, we need to execute that plan with the same consistency, so that we could be satisfied with our own result. Blogging isn’t one day game. The income is not linear too, so we need to promote our blogs on a large scale, so that more and more people should be aware of it.

    Thanks for the share.


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Shantanu,
      Thank you for your thoughtful reply to my FAQ post. You wrote something I found intriguing– monetization is not linear. Profound and true! We must continue to grow for this reason. Thanks for the inspiration not to become complacent and rest on my laurels. None of us should.

  6. Ramit

    Its a wonderful resource especially for newbie bloggers.
    These tips can do wonders for improving traffic as well as for link building.
    Many times we are bewildered and have lots of questions when we take up blogging.
    At the end of it, each of one us wants to make blogging a rewarding experience.
    This post surely has lots of potential to help bloggers.
    The answers have practical implications and solves many of our burning questions.
    Great Post and Thanks for sharing.
    Best Regards to You!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ramit,
      I am flattered you called my Quora answers a resource. Thank you. Thank you as well for your comments.

  7. Stephanie

    Hi Janice,

    Excellent article! Definitely bookmarking this one. I’ve steered clear of Quora because I thought it was tracking me, but reading how it’s helped you has changed my mind.

    I was wondering if you would considering choosing one blog post per month to critique. Wouldn’t necessarily have to be an incredibly in depth critique, but I think it would be mutually beneficial. Tons of bloggers would join your site in the hopes of being chosen, we’d all learn from your critiques AND you would gain more clients after they were able to see you in action. Just a thought. Personally, I’m struggling with long tail titles. Checked them in Google, adwords, checked competitors and still get a red or orange dot from Yoast SEO plugin…

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Stephanie,
      1. My husband actually came up with a similar idea for me. We both think your idea is GREAT. To thank you, I’d like to start with you. Please send me a link you’d like a cursory written review for. I plan on starting when I return home in August or in September, the last quarter of the year.
      2. As far as your SEO problem, did you look at the very bottom of the screen where Yoast tells you what the problems are? For example, maybe you are keyword stuffing (or you don’t have enough keywords in the article…) When I follow the suggestions at the bottom, my dot goes away.
      Thank for being a friend. I really like your suggestion.

      3. Also glad you enjoyed my Quora FAQ article. You said you’ve shied away from Quora. Check this out: https://www.mostlyblogging.com/quora/
      I expect you will run to Quora after seeing my post.

      • stephanie

        Wow! You’re kidding?! You just made my day, my week my month. I’m so excited. The idea came to me while I was trying to think of ways to promote my e-design services. I’m in a catch 22, I have tons of experience designing interiors, but it’s all been for film, tv & print. I thought why not offer a pro bono re-do and document the transformation. It’s something I’ve been meaning to promote. So happy you liked my suggestion! Ok, yes, I do check the notes Yoast leaves, but there are so many and it took me quite a while to come up with my title. I wanted to have the keywords towards the beginning of the title but wanted a long tail keyword to differentiate it from similar posts. So instead of just saying, The Garden of Allah, I wanted to add on to it by saying “The Garden of Allah continues to make history” If I followed Yoast’s prompts to add keywords into the first paragraph, metadescription, etc. (which I did to some extent), I feel my post would lose it’s flow and would feel stilted. I’m not very good at the SEO part of blogging, clearly! One problem I noticed is that my permalink didn’t update after I changed the title. The permalink still reflects the original title. Anyways, without more adieu, here’s my link – https://cityofzdesignblog.com/the-original-boutique-hotel-the-garden-of-allah/

        Super excited to hear your thoughts!

  8. Lisa P. Sicard

    Hi Janice, I love Quora, I’ve started to get addicted to it like doing a crossword puzzle 🙂 I am careful though not to always include links. I saw that Neil Patel got banned for that there on Quora. I do about 20% answers with links and 80% without just to be safe.
    DO you go into the part of Quora where you are now taking questions live? I see Ryan doing that often there. I’m afraid to get overwhelmed if I do but I may try it on a day where I have extra time.
    I used to use the site years ago to ask questions and every now and then I do there as well.
    Have you ever gotten challenged by someone saying you answered something wrong? I did yesterday on Facebook 🙁
    It’s a great network and a great way to learn and teach things.
    Thanks for the info Janice and have a great day!

  9. Phoenix Web Development

    This post has worked out really well for me. To learn something from someone who had valuable experience in the blogging world is always a blessing. However I have a question: If we are writing a professional blog, is it fair to add the creativity in the sentence construction?
    Also, one more question: How do we write a blog post with location based keywords?
    Waiting for you to answer my question…Janice

    • Janice Wald

      Thanks for your questions.
      1. Yes, you should add creativity even in a professional blog. You still need to engage your reader, and this is one way to do it. You can always Google top business blogs for examples.
      2. I don’t use location-based words. I would Google the question for you but I’m currently on a month-long cruise vacation with limited Internet and will return in August.

  10. Denim Scintil

    hi janice,
    Really, simple and great post, I like author’s writing skills. The article is well described and useful for everyone, keep writing articles like this. Thanks

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Denim,
      Glad you enjoyed my answers. Thanks for writing to tell me.

  11. SMN Zaman

    Hi Janice,

    Didn’t know that you’re active on Quora. However, your answers were nice. You have written the post in a great way, a bit innovative style.


    • Janice Wald

      Hi SM,
      Thanks for writing me. I appreciate you calling my format “innovative.” I’m glad you found my responses helpful. You said you didn’t know I was active on Quora. Are you?

  12. Patrick

    Quora is such a good source for ideas and inspiration for content. It wouldn’t surprise me if nearly all bloggers have ended up on Quora asking or searching for similar answers. Thank you for doing the research you did and for making it clear in your article. I look forward to using what I have learned!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Patrick,
      Thank you for commenting on my FAQ article. I’m glad you found my answers informative and valuable. I have FAQ posts every summer.

  13. Arvind

    great post Janice…a very good source of information for new beginners in blogging…these question will solve many queries of new bloggers…!!!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Arvind,
      Thank you for writing and commenting on my FAQ article. I’m glad you found my answers helpful. Someone called it a “resource.” I am so glad.

    • Janice Wald

      Are you a new blogger? I’m glad you felt my answers were helpful. Thanks for writing to tell me.

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