Blogging for Fun: How to Make Blogging Exciting in 2024, 7 Ways

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blogging for fun

Are you blogging for fun?

If not, perhaps you are not running your dream blog.

Wouldn’t your dream as a blogger be to enjoy the experience?

Why are you blogging?

  • To make money
  • To help others
  • To build a community
  • To build a brand
  • To have fun

Do these blogging motivations needs to be mutually exclusive? Can you have fun while building a community, a brand, and an income?

Of course, you can!

By reading this post, you discover seven ways to make blogging for fun a part of the experience regardless of your motives.

Are you looking to improve your blogging skills? More importantly, are you looking to make blogging exciting again? 

By the time you are done reading, you will be happy to know how to start blogging for fun again right away.

Blogging for fun is important.

How long have you been blogging? I am finishing my seventh year as a blogger.

If blogging for fun is not part of my blogging ritual, I will get bored.

In this post, you’ll find 7 effective ways you too can make blogging for fun part of your blogging experience.

For instance, you’ll find effective strategies for changing your content. This content method is helpful to all bloggers even bloggers already blogging for fun. In addition, you’ll see links to examples.

When you’re ready, let’s dive right in and learn how blogging for fun can be part of your blogging journey. 

Methods of Blogging for Fun

  1. Take lots of breaks

Some people blog for fun in their spare time, while others do it as a full-time career (the recent increase in demand for SEO-optimized blogs has been huge). Whatever your reason for blogging, you need to take breaks – and lots of them. 

Typing for long periods can deplete your mental resources, which negatively impacts your ability to produce good blogging content. Therefore, take breaks every 20 to 30 minutes in order to stay in top condition.

While on a break, you can do any activities you like, but try to focus on activities that make you happy. Lots of content writers like to take play casino games, which you can access at There are tons of games for you to enjoy, including classics like online slots and online baccarat. 

  1. Diversify your blogs

Diversifying your blogs is a great method for keeping yourself motivated and excited. This is because it removes repetitiveness and allows you to tap into your creative juices. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to express your opinions, thoughts, and experiences about varying subjects. 

So, what are some easy ways to diversify blogs? 

  • Change your content type. For example, post guides as well as listicles. Or even post long-form content (which usually comes in the form of an in-depth, highly detailed post with lots of text). 
  • Include photos and captions
  • Write about different topics and focuses. If you have a sports blog, don’t just post about one specific league or team – post about other ones, too. 

Moving forward, always think: diversify, diversify, diversify

Editor’s Note:

Here are examples of how to diversify blog formats:

Recently, I interviewed many experts for my post about the cons of Snapchat. This is called an “expert round-up post.”

I also interviewed one expert alone. For my post about free Eth mining, I interviewed an Ethereum miner. This is called “an expert interview.”

Next, I often review tools people in my niche would use. For instance, I reviewed the Splice app for video editing and explained how to get into MozBar, a free SEO tool.

These tutorials are called “how-to” posts. In addition to publishing tutorials like how to use a Pinterest video downloader, I offer listicles full of tips. For instance, I offered the pros and cons of Instagram.

Try composting a “versus” post in which you compare or contrast two websites, tools, or books people in your niche use. For example, I blogged about Quora vs Reddit.

Lately, I even diversity the tone of my blog content. My posts can be as serious as how to get out of Facebook Jail or as light as how to make a Best I Can Do meme.

By diversifying the format and tone of my blog content, blogging for fun is part of my regular blogging experience.

Related Reading: How to Write Your First Blog Post also contains ideas for changing your blog post format.

  1. Blog and vlog
blogging for fun
Photo by George Milton on

In addition to blogging, you should consider entering the world of vlogging. This is a guaranteed way to up your excitement levels as well as your audience’s. 

Your vlogs can be embedded into your blogs in the beginning, middle, or end. In addition to adding a variety of content types, you are helping your SEO. Google likes a variety of media types in your posts.

Alternatively, you can direct your readers to your vlogs by including links at the end. For example:

‘To learn more, check out my vlog I did on this subject…’ 

It’s also important to note that younger generations, particularly Gen Z, love visual content – specifically, vlogs. So, vlogs are a great way to potentially draw a bigger audience and get your name recognizable. 

Editor’s Note:

Am I also incorporating videos into my content as well as diversifying the format?


Since I started building up my YouTube Channel, the amount of blogging for fun increased for me. I encourage you to check out my YouTube channel to see the videos I incorporate in my blog posts.

To repeat: This boosts my SEO and the diversity increases the amount of fun I have accomplishing my blogging tasks.

  1. Build a relationship with your audience

Whether you post blogs to WordPress (here are some WordPress tips), Squarespace, or a variety of blog spots, you should try to communicate with your audience. Usually, this will come in the form of responses to blog comments.

This way, it gives you something to look forward to after you post your blogs. More than likely, you’ll enjoy communicating with your audience, especially if they always give you positive feedback. However, don’t be dismayed or upset by negative comments, as this is part and parcel of the blogging experience. 

