40 Blogging Tips for Beginners You Need to Know Now

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Blogging tips for beginners

Blogging tips for beginners.

I wish I’d learned them when I was starting out as a blogger.

November 8 marked the end of my 4th year of blogging.

It’s truly amazing how far my blogging skills have progressed in four years.

I didn’t even blog about blogging in November of 2014.

Do you want to see my first post?

I started as a news blogger.

If you want to see how I used to blog before I learned a better way, check out my first post, “Is Ebola an African River or a Forest?

The 40 blogging tips for beginners in this post either share what I learned in my 4th year of blogging or what blogging tips became reinforced as I went through the year.

These are the lessons I learned and you should too no matter what your experience level.

January: I started 2018 learning I’d received a link from the Huffington Post to my review of Dale Carnegie’s HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE.I was actually one of the last bloggers ever to receive a link from the Huffington Post. Soon after I was their featured blogger, they ended their free blogging guest author program.

February: In February, I feared the bottom had fallen out, at least of my PayPal account. I lost my only steady blogging gig. I was a regular contributor for ProvenSEO until they ended their paid guest blogger program and started asking bloggers to write for them for free.

What to do? Ryan Biddulph discussed in his articles the need to vary our income streams. I read many bloggers were finding blogging lucrative after they’d increased their Domain Authority score. At the time of this writing, my Domain Authority is 44. People write to me and ask me to publish their guest posts for compensation. If I make a concerted effort to point links at my blog and get my DA up, can I monetize without my steady gig? We shall see. I started by guest posting in more earnest in addition to my “link dropping methods” I’d already employed.

Changes in blogging practice In the first quarter of the year, I changed my networking practices. I became involved in groups where I was allowed to leave links. Happily, I always knew I could leave links in answers at Quora.com. This year, I discovered I could do the same in forum discussions at other websites. I received the most traction from Inbound.org, so I focused my attention there. When I published 8 Proven Ways to Write LinkedIn Posts That Will Boost Your Influence, I knew the members of LinkedIn groups were my target audience, so I became active in LinkedIn groups as well. I also reinvented myself at BizSugar. After what seemed like an eternity when I was locked out of my account, I created a new account with a new email address and started over.

March: I received triple-digit page views from LinkedIn for the first time. 40 blogging tips for beginners By the middle of March, LinkedIn became the site that sent me 1.5% of all my traffic and my 5th best over-all traffic generator. I also became more active at Steemit. Steemit and I had a love/hate relationship. On days Steemit refused to add even a penny to my Steemit wallet, I turned to Virily for comfort. So, I became more active there as well.

I realized in March why people don’t click my links more than they do when I guest blog: My author bio didn’t tell them why it should. It does now.

[Read: Steemit: How to Make Money at This New Rev Share Site and How to Make Money from Virily and 6 More Sites That Pay You.]


I realized I have FAR more control over the outcome of my blogging efforts than I originally thought.

I conducted an expert interview asking how we can possibly get links to our site to boost our organic traffic when that’s in other people’s hands, other people’s control.

Boy, was I wrong! That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

I spent 2018 pointing links at my articles in order to boost their position in the SERPs. Did it work? Absolutely!

I watched with glee as my posts positions moved up.

A great example was my post with the Lady Blogger. I figured people didn’t like interview posts since it began 2018 in position 98.

My keyword phrase was “create a successful blog.” Each time I wrote about how to create a successful blog, my keyword term was my anchor text and I linked to the article. By the end of March, the post moved way up to Position 33.

40 blogging tips for beginners

Note: There are 480 searches for this term each month. Is this worth my efforts? 480 searches for just one keyword term? Absolutely! These numbers add up.

In April, I had my second post go viral on LinkedIn and I received my highest page views since I started blogging.

40 blogging tips for beginners

Look: I received over 1,000 page views from LinkedIn and my post about unusual social media tips went viral (received unusually high page views.)

I also realized how much control I have over receiving high blog traffic from StumbleUpon.

On Sunday, April 8, I knew my links were on SU. My friend Phil had stumbled one of my posts as had others, yet no SU traffic.

I hit the stumble button 30 times. On April 12, look at what I saw:

40 blogging tips for beginners

Triple-digit StumbleUpon traffic!

I always thought I had no control. Traffic generation from SU relied on other people stumbling my links. I stumbled other posts 30 times and BAM!

40 blogging tips for beginners

As you can see in April, I received almost 25,000 page views due to an average of 825 visitors per day.

It’s true: I just about doubled my traffic from the same time the previous year.