  1. Upgrade your tech equipment

To be the ultimate blogger, you need to have the best possible tech equipment. If your equipment is old, dusty, and haggard, then, of course, you’re going to hate blogging and never be excited by it! But, if you treat yourself to high-quality equipment, you’re going to produce a lot better content and feel better about yourself in the process!

What tech equipment should you use for exciting blogging?

First and foremost, you need a modern computer, laptop, or tablet. Ideally, a laptop or tablet is better because it allows you to blog whilst on the move in different locations (hooray for portability!). You can’t go wrong with Apple MacBooks (which are very popular with bloggers) or a reliable windows laptop from Lenovo. 

In addition to this, you should also invest in:

  • A super comfortable desk chair
  • An excellent camera for visual content
  • Desk décor (maybe try a minimalism style)
  • A Pad and pen for random idea jotting
  • Relaxing lighting

With the winter season approaching, treat yourself to these items. After all, you’ll be indoors a lot more: which means it’s prime time for blogging!

  1. Switch-up your blogging locations
blogging for fun
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Professional and casual bloggers tend to switch up their blogging locations. Some days, they’ll grab a Starbucks latte and type all day in the upstairs seating area. Other days, they might type content on park benches or random cafes – you get the idea.

Essentially, changing your locations helps to keep everything fresh. This is because you’re in new environments, which keeps your mind alive. This is great because it means your content won’t suddenly feel stagnant because you’ve been typing in the same exact space for weeks. 

If you find you can’t change blogging locations, listen to different music tracks when you blog. When the ambiance is different, you won’t get bored.

  1. Market your blogs in cool and creative ways

Marketing your blogs is a great way to attract new audiences to your work – which is naturally an exciting prospect. 

These days, your best pathway is to focus on digital marketing, namely: 

  • Social media posts
  • SMS and emails
  • Website content 

For example, you could create a business page account on Facebook – a very popular platform – and post snippets from your blogs on there as well as plenty of other content. It’s highly likely that users will see your posts, click the links to your blogs, and become fans. You can promote on these free social networking sites.

The more marketing you do, the more popular your blogs will be. How sweet is that?

Blogging for Fun Frequently Asked Questions

Can you blog just for fun?

Definitely! There are many hobby bloggers who blog just for fun. However, you can always start a blog for fun and still have fun if the blog grows into a profitable venture for you.

Is blogging a good hobby?

Yes! Blogging is a great hobby. You get to write about a topic you are passionately interested in, build a community of like-minded people, and you always have the option of trying to monetize your blog if you choose to at a later date.

Wrapping Up: Blogging for Fun

This comprehensive guide explained how to make blogging for fun part of your regular blogging routine.

To recap:

  • Take breaks
  • Diversify your content
  • Including videos
  • Change your location
  • Network
  • Upgrade your equipment
  • Promote your content

Follow these tips, and you will be blogging for fun before you know it.

Readers, please share so bored bloggers start blogging for fun again.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you have any tips for blogging for fun?

Authors: Janice Wald and Editorial Staff

This post was made possible by the support of our readers.

  1. Terri Webster Schrandt

    Hi Janice, your blog has come such a long way! This is a great article and I appreciate your information on keeping blogging fun. I imagine 90% of bloggers do this for fun as a hobby for a variety of reasons. I’ve been blogging over 7 years, too, and once I discovered photography that was the game changer for my hobby blog. The next best benefit from blogging is meeting friends and developing long term relationships as a result. I can’t even tell you now how many bloggers I have met in real life whom I consider dear friends. I’m sure those relationships helped most of us during the pandemic lock downs. Are you still teaching? We retired and moved to Washington state.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Terri,
      So great to hear from you!
      Washington! When we first “met,” I had a vision that my husband and I would meet you and your husband, and we would walk our dogs together. I remember that, like us, you are dog people. Why Washington? I know someone else who retired there recently since it’s affordable. I’ve only met one blogging friend offline. Do the Women of Midlife still hold their yearly blogging event? I remember you met some blogging friends offline there.
      Regarding the post: I can understand photography putting a spin on blogging that makes blogging more fun. Years ago, for me, that was promoting on Instagram. Today, making YouTube videos about my blogging content and promoting my content puts a fun spin on blogging for me and adds a new dynamic.
      Again, great to hear from you. Thank you for the compliments on my article.

      • Terri Webster Schrandt

        I would have loved to walk our dogs together, Janice. Long story about the move, but we had no family in Sacramento any longer and we were tired of the heat, taxes and other factors. My hubby has two brothers up here in Spokane so we took the plunge, sold two homes and moved during the pandemic. No stress, LOL! I haven’t been to any blog conferences since 2017. The WOM conference ran its course I suppose. Take care and I will do a better job of checking in 🙂

        • Janice Wald

          Hi Terri,
          Thanks for letting me know about your family decision and the conference. I am in Southern California. In Santa Clarita, it gets up to 113 some summers!

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