May saw the beginning of the end of StumbleUpon, the content curation site known for bringing mass traffic to our blogs. It certainly did mine. StumbleUpon announced in May it was closing its doors. What was to become of my StumbleUpon group?

May 25 was also the deadline to be in compliance with the GDPR, a European privacy law that affected us.

[Read: Alert: Do You Need New Sites like StumbleUpon? Mix Is Here.]


I became a contributor to the Fotor blog, a paid opportunity!

As a result, I began publishing less on my blog in order to have time to research and write marketing posts for Fotor.

This served several purposes:

People on my email list complimented and complained. They complimented my content but complained I was “overposting.”

Next, links to my blog from Fotor help my SEO. The articles have the same effect as guest posts.

Also, I’m interested in writing about marketing, but the topic has lukewarm results in the page views department on my site.

Finally, after 4 years of blogging, I didn’t want to run out of ways to engage my readers.

Publishing less felt strange after 4 years of publishing up to, in some extreme cases, 7 days a week.


In September, I got my first speaking gig. I was a speaker at the Uppercase conference.

I spoke about how I boosted my SEO 294%.

My readership grew tremendously as a result.

Also, in September, my husband become my business manager. We both realized I was beyond busy and not making enough publishing guest posts to make it worth my time. As a result, we raised my prices to accept guest posts severely diminishing the number of guest posts I receive.

This results in more time for my family, my blog, my social life, and my day job.

Readers were complaining that I use to post too often.

Everyone is happier now, and the guest posts I do receive are higher quality.


I continued as a contributing writer for the Ezine blog and the Fotor blog.

October 8 saw the upcoming end of the social media website Google Plus when the struggling social media site announced it would be closing its doors in August.


As my 4th year of blogging comes to a close let’s take stock:

Inbound.org that I made a renewed commitment to folded and once again, I’m locked out of BizSugar.com.

What have I learned from these experiences?

There are many blogging tricks.

These are the tips I learned based on my experiences this year and you should learn them too:

40 Blogging Tips for Beginners

  1. Be patient. People say, “Everything worth having is worth waiting for” because it’s true.
  2. Blogging success comes in waves. Get used to it. Don’t get comfortable. Don’t rest on your laurels.
  3. Write like you speak. Blog writing is easy. It’s like talking. You find your voice when you speak and when you blog.
  4. Give away your knowledge. Empower your readers. Do what you love and the money will come.
  5. Write for people not for money or Google’s bots. People join your blogging community when they like your articles.
  6. Don’t try to spam your readers. There are 3 ways to write on the Internet: Sales, Story, and How-to. If you write sales content in a blog post, your readers could resent it. They came to you for information, not to be spammed.
  7. Have fun. Your passion will transfer to your writing, and your posts will be more interesting for your readers. You reader’s experience matters more than your experience. A blog is not a diary, after all.
  8. Use traditional blogging tools. Blogging is time-consuming. The more tools you use, the less you’ll resent the time it takes you to blog. Let blogging tools save you time. Many free blogging tools are available to you if you don’t have a budget.
  9. Take your time to do widespread promotion. Do what you can to extend your reach. For example, use hashtags. This will extend your reach on Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. Promote everywhere.
  10. SEO matters. Promote on blogs and forums with a high DA. Doing so will boost your DA and internet visibility.
  11. Comments are an integral part of blogging. I realize many bloggers turn off comments. I also realize why: Spam comments, comments that don’t show evidence the commenter read the post, and the time it takes to return comments can be overwhelming. However, in my opinion, without comments, you might as well keep a diary. Also, blogging is about building a community. Without your own comments, you can join other people’s communities, but building your own will be difficult.
  12. You still need Facebook. Despite the bad press that Facebook took in the news this year, bloggers still need Facebook. Before my work day starts, I promote in Facebook groups that allow daily self-promotion. During my first break, I promote in Facebook groups that have special #promodays. In this way, my email list has grown.
  13. You need an email list. Offer people a freebie they’d find valuable in exchange for their email address. Bam! Your email list and your reader base just grew.
  14. The best freebies are not downloadable. Your freebies have to be extremely valuable to your population. I have people writing to me and asking for my freebies. They are happy to get on my mailing list. Many freebies might appeal to your target population.
  15. Use push notifications. People will not be annoyed when they get notifications in contrast to popular belief. Why would they? They signed up for the notifications! The technology exists so people can receive your articles and not be bombarded by more emails. Use it!
  16. Hashtags help you. When I published my list of hashtags relevant to all blogging niches, people wrote to tell me they had no idea how valuable hashtags are. When I started using the “daily” hashtags, my Twitter following grew at 100 followers a day!
  17. Money comes from the most unlikely of places. Brands I never thought I’d hear from again came out of the woodwork to offer me additional financial opportunities and steady financial opportunities. This is also known as “Don’t Burn Bridges.”
  18. Optimizing for mobile matters. For years, I put titles in italics. I’m a licensed English teacher, after all. Then, I read reading italics on mobile devices is difficult. Oops.
  19. Site loading speed can make or break your success when it comes to search engine traffic. Each time my organic traffic tanks, I check GTMetrix to find my site loading speed has slowed.
  20. Graphics matter. I don’t just mean in your posts. We’re living in a Digital Age. The Bibblio Related Posts Plugin will put your post’s graphic with the headline. Then, you get to see the analytics to learn how many people click your links when they see your blog graphics.
  21. You need to be flexible. In blogging, everything changes ( and in life too?) YouTube shows horizontal videos; IGTV shows vertical videos.
  22. White space is your friend. You want traffic. Google sends you traffic if your bounce rate is low. The more white space you have, the longer it will take readers to get to the bottom. This results in them staying longer on your site. Your bounce rate will improve and so will your organic traffic. Also, readability is improved if you have shorter paragraphs. No one wants to read a large block of text. How large is large? Paragraphs should be 3 sentences maximum.
  23. We all get by with a little help from our (blogging) friends. With apologies to the Beatles, this song lyric is important for blogging success. For instance, if Ryan Biddulph and I hadn’t connected, he would never have thought of me in January when composing his article for the Huffington Post and I wouldn’t be featured there today.
  24. You will get better. Your blogging skills improve with time. I learned so much about how to improve my SEO, I spoke about my methods at a conference.
  25. Don’t just empower others; empower yourself. As a blogger, there is a great deal to learn. Stay cutting-edge. Keep on top of your industry.
  26. Guest posts matter. I thought they didn’t since they never gave me much in the way of traffic or conversions. Why guest posts matter to me now:
    • They give me links to my site. These links are needed to boost my search visibility and my Domain Authority Ranking. When my DA goes up, people start emailing me financial opportunities. I don’t even have to seek them out.
    • They give me a diversity of links to my site. If I keep getting links from the same places, my DA won’t grow. Also, I am exposed to a variety of new people. Even if I don’t get traffic or conversions, they might share my posts on social media.
    • If the host blogger has a DA greater than mine, my DA will really go up getting links from that site.
  27. If you want to succeed on Instagram, you need to have quote posts. 40 Blogging tips for beginners My quote posts receive more than twice the number of likes my other Instagram posts receive.
  28. If you want to succeed on Instagram you need to use hashtags. I learned to add the hashtags #quote and #quotestoliveby so people liking inspirational quotes can find my post.
  29. Do not think for other people. In one of my blogging mistakes posts, I mentioned thinking for people is a blogging mistake. “Physician, heal thyself,” or blogging coach, follow your own tips. In March, I was offered compensation to publish a post about how you can make money writing from your RV. I predicted no one would read the post. After all, you’d have to own an RV in order to follow the tips. People wrote thanking me for publishing the post. They said they learned from reading the post that people with internet can write anywhere. In addition, someone stumbled the post. As I write this, six days later, the post is still picking up page views.
  30. My favorite social media app of the year: Followers: Followers is an app that I use to delete Instagram followers who don’t follow me back. It helps keep my following/follower ratio in check. I use it daily.
  31. Best blogging tool I became reacquainted with: Ubersuggest: I never used this keyword tool much although I’d blogged about the value of this and other keyword tools. A friend suggested I blog about Ubersuggest, so I did. I then started using the tool often.
  32. Write when you are alone or people in your home are asleep. This way, you won’t have guilt you’re neglecting the people in your home.
  33. Feed the pets before you blog. This way, they won’t bug you for food while you’re trying to write. You won’t be preoccupied that you need to get up and feed them as well.
  34. Save your readers’ comments. They make nice introductions for future blog posts.
  35. Save your readers’ questions. You can answer them in future blog posts.
  36. Use internal links. Not only are you boosting your on-site SEO, but when people click those links, you boost your blog traffic.
  37. Hold your guest authors to high standards. After all, your reputation is at stake.
  38. Write evergreen content. That’s the kind of timeless content that gets continual organic traffic from search engines, content that’s always relevant.
  39. Include external links in your posts. You’re boosting your SEO and look like you care about empowering your readers with the knowledge of experts. This boosts your brand’s credibility.
  40. When you include other companies or people in your posts, send them the post on Twitter. Ask them to retweet. Most will and you will get exposure to their followers.

Wrapping Up Blogging Tips for Beginners: Takeaway

New bloggers, you don’t have to go it alone. Blog writing is easier if you follow these tips.

Any post about blogging for beginners will have one important takeaway:

You’ll follow a smoother road as a blogger if you let others pave the way for you.

Learn from my experiences that I shared in this post. Use these tips as a blogging resource.

Readers, please share so new bloggers learn these  40 blogging tips for beginners.

These strategies also make a valuable reminder for more seasoned bloggers.

Did I miss any? I look forward to your views in the comments. What blogging tips for beginners do you recommend?


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  1. Amanda Ricks

    Wow, Janice, this post must be the most comprehensive and thorough blogging tips post I’ve ever read. I’ll be bookmarking this article for sure so that I can keep referring to it. There’s so much wisdom included.
    And, by the way, your first post puts mine to shame! I deleted my first post years ago. It was that bad! LOL
    Have a good day. 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Amanda,
      Thank you so very much for these wonderful compliments on my blogging reflections! I appreciate you going down memory lane with me.
      Thanks as well for your compliment on my first post. The Ebola scare, the subject of that post, seems like a long time ago now.
      Bookmarking is a great idea.
      I saw you shared these tips on Facebook also with wonderful compliments.
      Thank you so much for your support! You have a good day too.

  2. Rabia

    Hi Janice

    I recently subscribed to your email list and have been enjoying reading your posts. I like your blogging tips for beginners. It’s a helpful resource for everyone. If new bloggers were to follow your tips they will have a good foundation for their blogs. I very much appreciate your work. Keep up the good work.

    Best wishes

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Rabia,
      Thank you for writing to me. I’m glad to hear you’ve been enjoying my posts. I’m also glad you enjoyed these tips and consider it a resource. That was my intention when I composed it.
      Best wishes to you.

  3. Santanu

    This is an amazing piece, especially for beginners. You have shared your experiences which will surely help others to avoid the basic mistakes in blogging. Keep sharing such awesome tips. Thank you for your hard work.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Santanu,
      Thank you for calling my article “amazing.” The compliment means a great deal.
      By keeping track of my year’s activities, I felt I was able to make bloggers, especially beginners, avoid certain pitfalls. I’m glad you agree the post is effective in this area.

  4. Jitendra Vaswani

    Hey Janice,

    You have shared legitimate points that can help beginners in many ways. You have made each and everything crystal clear that easy to understand and relate.

    Thanks for sharing this blog.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Jitendra,
      Thank you for writing to tell me you feel my points are valid and clear. I appreciate your comments.

  5. Sigrid Chu

    Hello Janice,

    I just want to say that this is such a valuable post. I’ve bookmarked this and have shared this also. There’s a wealth of information here.

    With regards to automation, what’s your top 3 tool, whether paid or unpaid, that has changed your life as a blogger? This is something that I really need to work on. All the different aspects of blogging are truly time intensive. I want to make sure I have time for the most important part, the writing!


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Sigrid!
      How supportive you are! Thank you for the compliments and the share.
      You raise a valid point about how time-intensive blogging is.
      The Missinglettr service, a free service, writes my blog post promotions for me which saves me time to think of them. They write if for Twitter. The Buffer app, where I schedule them, has analytics which tells me which posts were retweeted the most. Then, I put those posts on Instagram the next day.
      Here is information on the Missinglettr service: https://www.mostlyblogging.com/missinglettr/
      Thanks for writing me and again for the compliments and for sharing my article.

      • Sigrid Chu

        Hello Janice,

        I’ve just signed up to Missinglettr and Buffer as well. I’ve heard of both before. You getting behind them means that they’re good tools. Looking forward to getting to know better these tools!


        • Janice Wald

          Hi Sigrid,
          Thanks for writing. Don’t forget, there is a 3rd– you just signed up for Instagram!
          Thanks for writing to me on Instagram to let me know it was my influence! It will be fun seeing you there.
          Missinglettr saves you time by writing creative social media content for you– and for free!
          I’m a huge fan of Buffer too the site as well as the app which shows analytics. What were you using before to preschedule your social media posts?

  6. Shweta

    Hello Janice,
    Your Blog is truly helpful for the beginners who have just started blogging. These tips are definitely very easy to grab and understand in one go. Your tips are just the way better to uplift any beginner blogger’s career. Thank you and keep posting such valuabe blog posts

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Shweta,
      What an amazing testimonial! Thank you!
      I’m glad you enjoy my articles. Thank you for writing to tell me.

  7. Hostgre

    Thank you for share your experience!
    About the tips, although I created my first blog more than 6 years ago, “Be patient” is normally the best tip for begginers.
    In my opinion, when do you want search traffic is important don’t target just in high competitive keywords, sometimes you will receive high traffic volumes from a search query that you didn’t give any value in the past.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Hostgre,
      I agree with what you wrote. Sometimes I do receive high search traffic from a keyword I didn’t give any thought to in the past. That’s kind of the fun aspect of blogging– surprise traffic.
      Thanks for contributing to the dialogue by sharing your idea that “Be patient” takes bloggers far.

  8. Donna Merrill

    Hi Janice,

    Wow..what an inspiring blog post this is! Sharing your journey through this year is wonderful. All that you have learned you shared with others. That is key in the blogging world. I was nodding my head saying yep … yep … yep through all of your 40 to do’s. I am glad you put in that white space is your friend. There is nothing better than to read a blog with white space to be able to retain more of the content.

    I also like the fact that you mentioned to have fun. If we are not having fun blogging and marketing, why be in the blogging pool?

    Thanks for this great advice for the new, as well as the seasoned blogger.


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Donna,
      I appreciate your comments and compliments. Thank you for coming by and validating the accuracy of my tips. I’m also glad you liked my sharing my year-long journey through Year 4. Thanks for reflecting with me.

  9. Hugh Roberts

    Congratulations on your 4 years of blogging and for sharing all these tips with us, Janice. I nodded the whole way through (well, apart from the Facebook tip), and can’t emphasise how important it is to teat our readers as guests. The same goes for those who guest blog. If they do not respond to comments, then don’t ask them back.

    I would also recommend that every blogger reads and leaves genuine, worthwhile comments on the posts of other bloggers. I’ve come across a lot of bloggers who tell me they don’t have the time to do that. Needless to say that most then ask me how do they get more visitors to their blogs and more comments left on posts!

    I do use the app Followers, but is it only for Instagram? Have you heard of whounfollowedme.org? It’s a great free site I use every day to check out who has unfollowed me on Twitter.

    Wishing you continued success.
    Best wishes,

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Hugh,
      Thanks for the recommendation.
      I use Crowdfire and Commun.it to find out who unfollowed me on Twitter.
      I will look into the tool you recommended.
      Regarding networking: If people are going to take their time to go to the post, they might as well make a thoughtful comment instead of a shallow, cursory comment.
      Thanks for writing me and contributing to the discussion. I’m glad you liked (most of) my tips =).

  10. Enstine Muki

    Thanks for sharing these tips Janice and for telling us your story.
    There is always a lot to learn from your blogging. These have been 4 years of hard work, giving out real value to your readers 😉

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Enstine,
      I value your opinion so much. Your respect means a great deal. Thank you for writing that my blogging tips have value.

  11. Anil Agarwal

    Excellent tips Janice. Write like you talk is one of the writing tips I’ve been following for a long time now and it really works like a charm if you want to increase your conversions.

    Most bloggers don’t get enough conversions or sales on their site for one reason: they use corporate tone and they don’t treat their readers well. All they do is to focus on plastering as many ads as possible and also publish as much commercial content or sponsored posts which only kills their blog in the long run.

    And yes, guest posts definitely matter especially when you’re building a new blog. Guest posting helps you become an authority, build credibility, drive more traffic and leads to your site. No matter what industry you are in, guest posting works!

    True that, you still need Facebook. I recently created a FB group and actively posting quality contents and the group is now quickly growing (within a week went from 0 to 200), I feel you can get more traffic and come up with new post ideas (or even product ideas) when you’ve an engaged FB group.

    That being said, my #1 blogging tip would be to focus on giving more. Give more to your audience, give more to the community and find ways to help others. It all counts in the long run.

    Thanks for the blogging tips Janice, keep posting more.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Anil,
      I think I’m in your Facebook group. If not, I want to join! Are you able to confirm or invite me?
      Regarding the tip to write like you talk: I freelance. The company I freelance for absolutely does not want the post to sound “corporate.” Thanks for writing with this validation and the validation that my other tips have merit.

  12. John Cooper

    Hi Janice,

    I always need a notepad for writing down the core points whenever I read your posts. Thanks you Janice for bringing these amazing content for us. Its not only helpful for the beginner however its also helpful for the experienced person as well.

  13. Charles Thomas

    Very useful information. I am going to start blog that will have Images and was looking for information. Thanks !

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